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The Jesuit tradition instilled in BC really gives the University a strong moral and faithbased foothold that challenges students to grow as a person, not just a student. It allows for a deeper relationship with friends, faculty, and family.


The school has an extremely strong sense of community and social justice, especially when it comes to working in the local community. Even if you don't agree with many of the things the administration or Catholic Church do, you still feel like you're part of the school community and you can find your place if you try to.


Though Boston College is very expensive, it offers decent financial aid packages, which aren't too difficult to complete. The student body is very involved in the sports on campus and the campus is beautiful. The student body overall is very smart and motivated.


College isn't just about being in the classroom, as most students know. This didn't really hit me until my first year at Boston College where I saw so many clubs and groups staying active on campus. From Young Democrats and Young Republicans to dance groups like Fuego del Corazon and UpRising, BC has it all. BC is unique in that new clubs and groups have the ability to kick out the veterans--something I'd never thought possible. The groups' spirits and energy made walking on campus fun, interesting, and different every day.


besides what people say: its diverse. people are great. not everyone drinks. social life is great. religion is not shoved down anyones throat. its a gorgeous campus. food is better than decent. yes its expensive, but if you take advantage of the free stuff and handouts (that technically your tuitions paying for) you will get your moneys worth. everyone can find their own niche here. i. love. it. here. thats the best advertising i can give for the school i love, that i love it.


Boston College has the unique ability to maximize each and every student's potential. The core classes develop a balance in the way students think. Philosophy, history, foreign language, theology, social science and natural science classes will create a well-rounded schedule, as well as many different views of the world. Being able to see matters from multiple points of view is infinitely valuable - and Boston College helps students realize this. Many top students go through the motions in their variety of high school classes, but at Boston College they will apply their knowledge in various fields.


Boston College is a diverse, Jesuit community where each and every student is a leader in the classroom, on the field, or in their hometown. In regard to strictly the physical location of the campus, Boston College is located in a suburbian Chestnut Hill, MA, just minutes from a plethora of opportunities and forms of entertainment in the world's most passionate city. Ironically, BC is neither a college (it is a university), nor is it in the city of Boston, and there is no other school like that.


I really thought BC was a perfect fit for me and I am very grateful that I learned a lot about it before I made my decision. Make sure you think that BC will be that great fit for you too. All the people that I ever talked to who said they chose BC because it was the best academic program but didn't consider the campus culture eventually transferred. It is definitely about important to know both.


If I could do my 4 years again, I would in a HEARTBEAT. We Are BC!


Boston College is a great size that offers great opportunities for students to interact with faculty. The campus is extremely safe as is the neighborhood.


Boston College is a really nice small school yet at the same time has all of the excitement of a large school. We have amazing school spirit and great sports teams that are always fun to watch. Combined with this, we have a small school vibe where you can meet a lot of people and reconize them around campus. It's not too big and not too small. The campus is also beautiful and located in a perfect area. You can escape into the suburbs for some peace and quite and then take the T into Boston and have fun.


First and foremost, Boston College has amazing volunteer groups and other service based organizations on campus. The campus life caters to religious students, but many students are not practicing. The professors at BC are more than helpful and are interested in forming real relationships with their students.


Boston College has both a strong academic history as well as a good, Division I athletic program. Attending football, hockey and basketball games is amazing and always a good distraction from my studies. Honestly some of my best memories are from sporting events because they are fun and stress free.


My school is unique in that it is an expensive school, but it is need-based and is actually very accurate in determining family contributions. It is also unique because there are plenty of resources that are not highly publicized, but they are there, and are less competitive. You just have to look for them on your own.


Boston College is unique in many aspects. First, the students there, though from diverse and international backgrounds, are extremely friendly. Academically, the courses here are challenging but satisfying. If one needs help, Boston College offers a variety of tutoring services on campus. Sports also permeate the environment here - if you are not a football or hockey fan now, you will probably become one here! Finally, extracurricular activities, particularly volunteer work, are strongly emphasized; the myriad of clubs and organizations that volunteer in Boston, as well as regular retreats for the working student, help maintain the moral aspect of this university.


