Belmont Abbey College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Belmont Abbey College know before they start?


I believe the most important life lessons that I learned, I learned between the end of the senior year of high school and my senior year of college. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself three important pieces of advise. First, I would tell myself not to let the little things get to you; the drama is not worth all the time and emotion. Second, I would tell myself to cherish the time you have with your family; you never know what you miss when your away from home. Finally, I would tell myself to be open to new things; don't be afraid to make mistakes, but not regrets. Overall, live your life one day at a time and don't worry to much about the future because all important aspects of your life will work out just fine as long as you work hard, pay attention, and let the stupid things go.


If I were able to go back in time and have a conversation with myself during my senior year I would tell myself to focus and get my priorities straight. I would explain to myself how important it is to take time to study and to develope good time management skills. Then I would advise myself to listen to my teachers because they aren't lying when they say that it's hard to take a break from school and then try to get back into the rythem. I'd recomend paying extra attention in english and to seek help with improving my writting skills because college is all about writting. And overall I would convence myself that school, attending class, and homework are far more important than boys and friends; although, hanging out is fun while it lasts, getting an education will provide you with many more opoutunities to have fun in the future.


I've grown so much since my first day of college. College has taught me to work hard, to persevere, and to chase after my dreams no matter what. College is a funny thing, it either makes or breaks you. I watched so many fellow classmates do bare minimum, drop classes, or even fail. I knew that that's not who I wanted to be. I've learned to balance school and homework, work, and time with friends and family. I find that essential in the real world, balance. College has built my confidence and given me a sense of achievement. I used to be a very shy person around new people but now I have no problem talking to a complete stranger. College has been so much more than good grades (which I strived to acquire and achieved) it has been about learning real world lessons and how to deal wth all the things life throws at you. Needless to say the experience has been invaluable and the education doesn't hurt either.


My college experience at Belmont Abbey has been both rewarding and valuable. I've learned so much about myself and others in such a short period of time. I've learned the kind of perseverance it takes to grow and succed as a student. I've learned what it takes to accept authority, and to work under pressure. I've learned time management skills, money management skills, problem solving skills, and of course, interpersonal skills. I've met people from all over the United States, and from foreign countries as well. I've learned how to live in close quarters with strangers, and how to respect each others' differences. My eyes have been opened to a myriad of exciting new customs and cultures. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world. I feel that I am being prepared for the world of work, and all that life has to offer.


The best advice I would give myself or anyone going to college is to take your education serious. Keep the priority of going to class when scheduled and studying diligently everyday. Learn the subject matter of your courses and don't just memorize to pass an exam. Be an excellent student by balancing your responsibilities in the classroom with the social life of college. Always remember that it is a priviledge to have the opportunity to receive higher education. Last, any dream is possible if you are prepared by obtaining a successful college education. You can do it and make the best of every given opportunity. These are the words of wisdom I would share with anyone aspiring to enter college.


I would tell myself to do better than I did, so that I would have a higher GPA upon graduation which would influence the amount of financial aid I could recieve from my college as well as make me eligable for certain programs I wish I could have been a part of, such as the Honors Institute. I would also tell myself to work on developing more rigorous study habits to better prepare for college. Above all, I would remind myself that there is nothing that I cannot do if I put my mind to it, and that succsess is a matter of the will as much as the intellect.


Same advice most people give. Visit the college to see if you like the campus and take a tour and such. I'd say go the extra step to ask students away from a tour so they don't feel as though they have to lie. Sit in on a few classes, possibly ones that are needed for your major to see if the school is academically satisfying. If you end up at a school you don't really like, try to make the best of it by finding friends who will be there for you and by finding a few professors who you know will support you academically.


Everyone should consider the value of an education in terms of experience and application, rather than the original numbers of financial investment. Belmont Abbey looked like a risky investment at first, but I didn't understand the value of what I would be taking away from the institution in terms of how prepared I was to contribute and succeed in the real world. Students should look for a place that will accomodate every young adult's need to be HAPPY with what they're pursuing academically as well as in their extra-curriculars. Families can be thankful, as mine is, for the resources like campusdiscovery to find a place that the student can feel comfortable calling a "home" away from home.


Try something new and be yourself! Don't just go somewhere because everyone else is; be honest with yourself and what you desire out of a college education. Make sure you do your research! It is important to get the best possible education for the amount of money you have. Make sure you visit the campus! I had a horrible experience on a tour and realized what a terrible choice that would have been had I not visited first! Don't be afraid to take risks; you never know unless you try! I moved from Connecticut to North Carolina for college. Everyone thought I was crazy. But I will graduate in May and it has been the best experience of my life! It has changed me from the inside out. I have grown in so many ways that I would never have dreamed. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something; if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it! Surround yourself with positive, upbeat, studious people. They will drive you and motivate you beyond belief. When it gets hard, wait it out. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Have Faith!


Have some idea what you want to do. Visit the school un announced and talk to the students that are not paid to give tours of the school. Make the most of your college life and work hard.