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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Some popular activities on campus are usually centered around sports, as many students often attend sports games. However, there are other activities on campus, such as acapella groups, music groups, theatre clubs, and much more.


BC has about 200 student organizations and there are a lot of different types but I think one of the most popular are the service organization. Obviously students participate in a lot of intramural sports but service is a huge component of extracurricular. We have Appalachia Volunteers which send about 600 students down to the Appalachian region every year during spring break to build houses for Habitat for Humanity and to work in the communities. There are more than 30 service trip programs which sends students to different countries during winter break, summer and spring break to immerse them in a different country. There is over 1000 4boston volunteers, 100 of Loyola volunteers just to name a few of the popular service organization at BC. It is difficult at BC to not volunteer at least once when you're at BC for 4 years. The AHANA community (minority students) is also extremely active on campus and I think show the most presence through the cultural clubs, everyone knows that cultural clubs are pretty intense at BC, especially if you're on an E-board. Besides these popular extracurricular activities, students really take advantage of our location close to Boston. People take weekend trips to the commons and the MFA regularly and we even have shuttles that take students there sometimes. We have a program called "BC to Boston" that provide cheap tickets to shows like Blueman group and the Nutcraker. However, on football weekends, most students are tailgating and weekend nights are often filled with parties and drinking. It's hard to find a quiet spot on campus besides maybe a freshman dorm.


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As a Division I school, athletics are very popular at Boston College. Many students are avid sports fans, and I knew quite a few people who participated in intramural or recreational sports. Many arts-based organizations are active on campus as well, including dance groups, a cappella groups, and theatrical groups. Every spring, BC hosts its annual Arts Festival, a three-day event during which various student groups perform on a stage in the middle of the campus plaza. This was always one of my favorite events. There are also a variety of other student activities at BC, including religious groups and service clubs, though these seemed to attract less attention.


tons of clubs. tons of athletics. tons of things to be an audience member of as well as an active member. tons of service. TONS upon TONS of stuff to do in boston and at surrounding colleges. dont let cultural or religious stuff scare you away, for example, sign up for a retreat called kairos-best experience at BC i have had hands down. its run through campus ministry, which scared me a little at first but if you believe in any kind of faith, structured or not---if you believe in anything---DONT ASK QUESTIONS GO ON THIS RETREAT. its so popular theres a lottery to get in so the earier you sign up the better.


There is probably a club for anything you could want. There are clubs for every hobby and sport. You can also get involved in lots of groups if you are passionate about a certain political or social cause. Students often meet their friends through their dorm situations, through classes, or while partying. I met my friends through a mixture of all three. Freshman year really put everyone on top of one another so that we could bond however worked best for each of us. I continued living with my freshman roommate throughout all four years and we are still in touch. The other people I lived near freshman year became my other roommates and it all grew from there. Partying is a big part of campus life at BC. We all work very hard during the week and we all want to unwind by Friday night. Partying is usually only on the weekends, but by senior year the definition of weekend may blur into Thursday or Monday. Once you have been at BC for a month, you will inevitably know someone who is having a party every Friday and Saturday night. Although we don't have a greek culture, I think that allows us to branch out more often and interact with more fun and interesting people. If you don't drink, life is still fun. I had friends who never drank at BC and still joined us at every event that we went to. Nobody should feel pressure to drink if they don't want to and most people respect someone else's decision.


Here's a look at what Commonwealth Avenue looks like on Marathon Monday! The city shuts down, and students and families from the surrounding area gather to cheer on the hoards of runners that pass by all afternoon. If you get out there early enough, you can see some of the fastest runners in the world, and then stay to cheer on your friends! Did I mention it's another excuse for students to tail-gate all day?


Party scene is decent if you know someone or if you are female. If you are an average male, you will have a very difficult time finding fun parties to go to freshmen year, unless you know people. This was not so much a problem for me, but I still think the parties here are not what they could be. I have been to on campus frat parties at other schools, that people can attend every weekend (to the point where they get bored of them) that are much better than most BC parties. Unless you want things to be ridiculously crowded and hot, you are not fitting more than fifty (this is generous) people into any on-campus party at BC.


