Berry College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I'd known how conservative this school really is and that it can be awkward for someone who is a die-hard liberal.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be to pay for school here. It is a constant battle to have enough money for tuition payments.


The average cost to attend a four-year college in 2011 was $21,657 annually. Many high school students are told that they have plenty of time to figure out what career or major they want to pursue. While this is true, high school should not be a time to completely ignore the future. Experiment with topics that interest you, and determine your skills and passions. Shadow a professional or get an internship. With tuition rates this high, it’s important to make the most of every opportunity now so that you don’t end up paying for procrastination later!


I wish I would have known that it would have been to my benefit to have gone to a high school that offered Advanced Placement courses.


I would have liked to know how it was that the teachers taught. it is not like in high school were teachers have to stick to a set curriculum. In college, professors make thier classes as they see fit. No one teacher teaches the same material in the same manner, even professors of the same course.


I wish I had taken into account my finances. Berry College is very expensive and if you don't have a support system helping you with tuition you should think twice about what school you choose. Also, I wish I had known that Berry is kind of a "suitcase" school, meaning most people go home on the weekends. I wish I had known that small towns mean limited options, there are many shopping options that are not available here....the mall is tiny. I know these things can be dealbreakers for some people, so its better to know before commit.


I really wish that I would have known how much it rains at Berry because i was not prepared for week long rain showers. I also wish that I had known more people at this school which would have made the transition a little easier.


How controlled of an environment it is.


Nothing... I like suprises!


I wish I had known what I actually wanted to do before I got to school. I switched majors after a year and had to rush through my major instead of enjoying it and spending time with it. Had I known where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do would have given me less stress and the ability to take more electives within my major to get a greater understanding of the media world.