Belmont University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


music classes and teachers are there to inspire and help you.


The amazing opportunities offered to the students.


I love the fact that it is a religious school, as well as a private school with small class sizes to better identify with the students.


I brag to my friends how Belmont has such great connections for music business and audio engineering. I love giving details of the spectacular recording studios I will soon be learning in, and how lots of previous students recently got internships recording music artists such as Taylor Swift and Brad Paisely. Once I get started talking to my friends of the endless opportunities Belmont holds for me, I just can't seem to stop!


My studies and experiences are actually relevant to my degree (audio engineering technology), and that I am able to work and get field experience while pursuing my degree. I have the opportunity to meet "celebrities", both on and off campus.


I always brag about our amizing number of famous graduates and our prestigious music school as well as any performances that I have seen by campus groups.


The music scene and the basketball team


That Belmont University is by far beautiful in all aspexts of college life. The campus is always kept up and welcoming. Every student the I meet has the best attidude towards the campus. I cannot even complain about the loving staff that give their all to help out students in all ways possible. My college is the epitome of what others would dream about to go attend one day.


I love my major, and the opportunities we are presented with. Also, we are able to meet a lot of celebrities that come to our campus.


How many opportunities to see live music there!


I brag about how wonderful the people are and what an easy learning environment Belomnt provides.


My school offers a great education with good professors. The fellow students are smart and friendly and easy to be friends with.


The thing I love most about Belmont is the entire atmosphere, it isnt a huge college, so you meet a lot of people, have a lot of fun, and learn a lot.


The city that my school is located and how it has been and still is an amazing experience.


How talented everyone is here. People are amazing at everything they do here, and the professors are living the life we are striving for and teaching us how to do it.


The class size and the teachers helping you any way that they can.


Belmont is a wonderful music school, and does a great job at working for the success of all students.


Belmont is a great place to get neat internships, especially if you are interested in the music business. However, socially, people are pretty independant, and there isn't much to do. Great teachers and classes!


Belmont is the best place to be for music and music business. The CMT awards are held here, and this year the presidential debate was held here. We have many big events that we can be a part of that no other school in the country has.


I love my sorority and the other people in my life. This campus makes me feel at home, the atmosphere of the campus is amazing.


I always tell my friends my school is amazing! We have a great music base, the professors are great and remember every student even if you took their class years ago. The classes are small, there are alot of projects and group activities and outside class work but not enough to feel stressed out all the time unless you just really procrastinate. The campus is small but alive with people, it has alot of diversity but everyone is friendly, outgoing, ready to help you belong and feel apart. .


The classes are small and the professor know what they are teaching.