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Boston College

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Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


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Just kidding, though we do have a lot of gothic architecture and a silent library [Bapst Library] that people call the Hogwarts library. its a really beautiful campus with tons of landscaping and its kept in very good condition. The beauty of the campus is one of the reasons I chose BC; that may seem odd to say at first, but college is your home for four years and wouldnt you wanna live someplace that looks nice? The main campus is pretty compact so classroom buildings are generally close together. We also have some historic buildings like the Cardinal's former residence on Brighton Campus. It is huge and gorgeous and is currently being converted into either residence halls or academic buildings as part of the BC 10 year pan that began last year. Our most iconic building which you'll see on all the broucheres, and anywhere on campus, is Gasson hall, which has arches that constitutes the Heights.

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