Bellevue University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Trying to find scholarships for the winter semester.


I think the thing that frustrates me most of my school is that there is no Latino club to participate in. In high school I was a part of the latino club and it was fun to know there were other people like me that were trying to get into college and were going through a similar situation.


It is incredibly hard to complete the necessary paperwork overseas.


The most frustrating thing would be that it is very far away from where I live.


I would really like to study abroad but the study abroad programs are pretty expensive.


I didn't find myself frustrated often. The only time I recall being frustrated was mainly the cost of college. This does not just apply to Bellevue University as I find in general higher education is a financial burden for many of us.


I'm not sure.


This is an excellent school! I'm very hopeful to attend this upcoming academic year.


Bookstore sells books are too expensive.


There really isnt anything that frustrates me about my school. Bellevue University is a great school with great staff and teachers - everyone is very very helpful


The homeowork can be somewhat frustrating, because it is so much at one time and very time consuming. This only helps me as a person to become more proficient in time management. It also allows me to stay focused due to my abundance of material, whereas I have no choice but to mentally encounter something dealing with school even when I am not doing school work.


Nothing really comes to mind. The staff and faculty are more than eager to help with anything.


The most frustrating thing about Bellevue University is becoming acclimated to online life. The classes are challenging and well worth it but they require a far bigger time commitment than brick and mortar classes. The key is to learn study practices and discipline. You need to be well disciplined to study on your own.


There are some classes that you have to take (the Kirkpatrick Signature Series) in order to get your degree. These classes don't appear to have any real connection to the particular degree I am going for, but the credits (9 total) are required none the less.


I am not frustrated at all with my school. I must reemphasize that I am more frustrated with myself that I waited this long to accomplish my education.


The most frustrating thing about my school has been the volleyball program. I was recruited to play a certain postion and a promise was made to me on this when I signed. Once getting into the program, things were not like they were told to me. I was not enjoying this and decided to leave the program. I really do believe if I knew this before hand I may have chose a different school, but as we all know athletics will not get you a "real job"! I do enjoy the academic side of BU!


One of the most frustrating things I face with my school is that we are given worksheets with questions specifically asking about a topic. We may not cover this in class but are told to read the book for the answer, however the topic of the book has been completely removed because our books are specifically made from the college and do not include certain chapters. For example a question may read "What is a multinational company?" However, when I check the index of the book that refers to multinational companies that page has been removed from the book.


My program was an accelerated online program and getting responses in the timeframe needed from Professors is sometimes an issue. I have no other complaints.


I'd say the nost frustrating thing at Bellevue is the lack of unsolicited feedback from professors


That I can't complete my degree quicker.


The off campus living and there is no meal plans.


Not sure, I have not attended a semester yet.


Response of administration/staff to questions or concerns or needs.


We do not have dorms and the majority of traditional students are the athletes. Also, we do not have a meal plan.


Their financial aid deptartment and the lack of value the degree holds. I have been out of school for two years and haven't had a solid job since graduation. I am looking to go back to grad school to further my education and better my chances at getting a solid job and potential career.


Sometimes the pace of the classes along with working full-time and having children became frustrating.


Working full time fitting my classes into my scheduler is difficult.


There is nothing really frustrating excepts the group projects, I do not like my grade being based on others.