Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bloomsburg University has a beautiful campus, kind students and professors, and a caring environment.


Bloomsburg is a fun community to grow and learn in.


Just for me.


How I would describe my school is it is educational based. For example, our main goal is to make sure that when our students graduate, they can have a degree and be educated. I also wouuld say it is like having family here because when you don't believe in yourself, your friends and mainly your teachers will believe in you. In addition I would describe it as being an encouraging school because, they influence you to be all you can be. Also they encourage you to take what you can for advantage if it is going to benefit you.


There is a wide range of cultural diversity at this school for where it is located, which is helpful in the real world after graduation.


Bloomsburg University is extremely fun, safe, and laid-back.


My school is an amazing place that provides excellent opportunities to discover who and what you are and want to be.


Bloomsburg University is an equal opportunity school that focuses on the success of its students and prepares each one to become exactly what they always dreamed of doing.


Bloomsburg University has a diverse student community in which anyone has the potential to suceed.


Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is the perfect school for me, the classes are just the right size and the professors are there when you need them. Everyone that I have encountered have been the most sincere, intelligent people that I have met. I feel very safe and secure at Bloomsburg and would not like to transfer to any other school.


comforting place with an outstanding community


My school was a challenge. I had to juggle school and two jobs inorder to get through my first year. I was 4 hours away from home in a new state with no transportation. The only time I saw my family was on major holidays, while my roommates saw theirs every weekend. Along with going to school, I had to pay for school. But I didn't let the challenge stop me. I worked, studied, and participated in every activity I could to get through it. In the end it made me a better person.


Bloomsburg is not to big or to small, but it's just the right size for me.


Bloomsburg is not a large school, but they offer a lot in the academic and social aspects of college. However, it is known as a party school so if you cannot balance a social life and your academics, you may have a hard time.


They provide so many opportunites to learn and grow, if cannot find a place to feel comfortable and make friends then you must just be sitting in your room all day.


Bloomsburg University makes me feel at home with it's comforting atmosphere and the people residing there are very congenial.


Socially and ethic behind when it comes to other shools.


Bloomsburg is a beautiful campus, full of friendly people.


bloomsburg is a fun school to go to,there are alot of activities that you can be apart of and you can be actively involved with student life and still be able to maintain good grades .


It is a fun school where I learned a lot and met great friends.


medium sized state school in a rural out-of-touch town with okay sports and academics.


most students who go here do not take school seriously and just party all the time.


Bloomsburg University has a friendly environment with a lot of professors willing to help students towards future career success.


Bloomsburg is a campus in a park, with knowledgable professors and a small student body, that likes to partake in the fraternity/sorority scene.


Bloomsburg is Interesting.