Benedictine University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag that my school is a second home. Not a lot of people truly feel like a univeristy made them feel like a family or as if they even belonged. I brag because as a transfer student I only spent two years at Benedictine and I already had a lifetime of friendships and experiences socially and academically that people strive all four years of college to exprience.


Flexibility and the support and encouragement i have from my classmates


I always leave a class learning something new, the instructors go above and beyond to provide an enriching learning experience. They have been very helpful and attentive to their students.



When I tell my friends about my school, I brag that since my school has small average class sizes all my professors know me by my name and they can work with me individually and I get a lot of help from them outside of the class as well. They have more time to spend with each of their students individually then if the class sizes were greater.


The atheltic teams available


I brag about the courses I take because they are usually harder than the classes that my friends take. The courses make me feel smart, competent, and I know that I will succeed when I graduate.


That I love the eneregy and passion of the teachers.


I tell my friends about the great science program, the fact that Benedictine has more diversity regarding races unlike their colleges, how good both the women and men's soccer teams are, and the our football team won conference this season.


when i tell my friends about my school i say every one wants to be some kind of doctor, scientist, or bussniss man. I tell them we are all going to be rich. I also brag about the small class sizes, there are 20 students max in my classes. I also tell them that its easy to make friends and sooo easy to falll in love with the campus.


The size of the school. I went to a small catholic high school in Michigan, a school where all the teachers knew you by name. Benedictine is that type of school. The classes are small enough to recieve close personal instructions by all the faculty members. The campus is beautifully maintained and only a half hour from Chicago. It's my first time living away from home, I feel safe and secure with the freedoms I have worked hard for through out my entier high school career.


The first thing that would pop up in my head when i think about Benedictine Universit y is that all the staff members including professors are really helpful.I didnt feel like I was new at Benedictine.


I always brag about the help that I do receive from the professors and their friendliness. This is a huge part why I enjoy attend the Benedictine University.


The ecxellent support and advice for success from faculty and administrators


Benedictine is the best place to get your education, whether you're an undergraduate or a graduate.


That there are many people i can go to for help and the model un class


How many new friends I have made, and how I know that these friendships will be lifelong friendships.


Its a private school!