Bennett College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A woman who is all about sisterhood and empowerment within women of color.


As a student currently enrolled at an all women's college, it takes someone who is strong, outgoing, attentive, positive, and energetic to attend Bennett College for Women.


Anyone who wants a education and is serious about it should attend this school. At Bennett the acedemic advisor are serious about students not attending class and they will drop you from a class if miss too many classes. A lady who wants to become a mature and educated women should attend this school.


Bennett is a good school for young girls that struggled in high school. The smaller campus and class sizes will help any future students stay focused on their class work and become successful young women. The smaller campus also makes it easier to communicate with professors and advisors which can be very helpful. Twice a week the school holds an ACES program which helps the student become better young women and strong future leaders.


I think a well rounded person is best for this school, but even if you aren't a full rounded person coming to Bennett College would make you the well rounded person you need to be. You will be humble and self motivated by the time you leave this college in four years.


Individuals who enjoy a small, historically black college would like Bennett college. Bennett college is great for students who are interested in the arts, journalism and media studies, and education majors. If a student likes a campus that is in the heart of every building, then Bennett College is in a great location. The classroom size is excellent! Every student has the opportunity to be outspoken and voice their own opinions. The college accepts a wide variety of Northern students who brings diversity to the campus. Mostly everyone is friendly. The surrounding attractions are exciting go out and visit.


I think the type of person who should attend this school should be someone who is focused on school, they aren't just coming to school to play around, they have a goal set and is going to achieved this goal. Bennett College for Women is a serious school the person who attends this school have to be someone who is responsible willing to take long measures to do well in this school. The kind of person who attend this school should be similar to me . They shoild have plenty of goals and ready to take the world by storm!


Bennett College for Women is a wonderful place for women of many different backgrounds. Although most young women who attend Bennett College enter as African American Freshwoman it is an experience for all. Coming straight from High School we all know that one may still carry on a few childish ways but the Bennett College oasis will surely to change ones childish doings. Bennett College is a place where one can mature and grow into a strong and powerful women. Coming to Bennett one must have a very positive attitude, be self encouraging, make responsible decisions and remain open minded.


A person who is committed to learning and wanting a degree in a field they love so they can have the career in which they desire. Someonw who is motivated and positive.


Someone who loves the small community and small class size. We do not have a football team or homecoming week but we do have basketball and nice events during the year.


A person who is very open, possitive, and diverse. Even though this is an HBCU, the personallities here are so different that you have to come with an open mind to enjoy being here. Anyone who wants the attend Bennett College for Women must have a really possitive attitude.


The type of student who student attend Bennett college should be focus, well rounded and study oriented.


Its No Particular Person. Everyone is Accepted


A young woman in search of a well-rounded educationalexperience. Someone who is looking to find herself and mature academically, professionally, mentally, etc.


The type of person who should attend this school should be someone who is interested in making a positive change in their life, someone who has vision and determination, and more than that someone who wants to find themselves and bloom into a better person.


a person that attends bennett should be very focused and wants to excel farther than expected.


A person whom does better on smaller campuses and a small class size that gets along with women


the type of person that should attend my school is some one that is open to new surroundings and is ready to learn. some one that is into boding with people that you may have met for the first time and someone that is willing to share themselves not only with there classmates but also the world.


The person that should attend this school is someone who is willing to think outside the box and willing to help others.


Someone who knows they need alot of one on one attention and wants to be known as a person and not just a number.