A clip from one of the dances at DOBC's spring show.


The DOBC (Dance Organization at Boston College) perform yearly for students, faculty and family. This is a clip of their intro piece.


Like I mentioned before, if you can't find anything here to get involved in (which is probably very rare as there's a club or sports group for absolutely everything) you can start your own. A lot of the students are involved in intramurals, club or varsity sports and going to sporting events is always a lot of fun here. The weekend usually starts on Thursday night and goes heavy til Sunday, especially during football season when tailgating starts several hours before and continues long after the final quarter. And because you're in Boston, St. Patrick's Day, and Marathon Monday are huge events that usually require a week of preparation and recuperation. So while there aren't any fraternities or sororities, don't underestimate our ability to still have fun. Coming from the South I thought that it was going to be a big deal not having that apart of campus life, but I have found that I almost prefer not having them around as it creates a more welcoming and open door policy with parties and such. For those who don't drink, don't fear-there's still plenty to do. There's always some kind of dance performance, student theatre show, or club event to attend. Traditions aren't huge here but there are a few, especially during graduation time that are amazing like Senior week (a week of festivities before graduation), Mod Stock (a concert on campus the last day of classes), and tailgating (football is huge!). You can always expect a fall and spring concert/comedy show thrown together by our undergraduate government program, who have brought Will Farrel, Kanye West, and Third Eye Blind to name a few. During holidays a majority of the students either go home, or find comfort with an "adoptive family" for a couple of nights as most parents tend to expect their kids to bring home any stragglers left behind. If you make it into the programs (which proves to be harder than BC says it will be), the school offers volunteer trips every break to different parts of Central America and in the United States that rumor to be amazing and life-changing experiences. All in all, BC offers a well-rounded experience for their students, and is a great place to spend four years.


There are so many activities to keep you busy. Very few international oriented ones ofcourse.


BC is able to attract a wide range of guest speakers, many of whom are well know throughout the country. these events are always packed with students. athletic events are equally as important to students--and its doesnt hurt that BC has amazing teams (hockey, football, basketball...) these events are always a good time. there is always something going on at BC....parties are common on and off campus and drinking is always involved. but whats great about BC is that if that sort of culture doesnt fit you, there are so many ways to get away from that scene because of the schools location.


Sports teams are great to watch, Basketball is up and down but everyone watches football and hockey. Students always leave dorm doors open. My closest friends are kids i met on freshman dorm floor or through orientation. on a 2AM tuesday, I'm finishing up homework I left for 1AM, due the next day and my room mates are watching TV or playing video games. Some people party every night, and fail classes. Others study every night, and go to bed at 9PM. everyone goes out on weekends. There are NO frats and NO sororities. Last weekend was summer, i didn't do anything. Last weekend at BC was finals, so I studied. The weekend before that I visited my friend who has an off-campus apartment and had a grand time! Saturday nights involve drinking. Off campus has parties at various places in Brighton, or one could visit other colleges in the surrounding area of which there are thousands.


Dance groups are really popular for girls and guys alike. Newton campus, despite rumors, is an amazing place to live. You are forced to make friends as freshman because you are all isolated on a separate campus, but these will be your best friends for life. Dating is scarce, hook ups are popular which is not always a good thing. People always complain about the lack of dating, so it's wanted but no one knows how to do that anymore. Not having fraternities and sororities is amazing. There's no need for that added pressure and cliquiness, there's enough partying on and off campus that you don't need a frat row to go to. There are a lot of speakers, theater shows, music performances and places to go in Boston that you don't have to party. Boston is tough with IDs so just wait until you're 21 to go bar hopping, try the mods instead, but beware of BCPD on game days and holidays.


no frats/sorts, though there really should be, the student body would be all over it. of course theres a lot of drinking. people generally party thursday friday saturday, unless its a special occassion (like a football game). first few weeks of each semester (before add/drop period ends) people drink and party every night. if you dont drink, there are activities, though they are few and lame. there are quite a few people that dont drink, mostly the quiet, shy, religious, and asian types. drugs are not commonly used on campus, though coke is becoming (a little) more popular -its still shitty coke though. theres weed of course, but id say only 35{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} indulge at all, and maybe 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} at all regularly (ie outside of party smoking). Boston is right there though, so you can find what you want if you try. students do not leave the doors to their dorms open -are you crazy? the RAs are bitches about alcohol use (especially in freshman dorms).


