Berry College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


With 26,000 acres (and a castle built by Henry Ford), Berry is the largest college campus in the world, making it a prime destination for hikers and picnickers and providing endless adventures for a sunny afternoon. Berry is also known for its student work program. All Berry students are guaranteed a job, and these jobs are not meaningless chores—they are beneficial first glimpses at potential careers, providing invaluable experience that promotes focus and responsibility. This truly is a manner of experiencing learning and life firsthand, applying what takes place in the classroom in a meaningful and purposeful way.


We are best known for being the largest campus in the world. Our campus is over 26,000 acres of nature and wildlife. There are deer constantly walking around our campus which is definitely a sight to see. Because we have the largest campus there are many nature activities to take part in such as hiking, camping, and mountain biking. Also, our school specializes in hands on experience and works hard to get students into job fields that relate to their fields of study. If you're an Animal Science major expect to work with a variety of animals.




Berry College is best known for the small student to faculty ratio and the fact that it is the largest campus in the world. Everywhere you look you see beautiful scenery, and the education is of good quality.


My school is best known for their Journalism, Business, Law and Engineering program. They have the higehest percentage of graduates who get a job after graduation. It also has over 60,000 students with four different campus across Arizona. It is one of the largest campus in nation and has many national merit scholars. The last most imortant quality is our honors college is ranked top in nation.


It's huge campus and it's strong academics. Attend if you get the chance. Res life really care about their students!


Berry is best known for its hands-on style of academics and its focus on tradition. For the men, it's high female-male ratio can also be quite alluring.


Berry is a tight-knit community of students who all love to learn about the world and each other. The "Berry Bubble" allows people to learn and grow together and find a place among the students and the 26,000 acre campus.


Its a liberal arts school.


My school is known for its on-campus work experience program. At Berry, we go by the tradition of learning with our heads, our hearts and our hands. Berry's work force is driven by the student body. We are able to take the knowledge that we gain in the classroom and apply it to jobs around campus. These on-campus jobs allow you to gain practical experience and aid in developing relationships within fields that you are interested in. Berry College is also know for its small class sizes. My largest class was 45 people.


Berry's best known for it's exceptional academics and it's beautiful campus. Martha Berry founded this school for the betterment of the people in this area. The academics at Berry are challenging, but very rewarding. Also, Berry is widely known for its student-work program. Students can maintain a part-time job on campus while taking classes. It is very convenient and helpful to students.


Animal science program.


I have no idea what Berry is best known for.


This school is known as a wholesome place that encourages creativity and productivity.


My school is best know for its size and its pre-vet program. It is also known for its hands on teaching and small class sizes


My school is best known for its beautiful campus, which is 28,000 acres and the largest campus in the world.


The agricultural program and it being the largest in the world!


education, pre-vet, christian


Berry has a beautiful campus.


Great professors, the deer, intimate classrooms and it's reputation


It's known for having the largest campus in the world. Berry has a beautiful campus, with really warm, open-minded people and faculty. It's great because it'snot like typical large schools, where the standard weekend is binge drinking. There are parties from time to time, but you have more time to make your own fun and actually hang out with your friends and have quality time. You learn more about yourself and what you really want in your life.