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There are people from all over the world that are at the school. There are lots of different cultures that interact on campus.


I was stuck between Boston University(BU) and Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI). The reason I picked Boston University over WPI and all the other schools is because it is diverse in every aspect. I was not sure what I wanted to study so I did not want to go to a school that was focused on one area of study. The other great thing is that you meet so many people from different parts of the world because a lot of international students attend BU.


Its proximity to greatness acts like an accelerant.


BU was the best choice for me and I couldn't be happier for my time there. I had a chance to gain a great education as well as work towards a career in football. I never had a moment when I was bored and didn't know what to do. I made so many great friends that I will talk to for the rest of my life.


The campus is totally different from the usual, it's a straight strip on Commonwealth Avenue. It's also a big university. The location is awesome because you can take the T around. The B train on the green line goes directly through the BU campus. There are many places close enough within walking distance, and there are also places outside of campus that are still within 30 minutes on the T.


The best week of your life! The First Year Student Outreach Project is a unique program at BU that allows freshmen the option to come to school a week early and get involved in community service. It's a really great way to meet other students, both freshmen and upper class men, and get oriented in the city of Boston! FYSOP has been one of my favorite things about BU so far! As an upperclassmen I've been a staff member twice, leading a group of freshmen through their first week on campus. It's great to see how much students come out of their shell through the activities, cheers, and volunteering, that are all a part of FYSOP. If you decide to come to BU I absolutely insist that you do FYSOP!


I'm always a little bit bummed out by how entitled and apathetic students at BU can be. Probably my only complaint. Everyone spends hours griping about the bureaucracy and the awful administration, but no one takes the time to get involved with Student Union, RHA, etc.. I think folks would be surprised at how flexible and kind the administration can be, if they'd stop reading snippy Op-Eds in the FreeP and actually get out to meet them. A lot of people just aren't used to not getting their way, I guess. People constantly complain about the alcohol policy and drug policy (which are nothing more than slaps on the wrist) or the authoritarian RAs (many of whom don't actually document incidents) -- always something to complain about. People miss a lot of opportunities that BU offers, which is why you can have such a dichotomy of responses on here. You either love it, or hate it. And that depends on your level of engagement and how much you try to "plug in" to the community. Definitely a niche for everyone if they'd stop writing melodramatic blog-posts or passive-aggressive tweets and get out there to enjoy the experience.


BU is very liberal and open and friendly, as compared to other private, high caliber schools.


The biomedical engineering program at Boston University is one of the top. Plus, BU is in the middle of the city. We have a metro line running straight through the campus!


Again, I would say location. Boston University is in the heart of the city, so there are a lot of activities and things to do. BU also has dozens of schools surrounding it which gives you a good chance to meet other students from different campuses and schools. No two schools in Boston look the same or are in any anyway alike. BU is the best one, obviously. :)


There is no campus, some would say thats a bad thing but the students are emerced into Boston and everything it has to offer.


BU is huge. 17,000+ undergrads. As intimidating as that was at first, I've not grown to love it. I'm always meeting new people and finding out about cool things going on around campus. It's exciting because being on campus never gets old. I also love BU's location and unique campus. It's not a little bubble closed off from the city. We've got a couple of streets to call our own, but we blend right in w/ the rest of the city and are super close to all the best spots in Boston.


Boston University is very diverse school in that you will meet students from all over the world, which will help broaden your cultural horizons. In addition, Boston University is located on the edge of the city, giving you a city feel while still providing you a rural school setting. Boston University also allows you to develop a small family of friends within a large family of students attending the University.


Everything you need is here....


I wouldn't go to BU if you came from a small school and had a really close group of friends for a long time. You have to be able to deal with being alone, or making superficial friends, and feeling like its hard to fit in. It isn't easy to make friends or fit in, because the student body is so big and different, it is hard to find your niche, especially if you are a little shy or insecure. So be wary.


Boston University offers the independence that no other school can give. Living in the middle of Boston and going to class has been an amazing experience. Everyone here is so motivated, inspired, and independent. I could not have picked a better place to attend. The people. atmosphere, and academics makes this school truly unforgettable. There is honestly a group for everyone here and I don't feel socially pressured to join a sorority or a certain club. I can be whoever I want and that's all that matters.


BU is very large compared to the other schools I considered, and very urban.


It has a large student population but still maintains high academic standards. The professors are mostly well known throughout their own fields, and actively try and spark your interest in their subject. The campus is located on a main street, with many branch streets off of it. Fenway park is right next to the east part of campus.


Compared to many other schools in New England, Boston University is extremely diverse. We have many students from various diffent backgrounds as well as a large percentage of international students. This can be clearly seen by the statisics of the students enrolled, but I have personal experience. I have met so many different peole in just one semester and have really increased my cultural experience. A boy from Mexico taught me how to salsa, and a girl from Brazil taught me how to speak Portuguese. I have made many friends from different cultural backgrounds that I wouldn't have elsewhere.


