Benedictine University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Health related majors, small town people


Academically driven student, who are mainly science or buisness driven, should attend this school because those are the programs that are more prominent at Benedictine. Also, there is a majority of athletic students, as opposed to artsy students, that attend Benedictine.


Someone who likes a small school and participates in campus activites would absolutly love it here at Benedictine University.


Someone who wants to go into medicine. Most of the people at my school want to go to medical school when they graduate. Benedictine allows the perfect amount of social experiences and club activities for these students because they also need to study. There are not alot of things to distract students, which is good for the type of environment that the students want.


I believe that Benedicitne University is ideal for a focused and hard working student who can be interactive and use their environment to aid in their educaiton. The small class sizes serve to help shyer students and allow students to reach out and become directly involved with thier education. However, because Benedictine has a status of higher education, students do need a degree self motiviation in order to reach and pass that level of status.


People looking to experience a diverse atmosphere without attending a huge school.


You should attend this school if you prefer the small school atmosphere - you like smaller classes (around 30 people, on average) and professors who care about you and your education and are willing to help you. You can live on campus in the dorms or on-campus apartments or just off campus in nearby apartments, but you can also commute. I commute to Benedictine and I have not had trouble meeting people at all.


Someone who is serious about their education and wants a quality degree


In my opinion, Benedictine University is for the students who have other important responsibilities like children and who wants to cut the commute time. This university also offer accelerated programs for adults who want to complete school or to get another degree for their better future and for their family.


The kind of person that should attend Benedictine University should be someone who is dedicated to themself and wants to go further then a high school diploma.


I believe only people who know how to manage their time should attend this school. All projects, homework, etc are based on deadlines. There is a lot of research for each assignment, so if you start falling behind there is no way you will catch up.


Any student but particularly students returning to school for graduate level classes.


benedictine university is a catholic university and this best suits for the employed individuals. The graduate classes are mostly in evening sessions. This university is good for every kind of person.


This school provides a stellar education, especially pertaining to graduate professions in the science fields. Although it does enlighten its students on a vast majority of different subjects, science is a speciality of Benedictine. This university requires hardwork and dedication along with a sensible and responsible social environment. Someone who is grounded, intelligent, responsible and aspiring should be willing to present themself as a prospective student for Benedictine and Benedictine would be honored to consider them part of their family.


Someone who is academically driven and focused


Someone who knows what they want to do with their life and is ready for a lot of hard work. This is also a good school if you plan on getting into medicial or law school eventually.


A person who's into small schools, and Science majors.


if your doing anything pre-professional studies in the health field.