I am a sophomore here currently (spring 2009), and having a great time as I found some solid friends and that I feel are a great fit for me. However, there are so many things about this school that suck, I would never recommend it to anyone else (except my enemies... or cute girls). Here's the list: 1. While I feel like it is a stereotype that college food is bad, I feel like BC goes below and beyond when it comes to food quality, and the dining service in general. You will be charged roughly $1250 at the beginning of each semester and this money will be converted into dining bucks, which are accepted at all dining halls on campus. This works well. For all intensive purposes, you can think of the residential dining bucks as monopoly money, because you've already spent the actual cash. However, the food is of EXTREMELY low quality. The meat especially looks like a blind thirteen year old was in charge of finding the best cut. Basically, this leads to any attempts at fine dining, which BC seems to pride itself on, being shot down. They can make a mean cheeseburger, but their attempts at gourmet meals (this can be a huge portion of the available dinner options) are decidedly terrible most of the time. There is not enough seating at any dining hall at peak meal time. God forbid if you want to eat at hillside (perhaps the classiest of the dining halls) at lunch time; you have better luck finding money (I'm talking bills) on the ground then you do of finding a table in hillside sometimes. I'm writing way more about this than I originally intended but to summarize: the food is bad (compared to food that I've eaten in high school, and at other colleges I've visited/have friends at), the stuff is pricey (despite the lack of quality), there aren't a lot of places to sit, the food is the same every fucking day, or at least repeats on a weekly basis, except for dinners, which are in my opinion usually the worst meal of the day served at BC. I could go on about this forever, so I'll stop so people might actually read the whole review. 2. I spoke about this above, but the parties are not nearly near their potential. It's very easy to find a party that is playing music, serving free beer, and has a ruit table, but if you're looking for more than that, go elsewhere. Just not a lot of big venues for parties, and every person I've spoke to who transferred here informs me that the parties do in fact suck. 3. You pay a fuck ton of money to come here. When looking for positive things about this school to validate paying so much, you'll say: oh, look at the pretty buildings! making the campus look really nice is like a giant tarpit that BC plows our money into. BC also has needs-blind admission, so some students get a free ride that can't afford it and are as smart as everyone else. this is one point in BC's favor. I don't know where the rest of the money goes, maybe they donate it, because they sure as hell aren't paying for more on-campus housing or dining halls or better food or a million other things. God, if I knew how much money they sunk into our campus I would probably cry. It's a very intangible thing, no utility whatsoever. 4. You have a 1/3 chance of getting stuck on Newton Campus freshmen year. I had the honor of living there, and didn't mind it too much, but the fact that they have to stick 800 kids a 10 minute bus ride (2-2.5 miles or so) away from campus is ridiculous. BUILD ONE MORE FUCKING DORM. Then your sophomore year, you have a 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} chance of getting stuck on college road. College road is basically like the housing that the lucky 2/3 of the freshmen class gets... except it's a little closer and some of the buildings are less nice. Co. Ro. is only good for smoking weed in your dorm room (I've tested this out extensively, for you, the potential applicant), or having loud parties because none of the RA's on Co Ro give a fuck. Then your junior year you'll probably live off campus, because you'll be so tired with getting screwed through the on-campus housing lottery. You will get no favoritism for having lived on Newton freshmen year, despite the fact that is quite arguably a worse experience than Upper (where the lucky 2/3 of the freshmen class live). Getting screwed twice by BC with housing sincerely pisses me off. I will stop ranting about it now. 5. I don't really know what else to say. I feel like I usually have more things to gripe about than I do now. It's probably because I've been writing for like an hour. I originally intended this review to be a forum for me to vent my frustrations about BC, but I'm being sincere with all I've written, and I urge any applicant to BC to read what I've written.


lot of spirit


I think our community's level of school spirit is unique.


The campus, faculty, staff, and student body all combined make a student feel like part of a family.


We are the only college in the north that is a part of the ACC, we are near a city (Boston) but still have a campus-feel, and there is a lot tradition on campus


Boston College has the extreme luxury and unique blend of being a relatively intimate small-scale suburban campus nestled right next to a major city. While I won't comment on the state of Boston's public transportation, culturally significant, fun, and interesting things were always a reasonable bus/T ride away.


It's in a beautiful neighborhood, close to the city of Boston, and has a great academic reputation.


A unique mix of opposites where conflict and flux dominate -- an ideal situation for education.


There is no greek life, yet the school is very social. The lack of fraternities and sororities lends to a more unified, less segregated social atmosphere that I love.


it has a good academic record as is very well respected.


Great school spirit with plenty of extracurricular activites. The school boasts great cultural and ethnic diversity and there is plenty to do on the weekends. The class load is also very engaging.


I had a great freshman year at BC and lucked out on housing for next year. I enjoy BC and find the academics very challenging but doable. The girls are extremely good looking here, and a lot of pompous guys can be a pain in the...neck. There are some great people at BC, however, and I am glad i came here and would never transfer.




BC is just beginning its 10 year plan and the campus will look entirely different when it's completed. But during the process construction promises to be a large nuisance.