The Bc scene revolves around athletics and partying. Students party to go to athletic events and then party after to celebrate. Athletics, however, creates a huge sense of community and pride amongst the BC student body. Unfortunately, due to the huge party scene, the dating culture at BC is nonexistent. Students get drunk and hook up, and occasionally it might turn into a friends with benefits thing, but it is very rare to find many couples at the school.


There are tons of clubs and activities on campus- a bunch of club and intramural sports, and a club for any interest/hobby you might have. Most kids here are athletic and play sports-I played IM hockey, which you actually get to play on the Conte Forum ice. Besides a sport, I'd definitely recommend joining at least one club on Student Activities Day. As for the party scene, BC is a drinking school (what school isn't nowadays) and there is definitely a ton of drinking on the weekends and before sporting events, but if you don't drink, you'll find people who don't either. The kids here are all pretty chill and leave their doors open-everybody's really friendly and open, so you're bound to find your group of friends very quickly. I'm not just saying that either, it really is mad/hella/wicked friendly and open here. Also, I had to mention one of my favorite experiences at BC: for the Boston Marathon, everyone gets up at 9, starts drinking at 10, and then line up along Commonwealth to go crazy and high five and cheer on the runners. DO NOT MISS THAT!!!


BC does not have any frats or sororities so it may be difficult for freshman to find the typical hhuge anonymous "college party" so many often drink in their dorm rooms and in doing so bond with the kids in their dorm. Students don't go out as much as I thought they would (although within certain groups they go out more) and I actually went out more in high schoool. Students really don't go to bars underage and are hesitant to use fake IDs because of Boston's reputation of being tough on IDs. But if you actually try them it's not that tough as long as you venture away from campus a little bit.


There are a lot of community service groups which are very popular, there are also a lot of racial groups, dance, art, etc. I got lucky and met most of my friends from my hall freshman year. at first people try and leave their doors open but after the first month its over. I met people in the communal bathroom, but if you have your own you wont meet many people in your hall. There are always cultural events available such as speakers, shows, athletic events. Almost everyone parties on the weekends but since there are no sororities or fraternities they are usually room parties. There is a non alcoholic option every weekend, it usually consists of board games or some kind of performance. My favorite event each year is the Arts Fest, each group on BC performs something, so you get to see what the group is like, its really enjoyable. There is a limited dating scene, one of BC's biggest problems is its hookup scene.


There are no frats or sororities at BC, so don't rely on that as a way of making friends. freshmen year a lot of people leave their doors open first semester and that is a great way to meet people. I met most of my friends because they lived within a couple of doors of me and within 24 hours of moving in, i had 8 friends that i went to everything with. the two biggest sports at BC are football and hockey. campus pretty much shuts down on saturdays with home games and the tailgating starts early and goes late. hockey games are almost every friday night during the winter, which makes it a lot easier to go to than basketball games, which are usually during the week and start later than hockey games. club and intramural sports are really popular all year round because there is such a wide varitey.


I always have fun.


For the first half of the year I was comfortable enough. I had a good group of friends from my hall and we hung out together and had good times. Drinking kind of sucks here, because first of all I feel like college life mentality is just "lets drink to get shitfaced"...and that's only entertaining for so long. Getting into the Acoustics was amazing for me. I have friends that are juniors and sophomores, and I trust them all with my life. It's kind of a cult, but like in a really good way. dating here sucks though. this school is purely a hook-up school, and no one here really dates. People party pretty frequently, although I no longer see the point of partying on "thirsty thursday". I feel like "those dumb freshman" have kind of gotten smarter as the year has progressed, although I'm merely speaking for myself. I would definitely say that the Acoustics has been my version of a fraternity and I can't believe how lucky I am to have become a part of it.


BC offers a variety of community service opportunities, but you may have to apply, which can be frustrating. There is virtually no dating scene, you are either "hooking up" or "in a relationship."


