Blue Mountain College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be the dorms. They are really small and you have to share the bathrooms with 3 other girls. Also in the bathrooms they are no lights in the toliet area and there are no lights in the closet.


Blue Mountain is a wonderful school but like every school it has it's flaws. Location is many people's priorities. Blue Mountain is a very small community. If a small community is not for you, then this school is not for you. It is however about an hour and twenty minutes to Memphis, TN. Tupelo, MS is about 45 minutes away and New Albany, MS is about 20 minutes away. Location is what I consider the worse thing about this college.


The worst thing about BLUE MOUNTAIN COLLEGE is that the facilities are old. The school is very religious and legendary. It was established in 1873. Some of the buildings are run-down and need attendtion. More attention needs to be on the students needs than the look of the campus. Recently they put in a waterfall in front of the Admininstration Building. We need a paved parking lot for commuting students. We need bigger desks in the Administration Building for students who are not the "norm". We also need mirrors in the gym for Martial Arts.