Boston College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very prestigious, very academic, very friendly and social, very complicated.


The teachers at Boston College are very intelligent and enthusiastic about their subject of study and the campus itself is beautiful.


BC has fantastic academics and terrible administration.


Just kidding, though we do have a lot of gothic architecture and a silent library [Bapst Library] that people call the Hogwarts library. its a really beautiful campus with tons of landscaping and its kept in very good condition. The beauty of the campus is one of the reasons I chose BC; that may seem odd to say at first, but college is your home for four years and wouldnt you wanna live someplace that looks nice? The main campus is pretty compact so classroom buildings are generally close together. We also have some historic buildings like the Cardinal's former residence on Brighton Campus. It is huge and gorgeous and is currently being converted into either residence halls or academic buildings as part of the BC 10 year pan that began last year. Our most iconic building which you'll see on all the broucheres, and anywhere on campus, is Gasson hall, which has arches that constitutes the Heights.


a great experience to learn in my field of study and get practical experience. great place to make new friends.


School spirit to the maximum.




Boston College is very uniform and content.


Boston College is the perfect school for someone looking for a great balance between a rigorous academic curriculum and a lively social environment located just outside of the city of Boston.


Upper Campus is divided into two areas. The first is the freshman living area with dorms Gonzaga, Fitzpatrick, Shaw (a special program house), Medeiros (honor's housing), Clavier, Loyola, Xavier. Students, not living in singles, share a dorm room with one, two, or three other students on a floor with 20-30 boys or girls all sharing one large bathroom per wing. Most rooms have the same layout of two beds, two desks, two dressers, and two closet nooks.


College campus in a residential setting with lots and lots of students.


"Men and Women for Others" That is our slogan here at BC for the pursuit of excellence both in and out of the classroom.


The combination of academics, school spirit, the social scene and the location so close to the city of Boston makes this a great school to attend.


BC is an incredible school focused not just on academic learning, but on discovering each student's vocation, that is, how each person can use his or her gifts and passions to make the world a better place.


Boston College is a place that changes students lives for the better.


BC has a strong sense of community and a work hard, play hard environment.


Boston College is great if you want a spirited, campus-based school, with the option of a city at your fingertips.


Very generous and attentive, but sometimes closed-minded


Boston College is the greatest place to go to college.


A rather un-diverse place, very focused on academics and very into the school sports with the social scene based around the local bars, the mod lot, and community service.


Follow a senior walking from a senior dorm up towards middle campus.


The Quad is known to be one of the prettiest spots on campus.