UGBC is a popular organization for ppl to try out for but not many ppl make it. IM Sports are very popular and a lot of ppl participate. Also, retreats and community service trips are fun and most of the students at BC are active in at least one.


A large part of BC's social life is focused around athletics, in terms of tailgating and getting together to watch games. Besides that, there are always things going on around campus, you just need to know where to find them. I think a lot of people find it hard freshman year to find parties and stuff like that to go to because partying in the freshman dorms can be risky and challenging, but those students who get involved in clubs and activities have a much easier time meeting upperclassmen to do things with. I am on the sailing team, and it was the perfect way to meet other students and have a social base. People don't date too much at BC, or if they do its with people from other schools. this can get pretty frustrating sometimes and it seems that everyone complains about it, yet the trend continues.


There is no greek life, but that is one of BC's strongest qualities. People are more apt to branch out and party with different groups or friends. The party scene is not as stellar as some colleges, but the Mods and athletes hold up their end of the deal with parties. Some of the best nights you can find yourself in a random Mod or other dorm room at 3am with 5 of your closest friends, 3 people you just met, and a bottle of Rubinoff Vodka with not a care in the world. The best nights are not planned in college, they just happen. Mary Ann's is by far and away the most popular bar in the area. Tuesday nights and then the weekends, you will most likely find it filled to the brim by midnight or earlier. Other bars in the area provide a change of pace, and if none of those suit your desires, then you can get all dresses up and go with your friends to one of the most interactive cities in America. Oh and by the way...Marathon Monday is without a doubt the best day of the year. Campus shuts down, along with the rest of the city, and kids are all together around the campus...usually everyone drunk by 10am. Every year for 4 years, my roomies and I have started drinking at 8am to our favorite power hour mix, and it always starts the day off right. Another fun ritual is during finals week, when the students that live in the designated Mod take an hour or so to provide a study break by stripping in the back yard. Anyone can show up...and usually about 300 people do.


I can't leave my dorm room door open because i'm scared of what wierdo's might come in. Some kids are just akward and because they are all moma's boys or daddy's girls then they never drank in high school or did anything wrong...thus they binge drink and screw things up so much here that its pathetic. Its some of the sloppiest partying i'v ever seen. I never sen so many kids throwing up in public area in my life. The academics are what drive the kids to drink so much on the weekends in order to relieve themselves. The TV channells here suck...try offering some HD stations and welcome yourself into the 21st century. School spirit as i have said before is pathetic. If you cant drink then there is nothing to do what so ever.


The sporting events are pretty popular, football is better attended than hockey or basketball. The fanbase is pretty weak for an ACC school. There are parties and a pretty good bar scene almost every night of the week, usually thursday to saturday though. There is no Greek Life. Since you are in Boston, there are a ton of non-alcohol related events for you to do, including concerts.


The community service clubs are most popular. Everyone is really encouraged to be involved in a lot of different things. There are tons of speakers and performances and there is always something to do.


There are a lot of heritage groups for the minorities at BC. I think these groups of very popular, and a great way for students to meet others of similar background. There are also a lot of singing groups of campus and a couple of comedy groups. Intermural sports are probably the most popular thing on campus because most students played some sport in high school and now have no athletic competition in college. Intermural football/basketball/soccer/volleyball/softball are all great ways to play sports in college, especially for those who aren't Division 1 athletes. I am on the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club Team. I absolutely love the team and the sport. It has been a great way for me to get involved on campus and to make friends with a lot of kids who are a lot like me. There is a big stereotype that the sport is just for hippies, but it is actually extremely competitive and demands a lot of hard work and tons of running. The majority of the team does not even smoke. Since BC has to Greek life, the frisbee team is kind of like a fraternity. We have a "Frisbee House" off campus where 8 upperclassmen on the team live and throw parties for the team. I am a senior on the team and the only one who lives in the Mods, so we have a lot of parties at my place as well. We love to play frisbee, but we also enjoy partying on weekends, and it's great to have a whole group of guys with the same interests. We have also been having more and more alumni support recently at practice and at social events. It is great to have the older members still involved with the team. On Tuesday nights, most seniors find themselves at Mary Ann's bar in Cleveland Circle. The bar closes at 2, so most of us are making our way to Roggie's for some late night pizza and hoping to catch the last bus back to campus. BC has a club called "Nights on the Heights" which hosts non-alcohol events on weekends for BC students who want to have fun without drinking. A lot of my friends from the frisbee team are involved with this program. They have had a guitar hero night, rock band night, inflatible night at the plex with sumo wrestling and human foosball, which was a lot of fun. All 5 of my roommates lived on my floor freshman year (including my "random" freshman year roommate, who is one of my best friends at BC). On the very first day of freshman year, our floor had a meeting with our RD, and he told us to look around at the 30 kids living on our floor because they would probably be some of your best friends for the rest of your life. He was right. Seniors don't really go to off campus parties because all of our parties are on campus. A lot of underclassmen and juniors attend off campus parties. Now that everyone is 21, we go out to bars around Harvard Ave during the week. Most weekends are spent going to different parties on campus.


