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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


BU will sometimes get a stereotype of liberal, hipster, or ivy wannabes. The student body is very diverse though and cannot be grouped as one whole with such a variety of students.


Snobby rich girls Self-centered frat boys BC rejects


I'm not really sure what the stereotype. I think too many students go to BU for there to be any one stereotype. Lots of rich, snobby girls. A large Jewish population. Gay boys. That's what I would think outsiders think of when they think of BU


Rich. Apathetic. Fashion-conscious. Ivy-league or BC reject.


Rich, snobby, ugg wearing-blackberry using-northface clad-bun bearing rich girls, fratty, mostly girls.


That they are snobby and preppy girls, and douchey frat boys. School of management students are stupid, but communications majors are even dumber..


They're not as smart as BC kids or other Boston area schools, there are few African-Americans (this is true), it's an all girls school (this is also almost true with an over 60-40 ratio)


I sometimes ran across the stereotype that all BU students are extremely wealthy - an understandable assumption based on the high tuition prices. However, I come from a middle class family with a modest income. It was with hard work and scholarships that I attended BU.


We're rich, no one gets financial aid, College of General Studies students are dumb, we have no campus (and thus no school spirit), the stacks in the library are great for sex.


Many consider BU to be the "strip mall of America", and thus are disgusted by the fact that there is no real campus.


Spoiled ditzy rich kids. Good academic reputation.


BU students are sterotyped as rich. BU is sterotyped as an ivy-league-reject school


I wasn't aware that it was a stereotype until a couple of my co-workers(who don't go to BU) made a comment to me about it, but apparently girls at BU are stereotyped as party-going ditzes. I've also heard that BU is composed of kids who didn't get into their top-choice schools.


There are a variety of ster


BU students are nerds


The stereotypical BU student is rich, white, and ignorant. They drive BMWs and feel entitled. The girls use Comm Ave as their runway to show off thousand-dollar outfits, the boys are into expensive drugs. Nearly everyone is pretty smart -- honestly you won't get in if you haven't any brains -- but a lot of these wits are wasted on laziness.


They all wear giant sunglasses, are rich, and seem to constantly do homework without getting anything done. They're obnoxiously preppy.


Rich Kids


There are numerous stereotypes. 1. The people who think that they should have got into a better school and are thus to good to be here. Typically marked by bitterness. 2. The CGS kids... thought by most to be mental midgets. 3. Hipsters... tons of them. They are everywhere riding their fixed-gear bikes and smoking Camels. 4. Everyone in this school is rich. Probably mostly true. 5. Everyone in BU is from New Jersey. It is seriously frightening how many people from BU are from New Jersey. 6. Fashion conscious. BU tries to spread the myth that BU students are really hip and like fashion. It is probably true, but it got a lot of BU students rather riled up. 7. Tons of foreign students. They wear even more expensive clothes than BU students and smoke more cigarettes, typically Marlboro Lights.


That they are rich and apathetic


There aren't that many stereotypes because a lot of different types of people go here. Although one would be that there are NO GUYS! and the ones that are here date each other.


When people think of Boston University, images of snotty Long Islanders and spoiled kids from Westchester spring to mind. BC hockey fans chant out "Safety School" when referring to BU. High school seniors always worry about a school with 'no campus'. Still, most people think it's a pretty great academic university, and an exciting one at that.


Aside from the fact that BC seems to think we're full of their rejects (can't ditch that "safety school" chant and hockey games) I think BU gets a bad rap for being home of the JAPs, the WASPs, and other rich white stereotypes that don't have acronyms. I didn't even know what either of those terms meant before I came to BU. I guess the impression is one of spoiled or entitled rich kids, a stereotype you can definitely see by reading The Weekly Dig or the Phoenix and reading their complaint sections.


I think one stereotype about BU is all the white "kids" who come here. You can barely see anyone that isn't white on campus.


that they're rich, that they're spoiled, that they're not very smart.


They are clique-y and snobbish. To neighboring colleges, we're where they get the girls from for a good party.


A lot of people think all BU students are snobby wealthy kids whose parents paid their way into college


bu kids are stuck up theres lots of dumb jocks, especially hockey players most everyone there has money


Snobby, preppy, gay, international, no campus,