Being part of the Stixs has elevated my time here at BC from being great to...I don't know what's more than great. Epic? That sounds too dramatic...but it might be accurate.


I honestly believe that you would be hard pressed to find a better overall opportunity than Boston College. If you're smart enough to get in, and you love the college atmosphere with the city right down the road, you cannot go wrong here. If you are a normal, warm-blooded human being, and you leave Boston College with regret or remorse, it's your own damn fault! Go to a Red Sox game, or a Beanpot hockey game downtown...take a weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard. Drink with your roommates until the sun comes up. Cut class and play mud football in the fall. Go watch the rowing team on the Charles River. Start drinking at an afternoon baseball game, then head directly to Roggies Happy Hour. Opportunities are endless.


The eating arrangements on campus are very sub-par. The facilities are not large enough and there is not enough variety in the food. If you are going to give stores around the campus a 5 year waiting period to get Eagle bucks for students, then you sure as hell should have a better grocery selection in the dinning hall. Also consider lowering your BC taxes on food, thats outrageous.


The BC Administration has been cracking down on off-campus parties because the residents around the campus keep denying their expansion plans. The residents, for some reason, think that college neighborhoods should be quaint, quiet places and they wont hesitate to call the school or the Boston Police if there is a party.


I think I've covered most things already.


Honestly, this place is overrated. It certainly does not deserve its reputation, as the academics are not very challenging and facilities (with the exception of O'Neill Library) are outdated. I don't understand why we have $35-40 million worth of manuscripts and books at the Burn's Library, yet they still feel the need to charge so much for tuition. The student body is, for the most part, snobbish and overprivileged brats. Chestnut Hill is, without question, the single most boring town in the United States, and Boston is overrated in terms of it being a "party city." My advice to prospective students: Save your parent's money and go to a good state school. If money is not an issue, I would suggest either Villanova or Providence as alternatives. Things actually happen at those schools, and the students (especially at Providence) are more blue collar and it's much easier to have a good time.


The people that are attracted to BC are people that did tons of things in high school. Everyone was very involved and loved to be involved not just to put it on a college application. I think this is important to BC in that it dictates the way that the students came into the school and I think that they are able to carry that throughout their experience.


The meal plan sucks. Watch out for that.


The BC ND rivalry, is HUGE here. We are playing them in football for only 3 more years, and as of right now BC is up in the series 1-0.... BC is by far the more fun and better school, its jsut as good academically speaking, better sport programs, and we are not in the middle of no where, I belileve anyone would take the city of Boston over Southbend. Bottom Line the "Holy War" is over, BC won that one.


please bring back the PB+J station in Eagle's Nest.


Given the chance of doing college again, I would pay much less for a school that has slightly less renowned academics. If I were interviewing someone for a job and I knew they went to BC, I would be hesitant to hire them. I would not like my children to go here.


People are too damned lazy to come to concerts or support music.


BC's popularity has been on the rise steadily for the last few years, with roughly 30,000 applicants vying for 2,500 or so admittances this past year. Yet despite having the academic competency (and more) to support such low acceptance ratios, it is still not garnishing enough attention as a top-tier school. It's time this changes.




ive enjoyed my experience at bc. ive definitely grown as a person because i came here, and i wouldn't trade it for any other experience.


Boston College, for me is amazing. Yeah sometimes it sucks but what school doesn't. I literally walk outside and think that I go to the most beautiful school in America (biased but whatever). The dorms are good. The food is decent (although fries and pizza gets annoying after a while). The professors (thus far) are helpful. Best of all THERE ARE A REDICULOUS AMOUNT OF RESOURCES ON CAMPUS. Go to the Career Center as soon as you get here. The amount of help you can get is amazing. The libraries are great for research (except no books for reading for pleasure... which I don't understand). But yeah. GO BC!!!!!!!!!!! Best stop on the Green Line. (The only thing that kind of sucks is that public transportation aka the "t" stops at like 1 AM. But that's a Boston thing not Chestnut Hill thing so don't let that stop you from coming here).


We are BC. Boston College is awesome and I absolutely love it. The perfect school for me. I will be sad to leave this May, but look forward to returning for football games and reunions for the rest of my life!!!


BC, like many universities, may take a bit of time getting used to (just the college life in general), but definitely give it time. I was not a huge fan at first, but have since come to meet a vast array of incredible people, and learn so much in fields that are of extreme interest to me that I wouldn't go back and change my decision at all.


I think BC is an excellent school, and I could not picture myself anywhere else. That being said, I know BC has some problems that I would like to see improved. But I would challenge anyone to find a school where students or faculty members aren't upset about something.