4Boston is an extremely popular volunteer group on campus. Over 300 students volunteer for four hours a week at one of many off campus centers and then have a one hour reflection with their group. The Student Admissions Program is the most popular volunteer program. The SAP helps the admissions office with tours, answering phones, and panels for prospective students. Many students take part in club and intramural sports. The football team is the most popular varsity sport among the student body. Freshman year most people meet their friends in their dorm, in class, or in the groups or organizations that they are involved with. This does take a while and because the school is large you are constantly meeting new people. Most people here do not date, rather they hook up with random people on the weekends and move on to someone new the next night. The amount that people party depends on their schedules and their workload for the week. BC is definitely work hard to play hard. While people go out on weekend night, many people spend the weekend afternoons studying for an upcoming exam or working on an assignment. There is no Greek life so parties are in random rooms each night.


The most popular groups are hard to think of because there are so many things to be involved in and what you think of is geared towards what you personally do and what your friends do. There are a lot of people in the University Chorale and involved in different performing groups like comedy or improv. groups or a capella. There are a lot of people involved in UGBC and especially around election time people are aware of what is going on. There are a lot of club teams that people are involved in I hear about soccer and rugby and different flag football teams. The most popular teams are definitely football and then second would be hockey and basketball. Hockey games are supposed to be a lot of fun and the team is good. The group that I'm involved with is the Contemporary Theatre of Boston College. We are a student production board and each year we put on two student directed shows in the Blackbox theatre and one avan guard show, also student directed. We choose the plays, the directors and are responsible for managing finances, choosing designers, building the sets and making sure the whole thing runs smoothly. It's a great way for people to learn responsibility if they're interested in the business and really get a handle on how it all happens as well as the possible rewards and difficulties. Students in freshman dorms tend to leave their door open for around the first half of the year after that they are more closed minded. Athletic events are enormously popular I think I know two people that don't have football tickets. Guest speakers can be interesting and there are a lot so you will find one that meets your interests often. A lot of times people get busy or forget even if one previously sounded interesting. Students have to take a fine arts core and if they take intro to theatre they have to see the shows so that ups the interest. However we produce a musical each year that gets a ton of attendance from outside people. The dating scene is kind of weird. There are people that date and that is more seen later on in the college experience. More prevalent I would say is that people kind of hook up. I met my closest friends through theatre and also from living on Newton Campus freshman year. Two AM on a tuesday, if you are a senior you are coming back from Mary Anne's which is a nearby bar, if you are on campus you are either partying or doing your homework but probably not just hanging out. Well football games are their own tradition but then also there is a Christmas Tree Lighting, Marathon Monday is a great tradition where we have off for the Boston Marathon and just party all day and watch the runners and cheer for our friends, Arts Fest happens around the end of the year and all types of groups have exhibitions etc. People party a lot. I don't really know anyone that doesn't drink. There is no greek life at BC so it is not important at all. Well I am abroad right now so I celebrated Carnival in a few cities around Greece but at school I would have seen who was having a party like if any group was celebrating something and then hang out with my friends to pregame then go to the party and maybe another then end the night with my friends. You can chill in your room but it might be loud from others partying or you can go out to dinner and go into city and see what is going on there. There is some housing off campus so you can go hang out there otherwise go to bars, or go out to dinner.


