Boston College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is no Greek life, and it is far from home.


The core curriculum is difficult to achieve in the Arts and Science school if you're a science major because it limits what you can do by not letting you take what you want to take in those areas. Some of the ones that count are ridiculous classes and not very interesting. They require a little too much out of the curiculum as well.


The high cost of the school drains my family's finances and puts undue stress on me and my parents. Boston College comes right out and says they will not meet the aid suggested by FAFSA, because they believe every family can provide slightly more. This is not always the case, but it is very difficult to receive any more aid than they initially offer.


Personally, the most frustrating thing for me was adjusting to the idea that I was going to live, and share a bathroom, with about 20 other girls. My living situation had always been constant throughout my life: I shared a room with my sisters and we just knew each other?s routines and do?s and don?ts. However, when I arrived at BC I had to be constantly aware of the fact that I practically lived with strangers. At first it was difficult, but gradually I adjusted and even became very good friends with almost all of them!


The most furstrating thing about Boston College isn't even that frustrating. I'm referring to the work load for students, but this isn't even a problem if the students maintain proper time management, which was stressed in each student's orientation. As long as everything is monitored by the student and his or her time is prioritized, then the frustrating component of Boston College is completely eliminated. Simple.


Without sororities and fraternities, it can be difficult to meet people right away and to make friends.


It's really expensive, and I am going to have a lot of debt when I graduate.


The alcohol policies are pretty strict.


The administration is pretty strict, especially when handling disciplinary incidents.


I expected a lot more financial aid. While the financial aid office runs smoothly and I do know students who have had good experiences with it, I am not one of those students. I will graduate with a great deal of debt - but it will be worth it.


The professors are closed minded and the grading is sketchy.


financial aid. Just dont give enough money to students because of high demand. Also, sports can overtake academics a bit too much sometimes.


Course registration and the housing lottery are the most frusturating. Friendships are often broken over housing when people get kicked out of an 8 man room when they don't get it in the lottery and have to go for a 6 man. Course registration is difficult because with out a good time, a lot of good elective and some majot courses are full (mostly in Arts and Sciences)


The most frustrating things about BC is getting enough financial aid every year, the administration changing the policies every year.


It's a great place to be a student but it's wicked expensive--both tuition and living expenses. People don't understand what it means to HAVE to get a job b/c you can't afford things, or you have to pay back money when you graduate. Every year I've been here I've gotten less financial aid, and now I'm a senior and I'm frustrated at the limited income I will make and the HUGE debt that I have. If I could do it again...I hope I would, but I'm not certain.


In some cases, it is too conservative--due to its founding on Catholic values, it does not accept people for themselves always (specifically regarding friends of different sexual orientations). Overall it was liberal for a Catholic environment due to the student body, but some of the older alumni who supported the school hold strong to traditional Catholic values.


The students do not utilize the city as much as they should, and without frat-life the full-fledged party scene can sometimes be lacking.


The fact that some students have to live off-compus during junior year.


Boston College is a Jesuit institution and thus we had to go along with the Jesuit society and thus things could be fairly conservative and antiquated. Especially when it came to LGBTQ issues and sometimes racial issues as well.


It is very competitive and there are many applicants for every position.


The most frustrating thing about BC is the lack of availible parking. There is no way for you to have a car on-campus, and rates for parking off-campus are rediculous.


The most frustrating thig about Boston College is the million dollar stair case in the middle of campus because it gets very slippery in rainy and snowy weather.