Berry College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I feel that in order to belong in the "Berry Bubble," the kind of person that is not driven and determined to succeed does not belong in Berry College. Each student is responsible for their own success, and while the professors and staff do care for each and every single one of us, they cannot force success, and they cannot make it be meaningful. A Berry student must have heart and determination to take control of their own destiny.


A lot of the fun of being at Berry is the great outdoors, so if you absolutely hate camping, biking, and/ or hiking I wouldn't consider it. Also, if you have a strong fear of deer.


Somebody who does not enjoy writing papers should not attend Berry College. Students will write many papers in numerous classes, despite their major. Someone who does not enjoy being involved in their campus should not attend. Berry has nonstop events on campus geared towards student's academic involvement, student work involvement, and overall fun activities planned for students by students. Someone who is looking for a equally balanced gender campus should not attend Berry--the female to male ratio is three to one. However, football will be starting in 2014 and hopes to bring more males.


Berry is the perfect school for someone who wants to be really dedicated to their school work and have a part time job on campus. Berry is really good about gettin any student a job on campus, and work very hard to find them one in their major feild. They also have to be very hard working and willing to take all the opportunities they are given. They also have to be ready to become a small town person and learn how to make the best out of what they are given.




Berry College can accepts any kind of person. But if you like to smoke in campus, you might not like Berry, because it's tobacco-free campus.


Any student that is willing to work hard and put their education first will recieve an incredible amount of knowledge from this academy.


Someone who enjoys partying and going to clubs. A person that does not enjoy a quiet and layed back lifestyle would not be happy at Berry. If your main focus is not education then Berry College would drive you crazy. The social scene at Berry consists of study groups and the occasional party, but they end pretty early and they don't get too wild. So, if you intend to let loose and go wild once you get to college, Berry is not the place to do it.


Anyone looking for parties and drinking should not attend Berry College. We have no Greek life, and we are a dry campus. Anyone who thinks they can get by by not going to classes and not doing their work should not attend Berry.


If you are not motivated to gain practical experience within your work field and work with side by side with your professors in your education, this is not the school for you.


Any one who likes to drink and party. Or any one who isnt willing to work hard


Any individual who enjoys learning on a personal level, who loves living in a close-knit community, who loves the outdoors or appreciates nature, who wants to be fully involved in extra-curricular activities, and wants all these qualities within a conservatively liberal and welcoming environment.


Anyone with extrememly different views ... Berry is very welcoming, but conservative


A person that is just trying to get by in their classes without giving alot of effort.


I think if you were a very stubborn opinated person who hated change, friends, or new ideas , or dont like the close friendly community Berry truly is, or if you were just looking for a party drinking school, then this school is not for you.


someone who wants to be an art major- go to an arts school! this is mainly a liberal arts school and it is very much emphasized. someone who wants to be in a frat/sorority- there are NONE here. and someone who likes to drink- this is a dry campus.