Berry College Top Questions

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It's the largest campus in the world.


Berry offers a superior work program that allows students to work on campus and build their resume while in school. There are numerous jobs offered on campus where a student can gain leadership, organization, responsibility, and other helpful skills that will aid them in the future. With experience and hard work, a student can also be promoted through their time at Berry from level one through level five. Money earned from these jobs can go towards tuition, books, or general expenses for the student.


Berry College has it's own dairy and beef units on campus. This allows hand on experience with this type of work.


First of all, we have a castle! It was sponsored by Henry Ford because he was a great friend to our founder, Martha Berry. It is one of the dorms available to freshmen and like the rest of campus, its absolutely beautiful. We are also the biggest campus land-wise in the world, with 26,000 acres. The actual campus is not that large, but the surrounding forests and tourist attractions are a site to see.


Aside from the fact that it has the world's largest contiguous campus, I fell in love with Berry because of the warm, home-like environment it provides its students. Coupled with its top-of-the-line academics, Berry has mastered the art of pleasing indecisive young adults and molding them into productive adults.


Berry College has the largest campus in the world, yet there are only approximately 2,000 students. Berry has phenomenal education and animal science programs.


Its the largest campis in the world but enriched with friendships.


There are a lot more outdoor activities offered due to the large rural campus and the professors cater toward students' individual needs more so than at a larger campus.


I am a Early Childhood Education major and at Berry you get experience in the classroom throughout your four year schooling, not just your senior year. I have found this to be very helpful so far. I have already begun to make lesson plans and LEAs. You go to both private and public schools. The field experience is excellent and helps better prepare students for when they enter the real world.


At my school i really feel like professers are out to help and really care if i learn the information or not. Unlike other schools where it seemed like they were just trying to make their check.


Berry is it's own world; it is an isolated campus where one can feel securely immersed in a safe learning environment.


Large Campus


Strong focus on firsthand experience in on campus jobs and research opportunities