This school is located right in the heart of Boston. In my opinion it is the school's greatest strength.


I dance, study physics, rock climb, attend sports games, go to museums and church, volunteer in the community, and love to meet new people. This isn't a personal ad for a newspaper; this is an abbreviated version of my "wants and needs" list during my college search in high school. Thus far, Boston University has met my standards 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, which is saying a lot for a university. I wanted very specific things when searching for the right school and most really great colleges were missing something I wanted. Was it too much to ask? BU didn't think so.


Similar to what I said above, at many theatre schools the sense of competition is FIERCE. I have heard stories from people at other schools I considered about the cut-throat aspect to many other programs. However, BU has no such angle. All of the faculty and students are there to support one another, and encourage them to push themselves to the next level. It is really an extraordinary thing that is, unfortunately, not all that common among most college level theatre programs.


There is an air around BU that is unlike any other college I visited. It feels electrically charged. Every time I get off the train at Kenmore station, and I walk up the stairs and out into the crisp air in the city, I always feel like I belong there. You can tell just by walking around the campus that BU has their finger on the pulse of nearly every academic field. This is especially true in the science department, where several Nobel prize winners teach. People who come here should be prepared to be immersed in their field.


Boston University is located in the city of Boston. This places students in an area surrounded by a variety of enriching events. There are concerts, shows, sprorting games (Fenway Park), museums, and many more events either on campus or just outside. The proximity to these events provides students with incredible opportunities. I would suggest that anyone attending Boston University or visiting Boston in general takes advantage of these wonderful events. Boston University itself values diversity and there is truely something for everyone both on campus and in the surrounding area.


My school is very diverse and the students are all very friendly and open minded. It is the perfect environement to go to College. You learn valuable lessons both academically and personally. The professors are amazing and very helpful and always available for extra help and guidance.


Definitive and complete Film program. The other schools I applied to had a more vague approach.


Very big, diverse and city-centered, with lots of opportunity for adventure and a very independently minded student population.


It is in a major city, it has the best program in the country for my original major: Design & Production for theatre.


Boston University is very academically focused and research driven. The campus is not like a traditional campus with green surroundings, instead the beautiful city of Boston surrounds the campus.


The school is in Boston, so there are hundreds of amazing internships and jobs you can get. The management and health school really try to help their students succeed. I would only recommend students go to BU if they are applying to one of the smaller colleges, not to CAS. BU has also created a college called College of General Studies. It is known by students as the "stupid" kids college. The kids are just as smart, but many students do not feel as equal to other students because of the reputation of the college.


There is a great balance between academics and extracurriculars. Everyone is motivated to work hard in class, but still allot time to socialize and have fun.


It's big.


There is really excellent teaching here, but because the school is big, you really have to seek it out.


The campus is spread out over a couple miles of a city, which I like. BU has less of a traditional college campus feeling, but it makes up for it to live in Boston.


Large diversified city campus with a lot to do on and off campus.


The campus has a very unique feel because it is in the middle of a large city yet there is still a defined campus. The school is also much larger than other schools I considered and has many smaller schools within the larger University, which creates a diversity amongst students' majors and interests.


The urban campus is in a great city, with a lot of things to do. The campus, although in the middle of a city, is still somewhat self-sustaining.


It's extremely diverse; full of students from all over the world.


Boston University is unique in the fact that it is located in the heart of Boston. Because of its location, it has allowed me to explore this exciting city and therefore have been able to experience many interesting customs that I normally wouldn't have had the opportunity to if I went to a different college/university.


It's right in the middle of Boston, which is a fantastic city.


The city is very accessible and you also meet people from many different backgrounds


Boston University is urban; we're as close to the city as a campus will ever be, and though we're a large university, classes are small enough to offer a good learning environment.


There are a lot of incredible museums surrounding campus, whereas many rural schools do not have the opportunity to visit such great places.


We have a lot of international students; it is interesting to learn new things from them. My roommate last year was from Tokyo. BU is very large, but there are so many different colleges within the University that it isn't overwhelming. The student and faculty population is very diverse.


There was a 2-year program within the 4-year track that appealed to me as an undecided major coming in. It had smaller class sizes and was more structured in terms of classes. It was also close to home. It was a high-quality education for good financial aid.


It's in the heart of Boston while still being separated from the city. I get to go to an urban school that is big enough to actually be a campus and a community in its own right.


It's big. Some people like to be a number. I'm not one of them.


Big school, known nation-wide, great reputation.


There are very specialized undergraduate programs, for example School of Education, College of Communications, College of Rehabilitation Sciences... Students get practical experience in the field they want to pursue.


it is in the city, but it still feels like a campus. It is also huge and has many different facets, anyone can find their niche here