Boston College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that wishes to live in a city should not attend/live at Boston College. Despite the name, it is not in the city. Very liberal-minded individuals might be frustrated by BC's more conservative views.


Anyone not academically strong will struggle with BC's rigorous curricullum and work load.


I don't mean to sound cliche or biased, but I believe BC is a place for every kind of person. The religious affliation can be nonexsistant if you want it to be, don't let that deter you. We are highly respected in all of our majors (unless you're an egineer, then don't come here it's not offered). The vibe and excitement on campsus parellels a large state school yet we're a respected, top ranked private institution nestled next to one of the greatest cities in the US.


I really don't think that there is anyone who shouldn't attend BC. I was a transfer student and coming from another school, BC is 100 times better. You should be open to new things and diversity though. There are so many clubs and interesting activities out there that you definitely should come in with an open mind and be willing to put yourself out there to something new and different.


someone who is interested in art or any specific major like that.


A person who does not find enjoyment in drinking, a person who does mind getting look at like an alien for looking different and a person who doesn't like to feel like they're constantly competing with others even their friends.


It is difficult to be an extremely liberal or environmental person at Boston College. This is not to say that you should not attend this school, but I am warning you that it is not the most receptive to liberal or environmental ideas. As a conservative school, there is still some opposition amongst students to open discussions of sexuality and sexual health, but students are working together and with the administration to change this.


A person who isn't interested in giving back to their community, who seeks the approval of others to fuel their ambitions.


When attending Boston College, there is a very strong core curriculum that you must fulfill. With this you must be open to exploring different fields of study including theology and philosophy. When people have a closed mind about what they want to do they do not get to experience all the greatness that Boston College has to offer. I would deter those students who just want to come and learn the facts because Boston College is really all about an education of the heart, mind, and soul.


Anyone is welcome. Any one who wants to should attend Boston College.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is one who is lazy, apathetic, unmotivated, careless, unkind, or anyone who is not open to anything this college presents/ offers as a new experience.


The close-minded nor the lazy should attend BC. First, BC is a very diverse school in all aspects. It feeds on creativity and open-mindedness. An overly stubborn or closed-minded person would not serve BC any good nor would it improve it. Second, the school is obviously a very competitive one, filled with very dedicated and focused students. I wouldn't suggest that a lazy person attend otherwise it would be very difficult for them to keep up, and possibly very easy to flunk out, if not completely up for the challenge. Ever to Excel! is our motto.


Students that are not financially stable




Someone who hates watching football or is against athletics should not go to BC. There are people who are indifferent to athletics, so it is not like you will be outcast, but the majority of the campus works out regularly during the week, and everything on campus shuts down on weekends for football games. If you hate football then most weekends will be a hassle.


People who are not open to meeting new kinds of people, people who don't like to socialize at all, people who don't like the cold, people who have a handicap.


Someone who hates the cold/snow or who isn't willing to work hard academically or doesn't like a very competitive academic environment.


I think anyone could attend this school.