Benedictine University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Driven adults who would like to improve their life chances and take their education seriously.


My classmates are friendly and out going indivuals.


My fellow classmates are helpful, funny , enthusiastic and studious. I was nervous being a freshman at college where none of my high schools friends were going to be there. Frightening. I was mistaken, everyone was so frinedly and I made frineds easily. They also are very studious just like me. It was very refreshing.


My classmates are extremely helpful and encouraging. We are like one big family so we take care of each other as if we are all brothers and sisters. Study group sessions are very common, where each student is involved equally and we all make sure that everyone is on the same page at all times. I couldn't have asked for better classmates.


My classmates are clique-y and keep to themselves except for those rare diamonds in the rocks who are intensely friendly.


Eager to get an A.


They are very serious and studios but know when to have a good time and enjoy themselves and when to get serious and be a college student.


My classmates are diverse and very nice and personable.


Culture of Benedictine Benedictine University is a Catholic school that embraces all races, religions, and cultures. American, Chinese, Indian, Venezuelan, and Kenyan are just a few of the nationalities that represent BU. Diversity is also incorporated into courses, such as cultural relativism. It has been very interesting to learn about how health matters affect different segments of the population in health care, disease, and prevention. Students are typically rather conservative on their political views.


My classmates are focused, honest, trustworthy and loyal to school work and most of them do more then is necessary to complete an assignment.


Friendly, diverse and very approachable.


my classmates are all pretty kind, helpful yet some seem shy and not very talkitive. Many of my classmates rather just come to class to get it over with some come to mess around in calss, and some come soley to meet friends.


My classmates shared the same love for learning as I did, so we worked together to help each other suceed.


He is very intelligent.


The students at this university are determined and very hard working.


My classmates are very helpful and generous.


They are eager to learn and extremely helpful to each other.


People who are loyal and love to have fun but are also driven and focused on what's important (like school work).


Visit the campus and meet with the alumni.


Friendly, beautiful people.


They are among the hardest working people I've ever surrounded myself with.


They are really smart.


As a business major, most of my classmates are males.