Berry College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Berry College have a natural drive to succeed in the classroom.


My classmates are kind, considerate, caring people who work hard to preserve their friendships and their academic standing.


The majority of the students at Berry are very welcoming, open, and kind to other students and encourage one another to be involved with the community on campus and reach out to the surrounding community through service.


They are all great. The classes are small so you really get to know the people in your classes. Just about everyone is friendly and helpful. I have formed study groups with my classmates which really helps.


My classmates have good morals, similar economic backgrounds, and are generally all very very nice to be around!


I take my classes with oranges—they are sweet, unique, lively, and making perfect harmony with every different kind of fruit.


My classmates at Berry College are well rounded, giving students. The students I live with are service oriented and believe in being involved and growing with the community. They are also strong leaders and continue to grow in that area. We lead a Christ centered life. Berry is a Christian college and those biblical values are important to my classmates. It lends to a supportive atmoshere, where students are there for each other. It is invaluable going to class with and living with students who have the same values that are important to one's self.


My classmates are a crowd of multi-dimentional students with various outstanding talents and infinate potential due to their egarness to learn.


They are an interesting bunch...


My classmates are ethusiastic and helpful when it comes to learning the material and helping each other out.


Students are academically driven, friendly, service oriented, and many are very religious.


My classmates are eager to learn and expand their horizons, but also know how to have fun!


Classmates fall into many groups, but the majority of them can easily described as such: conservative; douche-baggish; close minded


My classmates all tend to be on the same level as me, with a few exceptions, and are friendly for the most part.


My classmates are bright, intelligent creatures who never lack homework and always bring interesting ideas to the class discussions.


They are very christian yet friendly