Bob Jones University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


My way around.


Before coming to school I wish that I had know the format in which college classes are set up. It is completely different from high school classes. The notes and study time is a lot more in college than in high school, and I wish I were better prepared.


It would have been nice to know that it rains very much and is frequently windy. I definitely would have brougth some warmer clothes seeing as you do a lot of walking across campus throughout the day.


How bad the food was and how strict the religious programs and dress codes are.


I wish I would have known how hard the classes were before I came. Most of the time I am either working or doing school work. I wish I would have known how hectic college life could be.


I wish I would of known how important it was too learn in high school rather than just focus on getting good grades.


The students are not very accepting of ideas and opinions that differ from thier own. Many of the students I know still hold onto the standards placed on them by their parents and do not know how to think for themselves. It is very difficult to get involved in any kind of music programs because of the cliques.


How much of an understatemtent "spiritually and academically challenging" was.


How to manage my time extremely well!