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The teachers and staff really care about the students, there is a presence of love that is felt throughout campus and in the classroom.


It is a very strong christian based school. The students here are very comfortable with each other and they are all good friends. There is not a lot of school drama that goes on and the friends here are very genuine. As are the teachers, they all seek out personal relationships with the students and try to help each other through tough times. It is a good community to feel like you have people that care about you a lot.


Biola is a private christian school that requieres their undergrad to minor in Bible. Also its unique because there are chapel and conferences requierements. The main thing that makes it unique is the community; is friendly and Christ-Centered. I have not experience no feeling of danger while walking after my late class.


Really great community. Everyone here really cares about each other, especially the professors.


Biola is a God-centered community, without being a sheltered or over protective community. You are encouraged to live your faith, but not forced to go through the motions. The christian walk is encouraged to be treated as something genuine.


It's tight-knit and a great community.


Biola offers a solid Christian education, intent on making sure we are equipped in the word of God and ready to face the world. Biola is a great school to send your kids to if you want them to learn scholastically, meet a lot of great friends, and grow in God's word. I have come here and am very satisfied with the school. Beautiful campus, great food, and relaxed feel. Coming to a school 8 hours from my house, I was shocked to see that I didn't feel lost. I felt home. Home at Biola University.


The most unique part of Biola is the faith centered education and community. Out of all the schools that I looked at, Biola was the one that stuck out as the most committed to its values, and after being there for awhile, I still have that same view of it. It is a very unique place to be.


As a Christian university, they create a safe enviornment on campus with constant exposure to world outside of the classroom, the dorm and the campus, which emphasizes that there are times for training (on campus) and then times for being sent out (off campus) and loving on a world in desperate need of being loved (what Jesus told us to do), because Biola does not ignore the world's problems or seek to distance themselves from them, but equips their students with the tools they need to be an effective catalist for changing a needing world.


All the students and professors at this school are Christians, and their focus is to do whatever they do to the best of their ability to serve Christ and others.


Biola is a private Christian university, so it allows students the opportunities to integrate thier faith into their future careers. Since the campus size is so much smaller than a CSU, I can get to classes faster as well as interact one on one with my professors and develop a more personal relationship with them. Biola also has a less impacted nursing degree program compared to many other California schools, so it allows me the ability to not only sign up for the required classes I need, but to also have a higher chance at getting into the program.


My school is unique for its community of christian students who aspire to go out into the world and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Biola University is also widely known for its successful graduate programs in ministry, missionary work, and worship in music.


Biola is a private christian school so the students and faculty share the same religion. Everyone at Biola is extremely compassionate and is driven to impact the world through our careers and through loving those around us. The professors at Biola are wonderful and really get to know their students, some of my professor have had me over to their house for dinner. The one thing that really sets Biola apart from other schools is the overall happiness that you feel when you set foot onto the campus. It is a wonderful school and I have learned so much!


My school's main focus is God. Not only you learned the academic but also of how to grow spritually. It is also in a good location and you will meet people that have the same virtues as you.


BIola University offers more than just an education. Biola is a Christian University that strives to keep God at the center of academics and life. In addition to having brilliant professors and classroom environments conducive to higher levels of education, Biola fosters a setting helpful to developing one's personal relationship with Christ. Unlike any other school I considered, Biola not only helps this growth, but enables its students to be sent out as sharers of the good news and saving grace of Jesus Christ and our purpose and hope for living.


Biola has one of the most unique environments to be in. It is encouraging and challenging inside and outside of the classroom. I was refreshed when I saw how available and approachable the professors are. Not only do they care about your educational progress, but also how you are doing as a person. This year's theme was "creating neighbors," which emphasizes the importance of a strong community. Also, what makes my university unique is its integration of Christian foundation in every subject, creating a balance of teaching how to be successful in your field while strengthening your faith.


Biola University is a place that prepares a student to go out into the world to impact lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. The amazing part is that the teachings I receive are not only preparing me to be a strong businesswoman, but I am being taught to integrate my faith into my career. Many schools were founded off of biblical beliefs, and I'm really proud to be attending a school that has not changed it's teachings just because the world has taken a turn in allowing different teachings to come in to the school system.


Biola is the only school that I could find that emphasized Biblical beliefs, as well as other majors. Every student at Biola is required to take 30 units in Bible classes along with all of their major courses. This appealed to me because I wanted to gain more knowledge about my religious beliefs. However, I also know that I want to be a nurse when I graduate, and wanted to attend a school that encourages many different career paths. Biola is the only Christian university that effectively focuses on the Bible and all other majors.


Biola University is a smaller size school in comparison to many universities which makes for a tight community. In contrast to Biola's small size, it still has enough people that you continue to meet people throughout your entire college experience. Biola is also focused on giving back to the community and the world. Through many on campus programs and events, students at Biola are able to participate in giving back to the world.


Biola is unique in that it is required that the students get a Bible minor and students must also sign a contract that students must follow. Also, Biola is unique in that students are required to attend a certain amount of chapels every semester. I would say the most unique thing about Biola in light of all the previous things said would be the fact that students joyously sign up to be under these rules.


Biola provides a smaller environment and smaller class sizes while maintaining the quality of education. Biola desires to see each and every student be effective in his/her field of study and maintains a small student teacher ratio to do so. Biola also fosters caring community on and off campus in order to make students feel at home, and help them belong to a supportive network of peers. Mentorship and guidance programs at Biola help students to excell not only in their academic pursuits but also in their search for personal significance and purpose.


This campus has such a prescence about it; i stepped on it and i felt home. It is very peaceful and pleasant and is beautiful. It was founded on Truth and has never strayed from following Jesus.


Biola University seeks to teach and grow its students holistically. The University offers courses, chapels, clubs, mission trips, jobs, counselors, and other student-related activites in order to improve the student in all areas of life. However, first and foremost, Biola's mission is to create a university where its students can increase their knowledge and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and ruler, so that they may impact the world in and for His name. Biola University is the best place to go for both academic excellence and a Christ-centered education.


It has a Christian environment where students can pray for each other anywhere without feeling embarrassed.


It is a great school to get involved in and become part of the community. There are events such as concerts, intramurals, poetry readings, and spirit events to be able to get involved with the community and enjoy your time at the school. Academically it is a very good school with a Biblical Based background in everything.


Bible Intelligent Organized Loving Awesome


The community at the school is extremely supportive in all situations (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally). Also, our school has community standards that every students signs and agrees to follow which says that we will not drink, do drugs, or have sex outside of marriage while we attend the school.


The community, the way the professors actually care about their students! They are all so understanding and helpful, it's amazing!! The people in your classes and dorms really care about you too!


we require 30 units of bible for all students


if you want a good education with a biblical background Biola is a good place to go


Biola University not only teaches theories, it puts it into practice, whether it is with the administration, student life, or professor's academic views. Biola also seeks to build up students wholistically, in all aspects of life, and provides opportunities to do so.


Faith based, quality Christian education.


My school is unique in that of course it is a small conservitive chrsitan school, but also in that when you arrive on campus not only do you feel welcomend but everyone is smiling, people are lauging, and to make a new friend you simply have to introduce your self and start a good conversation. Biola Students are kind, loving and caring, this is what makes the school diffrent, also that most students obstain from drugs, and bevrages alowing for sober fun which sometimes is the best kind. there are no groups like frats, instead your housing situation are urfriends


Biola is not too big. None of the classes go above 30 students, and you don't become ignored. It is also unique in that it provides a Christian environment that isn't focused on rules. Students genuinely love God, and there aren't a ridiculous amount of rules forced on us.


The ability to discuss faith and how it applies in your field of study.