Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diversity and inclusion are two major parts of Bloomsburg University. Our students come from all different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, walks of life, etc. Everyone for the most part is super nice.


My classmates at Bloomsburg are easy to talk with as well as easy to get along with.


They are typical adults and teenagers.


People in my classes are very studious but also very relatable.


My classmates at Bloomsburg University are caring, kind people. They help out when needed and are always looking out for you. They are a diverse crowd, all coming from different backgrounds, but are truely awesome.


Everyone at Bloomsburg is very welcoming. I am not a very outgoing person myself, but I met so many nice people and felt like I fit in right away. I feel like everyone who goes to Bloom absolutly loves it there and wouldnt be happier at any other place! I love being there, and when I am home, I am always wishing I am back at school.


Most classmates are the next door type student and 9/10 usually friendly.


My classmates are a diverse group of individuals who are inspired to achieve, such as myself.


I would describe my classmates a large group of diverse individuals, ranging in age, race, religion, and gender.


As I walk down the sidewalks of Bloomsburg University, I realize that it is a melting pot and is home to a diverse population of students who all have a common goal of education.


The majority of my classmates are smart, polite, helpful and quick to help others, as well as myself.


My classmates are loud, party people that still achieve good grades.


Very focused on school work and excited to learn.


The classmastes are divided evenly between students specifically going to school for athletic purposes, students that try very hard to improve their academics, and other who care less about school then they do partying.


I'm only a second semester freshmen, but I would describe my classmates as middle class Americans who are pursing a higher education, but many of whom are getting caught up in the party scene.


My fellow classmates at Bloomsburg University very easy to approach and helpful. For example, I don't necessarliy have to be good friends with someone in one of my classes in order to recieve help or advice. However, it's very easy to make new friends. The students are always open to be friendly and helpful. I've never really felt nervous or pressured when talking to fellow classmates.


My fellow classmates are all very friendly. kind, and caring. They are all willing to help someone who is having trouble in the class. In a way we are all like one big family.


Most take the work seriously, though in gen eds there will always be those who only want a passing grade to fill a requirement.


All the students on, whether my classmates or not, seem friendly and approachable.


My classmates are very eagerly helpful, understanding, studious, friendly and outgoing students.


It depends on your field of study because there are different personalities for different majors. Many students are average and work hard for their degree. There are students who only come to this college to party, which is really sad and upsetting to others if they received financial aid. Overall, most students are enthusiastic about their pursuing their degree and that is the attitude every single person attending college should have from day one.


Most of my classmates are friendly an helpful.


Liberal social workers who all want to change the world in one way or another


foscused and got their work done for the most part, but most students only did what was necessary and not above and beyond


My classmates are crazy, fun, helpful, hardworking and great friends.


My classmates are generally accepting of diverse viewpoints, and generally respectful of professors and other students even in difficult circumstances, which is a dramatic change from high school.


Most are motivated to do the work needed and are enthusiastic about the classes that directly relate to their major.


My classmates are personable and willing to help.


A University with somewhat focused students, depending on their major, who like to party often.