A lot of people do the ski club because they go on some cool trips every year. I'm on the Ultimate Frisbee team. We're all really close, we always joke it's like being in a frat. We hang out together, take classes together, party together, vacation together, live together, it's great. The team is where I met all of my best friends here besides the people I lived with when I first got here. If I'm awake at 2 AM on a Tuesday, it's guaranteed I'm doing something with a teammate, whether it's playing a video game, watching a movie, drinking, or anything else. Football is the most popular sport, then basketball and hockey. Baseball doesn't really have a huge following, nor do many of the other sports. People party every Friday and Saturday, the people who can party on Thursday, and the people who choose to party any night they feel like it. There are no frats or sororities. Last weekend I drank with my friends. I don't know what you can do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking, go to an athletic event, go to a show, go do something in the city, decide to drink.


Im involved with Club Lacrosse and it has made my expierence at c that much better. There are tryouts for the team, and about 50 girls come out for about 8 positions, however if you make the team it is an awesome time. Football games are extremely popular. We do not have Frats or Soroities but the varisty and club team houses act as places to hold parties. I personally like that we do not have GReek life, that way no one is left out and you dont have to work or pay for friends, or should i say "sisters". Last weekend started on Thursday and went through Sunday.. Usually freshmen start off on upper and then either venture to lower our off campus where there are bigger parties. You can pretty mch do anything you want, on a saturday, the city of boston is like a 20 min T ride away, just dont take the B-line take the D.


One group that I'm involved with is the CCE, or Committee for Creative Enactments. It is an improv group on campus that puts on a murder mystery show each semester that is student written and directed by members of the club. We also do improv shows throughout the year, and always have a good time. Just about anything you want to do as an extracurricular, you can find. At the beginning of each semester, there is a student activities day, in which a lot of the clubs on campus set up tables in the quad and try and recruit new members. I met a lot of my closest friends, and my boyfriend, by joining this club.


There is no Greek life here at BC, but that does not mean people do not party. Students tend to bond during athletic events, and most clubs/organizations have a substantial memberships.


popular clubs: UGBC, AHANA group i'm involved in - salt and light is a wonderful community that has helped me adjust to bc doors open: not unless you're a freshman and it's the beginning of the year athletic events : extremely popular guest speakers: popular theater: not as popular? dating scene: could be there if you look for it, most of campus is about the hook up culture met my closest friends in my building freshman year if awake at 2am i am doing work traditions: tree lighting people party every weekend, starting on thursday frats/sororities are not prevalent, which is AWESOME last weekend was spring break but normally i would have hung out with my friends, seen a movie, did work no drinking? go into boston, see a movie what do you do off campus: go to boston, walk around, shop, get food


I'm a vocalist in BC's jazz band, BC bOp! It is an amazing group, and all of its members are extremely musically gifted and dedicated to their craft.


See Above


The most popular organizations are unfortunately the ones who throw the best parties. Students in dorms rarely leave their doors open and athletic events, as I mentioned before, are VERY MUCH optional (though our sports program is renowned for its overall success). We do nothing sober here.


Football is huge. I am on the dance team for football season, which is a ton of fun because we perform with the marching band at all the football games and events. We also travel to some away games and bowl games. Freshman leave their doors open in dorms, but after that most students have cemented their group of friends and live in suites and therefore do not really interact with the other students on their hall. There is no dating scene. Either you have dated the same person from home since middle school, you met someone freshman year that you date for all 4 years, or you just hook up with random people all throughout college. Senior year some friends begin to form relationships more though. I met my closest girl friends in nursing and my closest guy friends at a party. We stay up every weekend until around 6am "postgaming" just playing games and being crazy. When you are an underclassman, you try to find out about some random party off campus and sketchily try to get in. Junior year you hang out at your friends off campus apartments. Senior year you either go to the mods, Maryann's, or one of the other Allston-Brighton bars.


