Bennett College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are intelligent, interactive, beautiful and influential women of the future.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and outgoing.


My classmates are amazing, energetic, driven, focused women who are the leaders of tomorrow; they will make major impacts o the world.


At times my classmates are helpful.


My classmates at Bennett College are globallly involved, open to new ideas, and compassionate about servicing others in the community.


My classmates here at Bennett College for Women are enthusiastic about their education, full of energy and are bright young women who believe strongly in sisterhood, uplifting and supporting one another as a whole.


Great women, who are dedicated to become global thinkers and innovators and who do not settle for less when they know the world is theirs for the taking.


My class mates are all form different places in the world but are goal oriented.


My classmates are fun and focused for the most part but need to be a little more attentive at times.


My classmates are generally helpfuland friendly.


The way I would describe my classmates is helpful.


My classmates are funny,smart,outgoing,observing,kind,understandable,friendly and being different knowledge to the table.


My classmates are all different in every sence.


They are engaged. They want to learn and will share with you, sometimes, if you ask. They are neatly dressed and have good hygiene.


My classmates are in different classifications from freshman to seniors; the classmates that I have in class with me allow me to have understanding and able to viewpoints; having early morning classes can be hard, but having classmates that are morning people and can make you laugh early morning is a wonderful thing; the classmates I have in one of my classes is a self-image because I am able to something of me inside of them; attending a small college as I do you tend to build a closer friendship with them and my classmates make great study groups.


My classmates are classmates.


My classmates come inexperienced together and leave out with more knowledge.


My classmates are quiet.


A Diverse group of girls from all over the nation who have come to Bennett College to make a better opportunity for themselves. We have our differences but that is what makes us so unique. You learn many life lessons and learn how to get along with others