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i like it. good atmospere.


Benedictine is a liberal arts college but provides a lot of opportunities for a variety of majors, especially medicine. It is an affordable private university that has a diverse population regardless of the fact that it is also a Catholic University. It has proven to respect all religions and provided comfortable arrangements for students from different faiths.


This school has a smaller population which makes it a good school for those of us who are a little shy and reserved. They have a big focus on education and are there to help you whenever you need it. I like this school because of its academic focus and smaller class size.


There campus and enivorment is amazing everybody there are so friendly it's also close to home and family are able to interact with me


As an older student I wanted to attend school that worked around my family and work. Benedictine has a great cohort program that allowed me to go back to school full-time while allowing me to work and raise my kids.


Benedictine Univeristy is an ideal place to learn for a personalized learning enviornment. It offers close interactions with professors and more importantly it allows students to really learn about time management as well as balance their course load. Benedictine University prepares students really well, especially for health related fields. It has many affiliations with well known grad schools as well as interactive advances for students such as computers with ADAM science software and real cadavers for studtents. It can clearly be seen that thier education is focused for the studnets.


My school is very unique compared to other schools becuase, we have a highly diverse atmosphere on and off campus. Benedictine also has numerous activities almost every week to keep the students tightly bonded. Our priests of Benedictine are very out going and encourage us to come to the church, and very considerate. Our teachers at Benedictine University as well as coaches,are very hands on and actually try to help as much as possible, rather than having the students feel like another number in the classroom, they help us indivisually.


I takes me less than five min to walk to any of my classes. that is how small the campus is.


cultural diversity and tolerance for other religons is amazing...very supportive staff


Bendictine University is unique compared to other colleges because it has a very diverse, yet friendly student body.


Benedictine University is known for its religious affiliation, but not just Catholic. Any religion is accepted and respected at Benedictine University .


Although Chicago is only 40 minutes away from campus, downtown Naperville allows for a pseudo city-like atmosphere, less than 10 minutes away. Academically, Benedictine is considered to have a very strong science department. As a Health Science Major going onto a medical profession, that's important for me. Knowing that I'm taking the correct course work with efficient teachers, who'll teach you what you need to know to succeed, is very important for this specific endeavor of mine.


This university is very unique in that it has many different cultures combined and is very goal-orientated.


The ease of making friends


Cultural diversity and people are really nice!