Bergen Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING GET TO KNOW YOURSELF ( For the first semester take WRT-101 and join the academic club pertaining to your major ( choose one that interests you if you're undecided) and/or volunteer in organizations related to your field if possible( Don't be afraid to ask questions. SEE YOUR PROFESSOR DURING OFFICE HOURS IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Do the readings before each class and try to do your assignments beforehand. Ask library assistants with help on research papers. Ask about the Honor's program and the study abroad opportunity. Go to the Career Development center and see if you're major allows you to take a course that includes an intership. Go to college fairs and network at job fairs. Get involved on campus and have fun.


Knowing what happens in the future is a quality that many people want to acquire. If in any case I was able to do that or go back in time, I would take advantage of the situation and give myself some pointers on life and being in college. I would urge myself to work less and get involved in more extracurricular activities within my college. At times i wish i would have joined my soccer team or continued being in the environmental club and other activities that I was fully involved in when I was in high school. I would also push my self to study harder, I have a current GPA of a 3.6 therefor i can better myself and strive for a 4.0. I have made mistakes here and there but I have gained knowledge from each mistake therefore I wouldn't change any of those things. In conclusion I would give myself a few hints on how to excelle and make my experience at Bergen Community College better than it already has been.


If i can go back in time and talk to myslef as a high school senior i would give myself an explicit amount of advice. I would tell myself to pay attention to every little thing that is going on in class. I would also tell myself to make as much time as i can to studying rather than go out with my friends. My reason being is because now that i am in college i have to stay up till late doing homework rather than go out with my friends. I believe if i would of done more studying in high school i would have been used to studying and staying up late. Also if i would of payed attention to everything i would of been in a slightly higher level of study. But not everything needs to be negative. There is always a reason why things turn out the way they do and i believe that that reason is for the better rather than for worst.


I would tell myself that I am on the right track, but maybe take that extra class. Taking it easy was a good idea for the first semester, and made the transition between high school and college seamless, as did the smaller honors courses. Enrolling in that extra class, though, would not have thrown me off, it would have better prepared me for the more hetic semesters of college, and it would have made my next three semesters in Bergen Community College less of a burden.


Don't be affraid of what the future may bring, go for your dreams. Everything is possible, as long as you try it. People offen assume that they are limited, or not good at certain things and subjects. However, as long as you push yourself, and never give up, you may be surprised what is within your reach. I gave up on my dreams and hopes early on due to my child's illness, but I realized recently that no matter what tragedies happen in your life, you should always remember about your self, and your dreams. Life is full of surprises, just be open to all possibilities.


i would of told myself to do alot better in highschool and not take it as a joke. id tell myself to make sure you are completely sure of what you want to do after high school and NEVER tell yourself you cant....apply to as many colleges as you can....


My advice to my younger self would be to have some patience. At that age, my mindset was to do as little school as possible so I could start working full-time and make money as soon as possible. So instead of going to college, I tried to cut corners by going to a 10 month trade school. Let?s just say that the only thing I have to show from going to that school is a large school bill, for which I am still trying to pay. Having a college degree is invaluable. Most companies will choose an individual with a degree over someone with experience. If I would have been able to warn myself about these facts, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money.


First of all you need to work extremely hard in high school to maintain your gpa in order to be elligible for grants and money for college. If your are not already, you will need to become a self starter. No one is going to hold your hand at college or walk you through difficult situations, you will be on your own and will need to rely on your own ability and instincts to see you through. Having said all that, the college experience is wonderful. You will be meeting new people, making lifelong friends and even establishing bonds with your teachers. Learn to relax, study hard and enjoy. Your will end up looking back at these college years as some of the best times of your life.


Know your purpose. Know what you are doing and why. Set and determine your goals. Have a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Existing in a planless state equates to a ship at sea with no course. Having a plan and life purpose focuses your intent in a laser beam-like fashion, since of course the mind is the most powerful force in the universe. Anything is possible. Have not only a life purpose, but purpose in general. Ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" Intend to not waste any tme. Life is short, with much to do and plenty of people to help. Place every other distraction OUT of your focus and KEEP at it. WILLPOWER is CRITICAL. With a plan at hand, EXECUTE. The goal is the highest aspiration, but just a goal is useless with no ACTION. Focus every cell in your body to ACT. GET UP and DO it. Again, willpower is key. Fear does NOT exist, "false evidence appearing real". It's in the mind and anything made can be unmade. Because if you have a (clear) plan of action, and action, you will be UNSTOPPABLE. The sky is the limit. Good luck!


prepare for tests better. try to avoid senioritis. dont take your friendship with your fellow seniors for granted. and try to make more contacts


I would research colleges more.