Boston College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


student who are wiling to work and study hard.


A person who cares about having a well-rounded education at a liberal arts university and simultaneously having a the opportunity to have a great social life should attend BC. The core requirements ensure that students attain a plethora of knowledge if many different fields of academic interest. Also, BC provides a rigorous workload to those willing to undertake it, and getting the most of out a college education is a goal shared by all here. People are generally very friendly, and encourage interaction between students, in terms of academic collaboration, sports, and more.


The person who should attend this school is one who will not be intimidated by the "geeks" and "nerds" because quite frankly, everyone is smart at Boston College. One must be ready to be academically challenged in all of their courses; earning an A doesn't come easy, but if one puts in the effort, one will succeed.


Someone who is academically-oriented. Someone who doesn't mind being required to take theology and philosophy courses, as well as other core classes such as science and art. Someone who is capable of performing well academically.


The kind of person that wants to be challenged by others and themselves. A person that isn't afraid to question who they think they are and open themselves up to their fears. A person who is looking for more than a party and is ready to work. A person who loves tbe thought of expanding their understanding and wants the best for themselves. A person looking for a strong and protective community spirit, who likes football and drinking on the weekends.


The kind of person who should attend Boston College is someone who is dedicated to their school work but is also very active in volunteer services. You should be the kind of person who knows how to balance having fun and doing work. You should be the kind of person who can make a good time out of any type of situation. Also, you should not have to worry about money.


Boston College is a university of future leaders and and a highly-driven student body. The school has been called a Catholic "Ivy League" school. Yet, this school is a Jesuit university, and, having lived there for a semester, I can say that this Catholic mindset definitely pervades the atmosphere of the school. The combination of this moral mindset and the school's call for success reflects on the student body; most students are people who are very intelligent and moral (not necessarily Catholic) but who also have common sense and a strong interest in volunteer work and extracurricular activities.


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Energetic, happy, fun, studious, engaging, hard working, outgoing


Motivated and well rounded individuals


Rich, white, snobby Long Island or Jersey kid.


Anyone and everyone should attend BC. There is a wide range of students who come from various cultural, economic, ethnic, racial, educational, and family backgrounds, that no one is out of place. You still have the ability to maintain your individuality on campus while being a part of something much bigger.


One academically oriented, driven, and ambitious


Someone serious about learning, but also very well rounded and social. Students are religiously active, but also like to party. Students who go here generally enjoy watching or playing in sporting events and the culture that surrounds that. Students need to be prepared for a larger size campus in which it is possible to get lost between the cracks of an overachieving student body.


A person who has done well academically and wants to learn but still have the full college experience with partying and school spirit.


Someone who enjoys typical college events like football games, and standard college parties. Definitely not someone who denounces the status quo and considers themself a nonconformist. Generally outgoing, fun people will have the most success here.


Honestly I loved BC, anyone looking for a great, well- rounded education should go there! Its a mid-sized university so its big enough that you dont know every single person, but small enough that you are not just a number in the crowd.


Some one with a goal oriented outlook and sharp learning skills, also a person who is social and likes to make a good social network.


Aspiring political and economic figureheads and people who can afford the bill