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What do students complain about most?

I would have to say that the complaints I hear most are the amount of work we have due. For example, I myself was complaining yesterday that this week I have a Spanish composition Monday (today), a Criminal Justice test on Tuesday, a Spanish presentation on Thursday, and a book to read for my last visit to the prison as a part of the MAPP Prison book club by Saturday. So yes the workload can be heavy at times especially as the semester is coming to a close, but i think complaining is just a way for us to keep reminding ourselves what we have to do and when we have to do it. Like right now I am thinking I should be researching for my Spanish presentation and/or studying for my test tomorrow ... meaning it may be a long night.

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Running late to class. The school offers a shuttle that runs up and down campus but often gets filled so don't rely completely on it. There is also the MBTA Bus and Trolly that is run by the city and is worth the cost, especially when it's raining or snowing.

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The cost of BU (but this is expected of a lot of schools) and the dorms

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