Beulah Heights University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience has shown me to use my time wisely. Unlike high school, college is more of a time consumed study based. Back in high school, I would waste my time by doing nothing or doing unnecessary tasks. Now, since I have taken college classes, I am able to learn to study, use time wisely, and also be a more responsible adult.


The things that I got from my college experience is a more accurate knowledge of the bible and a more indepth understanding of biblical principles. In addition, I gained life long relationships with people from around the world and from various cultures that I would not have been able to gain at another college. Finally, I learned leadership principles and get practical leadership experience through the student government association and through internships, that have served and will continue to serve me well in the future. All of the above mentioned is what has made my college experience so valuable to me.


There are a number of thing that I have gottened from my college experience; the first being the ability to interact with proffessors and students from around the world. This is valuable to me because it afforded me the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures and people groups without leaving home. Next, the biblical foundation was of equal value because it prepared me to function in my calling as a minister of the gospel. The final thing of value is my degree itself. My degree is in Leadership Administration, which is primarliy a business degree geared toward non-profits. The value of this is that the cirriculum provided me with the knowledge that I need to function the in administration and leadership within the church. The overall value of my college experience is the preparation that I ewceived in order to go to the next level in my career and in life. This is valuable in a monitary sense, but for me in the sense of accomplishment, being that I am the first one in my family to ever attend college.


stay on the Lord side no matter what