Biola University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The downside to many of the great aspects of Biola is it's high tuition. Even with FAFSA and a few internal scholarships, the cost was still over $20,000. Regardless of summer jobs or grants, most students end up taking out loans. For me, the reward of achieving a career in the film industry through the connections Biola offers will be worth any period of debt I must struggle through.


The expense of Biola is the worst thing about it.


Despite the high-quality education provided and the serene campus, the tuition and costs to attend BIOLA University is more than a state university. BIOLA has great scholarship and financial aid programs; however, the cost of attendance even after all the deductions is still on the higher-end. If you are an out-of-state student, BIOLA actually may be more affordable than state schools. Private schools are generally expensive, but the education and care you recieve may be worth it.


Sometimes people are act like they do not have problems and act as if they always have to be happy, which is not what we are taught. We are taught to be honest and vulnerable with one another; people forget that.


The worst thing about Biola University is the surrounding area, there is not much to do.


Open Hours!! I hate the fact that there is only certain times and days that boys can be on the girls floor or vice versa. It is by far the worst inconvenience. I love the fact that we don't have coed dorms because that would just be aweful but it would be nice to have my boyfriend or even a guy come into my roommate and my room without having the door open and having him have to leave before 11. I understand that it is just a precaution but still a nuisance none the less.


Worst thing for a commuter or the owner of a car is the extra fee for parking permits.


The price. Everything about Biola is incredible, but it is hard to pay for at times. However, the amazing things about the school make up for the price.


The worst thing about Biola is the on campus jobs are hard to come by. We have a website where campus jobs are listed, however they are few and hard to get. Many students are looking for jobs, so employers have many applicants making the process very competitive. If you are serious about getting a job and work hard to apply to several places you will eventually get one, it just might not be the most glorious postion. I work in the school cafeteria, but applied many places before I got hired.


The price of room and board gets exhausting sometimes.


I can honestly say that I have nothing to complain about at the college I am attending. As a transfer student, coming here was the best decision I could ever make and there is absolutely nothing that would make me want to say anything different.


The worst thing about my school is that it is terribly expensive. I reccommend transfering in if you can. It's so expensive, that there is a high attrition rate due to lack of funds on the students' part.


The worst part of Biola is limited number of restuarants and places to eat.


The worst thing about my school is that it is running out of room to expand and make room for all of those who are interested in attended the university.


Biols University is amazing place to study. The only thing that can take away your sleep at night is paying for it. Money becomes an essential part of your education, getiing excellent grades is no longer enough. Being able to pay for school can become a nightmare.


The only thing that I can think of that is "worst" is the expence. But the expence is worth the training I get at school. I can't really think of anything that is worth complaining about. Maybe perhaps because it is a Christian college find a way to be absolutly sure that those are accepted are Christians.


It is so expensive, finding money to pay for it is very difficult.


Tuition is the only bad thing about Biola because it is a private school and really hard to afford and I am doing everything I can just to be able to keep being able to go there.


I believe the worst thing about Biola University is the lack of diversity and racial reconciliation. Although there isn't a wide spread of racism, races tend to cling to each other and a majority of this university is white. But this year, Biola University is starting programs to increase diversity such as adding new professors of diversity.


The worst thing about the school is the price. As a private school, the tuition is quite expensive, which makes it hard to even dream about attending. However, if one is serious about getting a good education and making friends that will last a lifetime, the struggle to pay for it is well worth it. From experience, I can say that it is not easy finding money to pay for tuition and other costs, but it is the best investment I have ever made, because I am preparing for my future here.


The worst thing about Biola University is the cost. The education is spectacular and the people are amazing, but even still, with the economy the way it is the price is just way to high. I would definitely encourage a person seeking to find their passion in life to come to this school, but sometimes that is impossible when the price is so high.


Because my campus is a very studious campus, it tends to be fairly quiet. So the worst part about my school is that the weekends are quiet because people are studying in their rooms or go home to study, but the students still go outside of the campus and find fun things to do!


Honestly, So far the only thing I can think of is that its very dificult to find parking. It seems like nomatter what time I get on campus it really difficult to find parking. UCF is accomadting are in the process of building more parking lots.


I would say the fact that the campus is landlocked. There's not much space to expand. We have to keep building in the 95 acres that we have or build up. That is going to get pretty tough, because the school is growing leaps and bounds.


The worst thing about Biola, if any, would be buying your books there, they are expensive!!


The worst thing about this school is how expensive it is. However, they do give out financial aid. God provides.