I love being involved at BC. Having more friends and more groups makes the college experience that much better. There are so many ways to get involved!


Athletic events are very popular, theater not so much. The dating scene is very casual, and by and large doesn't really include many traditional dates. I met my closest friends through life in the dorms, parties, playing basketball at the plex, etc. People party a lot, but most are pretty in control of themselves.


Too many to name, BC offers so many, it's great! A group I'm involved with is Relay for Life right now. Some do, some don't leave doors open. Athletic events are popular only if they are football hockey or basketball. Guest speakers are fairly popular, not greatly though. Theatre is also fairly popular. I met my cloest friends freshman year. I am at MaryAnn's on a Tuesday at 2 am. Traditions include St. Patty's Day, Marathon Monday, Senior Week, etc. No frats or sororities, thank GOD. Last weekend I went to some bars with friends. Saturday non-drinking activities-Night on the Heights, hosted by BC, Asinine, Dance, or Singing shows, or just watch movies and hang out with friends..board games anyone? Off campus we usually are walking around Boston or going to bars.


the major asian groups are big. student government is probably pretty big. performance groups. im not really in any of these kinds of groups, im an employee for resnet (which is more of a job but i like to think of it as a group). doors are open within suites, rarely are they open to the main hallways. id say less than half of students care about bc athletics. ive heard we've had some good guest speakers, never been. ive gone to some plays at bc. there are the hard core partiers, who i think dont really date but just hook up with people drunkenly. there are people who dont party as much, they are more likely to have girl/boyfriends. i met my closest friends by living with them freshman year. 2am tuesday, im probably doing homework or playing video games with friends. marathon monday is the only one i can think of. people party up to 3 or 4 times a week. no frats/sors. i did homework last weekend. if you aren't drinking, i suppose you can do drugs, but thats less common at bc than other places. i got to restaurants and bars off campus.


Students in dorms don't leave their doors open but are friendly. The dance groups like Phaymus and Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step are the hottest groups on campus. I'm involved in Black Student Forum whose primary goal is to show prospective students a good time when they come here for Black Family Weekend. Athletic events are very popular, so popular that the administration has resorted to a lottery system for athletic events. There are about 3-4 guest speakers at our school weekly, mostly interesting ones. The dating scene is not so good..most people just want to hook up and casual date, nothing serious. Every year we have Showdown which is when all dance groups on campus compete for bragging rights and Black Family Weekend is also a big deal. People start partying on Thursday... Fraternities and sororities aren't acknowledged by administration. However there are plenty of people who are involved in them. Saturday nights..almost everything involves drinking. Since I don't drink I'll play card games, watch tv, party, hang out with friends, go into Boston. There's plenty t do. You can do plenty off campus, however, the T stops running a little before 1 so expect to carpool or take plenty of cabs!


We recently had Hellogoodbye and Will Ferrell come to campus. There are always school sponsored dances/events and dorm sponsored parties. Dating? Not so much. Hit it and quit it? All the way. If you want to do a sport you can most likely find it as a club or intermurral if you can't cut it for D1.... except track which really sucks but that's neither here nor there. People are friendly and you usually run into friends in the Quad between classes and in the caf (McElroy, pronounced Mac-Elroy... don't ask why I have no idea... is a MAJOR hot spot. Freshman year you will sit there for hours, whether or not you live in Newton or Upper). Frats/Sororities are non-existent so if you're looking for Greek life, this is not the place for you. You can join Boston chapters of Greek life but the school itself doesn't take part in it (BC being Jesuit and all).


Almost all students go to football games and tailgating beforehand is a big deal. BC is more of a hook-up school than a dating school. A majority of students drink heavily, but if you aren't interested in that then there are certainly many of other things to do and other people to hang out with. BC is very close to Boston which has millions of fun activities like the mfa, comedy shows, plays, movie theaters, clubs, bars, etc. There are not frats at BC.


There is NO outdoor activity club at Boston College. After trying to start one for four years, I have come to accept that the administration just doesn't want one. They have denied it based on claims of insurance reasons, despite the numerous evidence presented by students about how positive an outdoor club is and how nearly all of the neighboring colleges have them.