Bemidji State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about BSU is how diverse the campus is. There are so many people with various different baackgrounds that attend college here. This is a great thing because you get to meet different types of people everywhere you go, it's an experience in itself to see and talk to people, people who gre up in a different country or grew up in a different type of household.


the best thing about this school is the diversity of the students and the friendliness and accepting nature of everyone there


My favorite part about Bemidji State is the atmosphere. It's small and close-knit. That's exactly the kind of town that I grew up in my whole life. I like meeting and knowing a lot of people and a lot of different types of people. I really like that the campus buildings - housing & education - are all within one area. They aren't spread out over miles with the town pushed in between. It makes it easier to be at school and away from everything else so one can focus on education and on the side, having some fun.


The best thing about Bemidji State is that it provides the opportunities of a large university with an intimate, comfortable small school atmosphere. Bemidji State isn't overwhelming in anything it provides, but whatever one may wish to do at, say, the University of Minnesota, he porbably would be able to do at BSU as well. It has everything one could need but without the sheer intimidating size of a major university.


The size of classes they usually aren't big enough where you feel like just another number or face in the crowd.


my school is a hiring hub for the upper midwest, recently we have gone green $5 of our tuition goes to making our school environmently friendly its a small school that just became a private state university which means that our tuition is stablized compared to the other schools in the mnscu system.


Bemidji State University is a community that is tightly nit. It is a small but just rignt school. You get to know people very easily.


The small classes and departments allow professors and students to really get to know eachother which leads to great professor recomendations and oppertunities.

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