Berkeley College-New York Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Berkeley College-New York is the encouraging teachers and staff members. All of the teachers that I had the pleasure learning from were experts in their field of study and always pushed the students to strive to be the best. They always made sure that students would think creatively and innovatively, yet still maintaining core business principles and logic.


This is a very good school if you are not looking for a sorority/ fraternity based school. It is all about your studies.


Berkeley College has a great learning atmosphere. It leaves students open to ask questions that sometimes stray from the current subject, but such situations result in more learning. The professors have their own style of teaching, but for the most part it all meshes together rather nicely. The professors are not slack, but they are understanding when it comes to circumstances beyond our control. They seem to have mastered professionalism and friendliness.