Berkeley City College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would say that anyone who has a desire for education, especially those mature in age and wanting to start a second career, improve their marketable skills or looking for advancement in their jobs. High school graduates coming straight from high school could benefit from Berkeley City College. There are a number of resources here to help with the transition from high school to college. I selected Berkeley City College because of the disabilities program. I am disabled and need assistance in some areas. Any person that appreciates a beautiful clean campus, and relaxing atmosphere would love being here.


A student who will succeed at Berkeley City College must be independent and self-motivated. Like any college, the student's education really is in her or his own hands. And at Berkeley City College, those who succeed, are people dedicated to aquiring their own education. One must be an active student, if you are passive, you will eventually be left in the dust. Many students drop out of community college, because there is less pressure to complete their courseload in a fixed amount of time. A good student must consider their education a top priority and keep themself motivated.