The price, it is quite a lot, even though I'm working through school sometimes it still isn't enough.


I adore Biola, but sadly, the tuition is extremely expensive. For my freshman year, I have already taken out quite a few loans, even though I won a few scholarships and worked all summer. My parents and I are under constant strain looking for ways to lessen college expenses or receive scholarships. I have an on-campus cleaning job at Biola to help pay for school, which leaves me with less time to do my homework. I manage by organizing my schedule better and remaining focused on what I need to get done. Biola is wonderful, but too expensive.


The worst thing about my College is that there isn't much minorities displayed at my school. So I would like to see more minorities able to attend Biola.


The financial cost because not only is it a struggle for me, but there are several people, some of whom i personally know, that won't be attending this coming spring semester of 2010 because they basically can't afford it. It costs an average student about $37,000 for the whole year. It's ridiculous... but i hope to continue to attend because Biola offers one of the top educations in the Biblical department with many renown professors; J.P. Moreland to name just one of them.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. Although I love my college and just about everything about it, it is very expensive. Tuition is close to $30,000 a year. The price of my university makes it hard for my family and I to make ends meet. Because of the price, I am not sure if I will be able to go through all four years of college at Biola.


The worst thing about Biola University is what is called the Biola Bubble. It is true that lifelong friendships will be made, but several people here seem to be inside this bubble. One way is the clicks that are formed. People form tight bonds here but at times can be very exclusive to new comers. Everyone seems to get at least a dozen smiles in a day, but passes to join these clicks seem to be rare. The bubble also restricts many people from seeing what the world is really like at times.


The worst thing I have personally encountered at Biola is the high cost of tuition. Being a private university, it is understanding that the necessary money has to come from somewhere. However, especially in these economically trying times, I do regret that the weight of this burden falls on the students, many of whom are, due merely to age, illequipped to fund themselves.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the lack of racial awareness that seems to be present in most of the students. I took a class this last semester that really opened my eyes to the issue, and I believe that more students should be made aware of what is going on in America concerning this issue. It's important, and not something that shoudl be ignored. Ignoring, or not having an opinion feeds the problem, rather than facing it and working towards reconciling it.


The cost of Biola University makes life difficult sometimes. My parents and I have to work pretty hard to pay the bills for me to attend school down in the L.A area.


The one thing about Biola that could be improved is the quality of some of the older buildings but many of them are scheduled to be renovated or rebuilt in the near future. There are also plenty of high quality facilities.


Old classroom buildings and dorm buildings


Although Biola University offers many majors, there are not many out-of-the-box or exuberantly varied selections. This can be mostly accounted for due to Biola's size. However, compared to many other state universites, Biola's selection for majors is somewhat basic and small.


Worst thing about our school is the one food company that runs all the food, there is no diversity.


Location, tutition, and lack of research/money put into the science departments.


the limited diversity among campus;


I am frustrated sometimes by the overwhelming amount of "conservativism" on our campus. Being a Christian university, there should be a level of being conservative. But in a political and social sense, I get frustrated a lot with the uber republicans who have blind faith and blind political beliefs. Some of those students just believe what they believe because it is what their parents believed. It's not so much ignorance... mostly unwillingness to see other sides (narrow minded).


Financial Aid is based on the FAFSA and if a certain family has significant financial need, which is totally fine. But ALSO, extra school-funded scholarships are only available to students who qualify for financial aid through their FAFSA. I am in the middle ground where I don't qualify for financial aid, but cannot afford school, and so none of these extra scholarships are available to me other than the academic one I already have.


I love my school, but the cost to attend a private Christian University when you come from a lower working class family is overwhelming to even think about. I have appreciated my education at this school, but I truly wished I didn't have as many loans to pay off after graduation. So in short I wished it didn't have to cost almost $30,000 dollars to attend Biola--even though it is worth it.


The worst thing about my school is probably the administrative disorganization. It can be frustrating, but if you stick with it, you will make it through.


It can be a little one-dimensional. People tend to come from similar backgrounds.


Some of the facilities were being updated while I was there, so a lot of construction. I worked very hard, being in the film department, on projects, 2-4 a semester. I wish I had had more time for study abroad/internships while I was attending Biola.


The city it's located in isn't a conventional place for a college. It has everything you need, but there isn't a lot of entertainment in the direct vicinity. However, there are a lot of interesting surrounding cities in the greater LA area (Orange, Huntington, Brea, etc).


Too conservative with things like dancing, alcohol use, and open hours. It's overly-restricting.


ltoo many restrictions on social life as welll as changing social environment.