Bellevue University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The support that is given. If I need anything or have any questions, I know there will be someone to answer and help me.


Everyone was very eager to help and assist me throughout my time at Bellevue.


As an adult learner returning to college, Bellevue's Accelerated Bachelor's programs are perfect for me. They offer plenty of evening classes and you can even get your degree strictly online if necessary.


The first thing that interested me was how easily Bellevue works with athletic schedules. You can play a sport to help represent your school and not have to worry about grades and not being able to keep up with the work. It's going to be very easy to maintain an acceptable GPA and a successful softball season.


The best thing about Bellevue Unversity is that the professors are always there for you and willing to help you out when you need the help. They have an open door policy that is great and if they can't help you out they will find someone that will be able to help you out.


I think the best thing about Bellevue University is the hands-on teaching style. They are always available to help and answer my questions. I learn best in a small class setting.


The best thing about Bellevue Univeristy is the diversity of the campus and the helpfulness of all of the professors and staff.


Bellevue prepare their students to thrive in a competitive world, while providing a solid foundation as well as help us to preserve our American heritage of a democratic and free way of life. This is stated in their mission, which is why I choose Bellevue. Their support, willingness to right wrongs, and correct mistakes proves that they honor their mission statement. Bellevue not only provide courses that will help students succeed, but hire professors that will engage students in a manner that will help students succeed. Help is always available, online classes are easy, and staff live up to professionalism.


This school had a very dynamic population. It encouraged cultural diversity and teamwork.

Karin Lea

The assistance and oppotunity to recieve quality and effective advice. Bellevue University is not just an educational establishment, but a home. The university offers clubs, meeting and keep students informed every step of the way. They are easy to talk to and answer quesions in a professional and fast manner. The greatest thing I have discovered the the exceptional quality of faculty, advisors, but most of the the classified staff is phenomenal.


I chose Bellevue University because of the variety of programs offered. I remain loyal to Bellevue University because of their exceptional staff. everyone there is so helpful, from One Stop counseling, to financial aid, to the scholarship office. The professors at Bellevue University are the best around. They give great feedback and guidance. I am never left in the dark. They are also always available. Its a good feeling knowing that I can send a quick e-mail, or even call my professor, and always get a timely response. What a refreshing change!


I have not begin to take my classes yet. However, the best thing thus far is the quick interaction between the student and falculty. When ever I have a question they are always quick to repsond back to me.


My advisor is really helpful and understanding.


The best thing about Bellevue University would be the flexibility for classes, whether you want to do day or night or in class or online classes. It helps out a lot in today’s world where you can pick the time to take classes. I have always worked full-time since I graduated high school, so it was nice to take night classes. I also enjoyed being able to take the online classes as well so that way in the event I had to work late I could simply log in online and do my homework on my own time.


My major is not offered as a degree in Texas. It is only offered as a certification. The best thing about my school is that it is allowing me to earn a bachelors degree. By earning a degree I will able to provide a better life for my children in every aspect. I will gain finacial independence and our quality of life will be better. The best thing about my school is that my dreams are becoming reality.


The best thing about Bellevue University is that they offer accelerated degree programs for working adults. Offering these types of programs help people like me to maintain full-time employment, but allow us to continue working on our education in a way that suits our needs. It makes dreams possible!


They offer accelerated and onlie classes to meet the need of busy lifestyles.


The knowledge of the professors and there dedication to their students.


Online accelerated courses make it easy to attend with my work schedule. They were also helpful in transfering credits from my military degree.


Bellevue University offers a great opportunity for on line students. There are several majors that are offered on line and the schedule works well for adult learners returning to school after several years. There are several options if you are working full time and cannot attend classes which works well for people who want their degree but have to do their studies on their time.


The basketball program and the education structure. Our coaches always make sure we are in every single class and expect perfection on and off the court. Our basketball program has over 10 National Tournament Apperances and a large amount of conference championships.


The best thing about this school was my experience playing volleyball. It really taught me responsibility and hard work. I had to grow up fast and it really made me the person that I am today.


I like that the advisor checks in on me & how they have a quick turn around if I have any questions regard my academic path


The best thing about my school is that they are very flexable and offer most of there classes online.


Again, this question really applies to Gwinnett Technical College. I would say the best thing about my school was the instructors. The Accounting program at Gwinnett Technical College is exceptional. The teachers at Gwinnett Technical College were great for many reasons, but first and foremost, they wanted you to think. It is easy to teach someone the principals of accounting, but the true test is when a teacher doesn't just ask you how to do something, but why you do something. Because of that philosophy, I not only got my degree, but I truly got an education.


The ability to be able to take all of my classes online and it is contracted with my employer, so the program I am enrolled in will conincide with my current position at work.


The best thing about Bellevue University is the ability to complete my education and graduate from such a prestigious university from online in my home in Phoenix, Arizona. It gives me the oppurtunity to get my marketing degree, take care of my business, and attend to the high demand of my 7 children and 2 grandchildren from my home with confidence that I am getting the same if not better education and knowledge that I would get from physically attending any university.


The best thing about Bellevue University is the variety of programs offered within the Information Technology field along with the ease of transferring in from a community college.