Boston University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is space for every type of person at BU. However, I think people who attend here need to be academically focused because it is really easy to let your grades slip if you do not put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into your studying and homework.


In my opinion, everyone should consider coming to Boston University but not everyone should come here. Boston University is a very rigorous school. Someone who is not willing to spend hours on homework each day should not come here. Also, if they are someone who studies for their exams the day before, they definitely should not come. Any exam here you need to study days before in order to do well.


Someone who is conservative or narrow-minded definitely should NOT consider Boston University. Additionally, someone who is looking for a rural campus with a distinct "core" should skip over BU; since we are in a city Boston University can sometimes seem integrated right with the rest of Boston. And while we have a good humanities program, those who are solely considering an English or History major might find better placement at a liberal art college built on perfecting that type of program.


Anyone that isn't accepting of other ethnicities, social backgrounds or religions should be prepared for the greatest culture shock of their life. Boston University is not only known for being an intensely diverse college, but does not tolerate any forms of discrimination. BU also has a huge student population, with other 16,000 students in undergrad alone. I've personally known several people who found it hard to transition to a city environment and have ultimately decided that a smaller school would be a better fit for them.


A person should not attend this school if they do not plan to do the work or if they will be required to live on campus.


If you are intimadated by a large urban school with little campus feel, this isnt the school for you. Also, depending on your major, ths school can be either very easy or extremely difficult. Lastly, anyone who cannot handle New England winters should not move to Boston.


A person who would like to know everyone in his/her class. BU is a huge school with many people. Some people might feel lost if they are used to small schools. You shouldn't attend this school if you do not like cities at all. Although Boston is a small city, it is a city nonetheless. Also do not go to any school in the New England area if you hate the cold, especially humidity and cold combined.


Since Boston University is such a big school in such a diverse city, I wouldn't say that there is any type of person that shouldn't attend this school. There is so much diversity that I am positive that anyone could find a way to fit in. However, if you're looking for a small cliquey type of school like high school was, then you've come to the wrong place, nobody is going to make you the center of the university spotlight! The most welcome kids are wealthy and usually preppy, so be prepared for that as well!


A close-minded conservative with fears of academic competition.


Someone who's not willing to put a lot of hard work into their studies.


Anyone that has a hard time making friends or someone that is really shy. Because the school is so big and not close-knitted, it takes a little effort to make friend. A student needs to put himself out there and join clubs and introduce himself to people.


Boston University is a very big school, and as someone from a small community, I knew it would be a big change. I think BU is a school for people who want to attend a large university and experience life within a city. The kind of person who should not attend BU is someone who is looking for a small school, or a large green campus. That said, although you will see many faces per day, it is very easy to make friends, either in class, around campus, and especially within your dorm.


People who don't like city life and/or don't like sports should not attend Boston University. The school is better suited for outgoing people who love to participate in all the city has to offer (i.e RedSox at Fenway Park, Patriots, Celtics, skating in the commons, nightlife in the alley, etc.) If you do not crave the bubbling life of a city in a more intimate small town environment (when compared to New York) then it's best not to attend.


Someone who is expecting a close campus like USC or UCLA, BU lacks a central campus which is a turn off for many students. And anyone who does not adapt well to the cold weather should not attend BU.


There is no type of person who shouldn't attend the school. Fortunately, there is so much to do that it is hard not to find something that you don't like to do.


There are so many different types of people at this school that its hard to say who shouldn't go here because anyone could find a place to fit in. But if you're looking for a school with more of a "campusy" feel, I wouldn't recommend BU.


BU students are not disinterested. The kinds of students that attend BU should not just do work and not gain any knowledge from it. They should be excited about going to class and learning from fantastic professors. A BU student is not afraid to be different and show their true colors. Hardworking and innovative, students at BU should not aim settle for what they feel like they can achieve. Those who are not willing to work hard and strive to be the best they can be are not an ideal BU student.


If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, BU isn't the best school for you. You cannot expect to party every night and do well, BU is a academically challenging school. Also, if you don't enjoy city life, and want a close, spirited campus, but is not a good option. BU campus is large and spread out, which lacks a common area for masses to socialize. If you like rural/suburban areas, BU is not for you. You live close to downtown, constantly hearing sirens, cars, and public transportation.


The type of person who should not attend Boston University is someone who cannot handle freedom and independence. At this school you are basically set free to make your own decisions, whether they be good or bad. If you cannot manage your time or make good decisions that will better your future you may not be successful at Boston University


someone who hates crowds, not outgoing enough to make friends easily, gets lost in crowd


Someone who doesnt like being around a lot of other people, or people that arent willing to open up to other people.


There aren't many people who couldn't easily adapt to life at BU. There are simply too many academic and extracurricular programs. I suppose people who are opposed to change, or who would be uncomfortable attending such a dynamic school, wouldn't flourish here. Cases can be made for excessive partying, but the truth is, it does not permeate the entire college at all. If you don't go looking for parties/drinking/drugs, then you are unlikely to find any. The school is large enough where almost anyone can come out of their shell.


someone looking for the feel of a small school


I think that someone who does not like the city or large lectures will not like BU.


Someone who is lethargic and does not want to take the initative to work.


The only type of student that should not attend this school is one that is avid college football fan because there is no football team here. Other than that, Boston University and the city of Boston offer such diversity for students that it is almost impossible not to find an interest for students.


some one who is quite and does not like to interact with people. Also, if you are going to school jsut to have a good time and pass on barley doing work this isn't the school for you


Someone who is not willing to get the work done on time, or do it well. One really must care about their work and take advantage of their professors being leading experts in their fields. BU is not a place to come and just "do" the social scene. Academics are the most important thing, so if someone is not willing to do that, it isn't worth going there. Furthermore, it is a rigorous climate in which to live, work, and play. Someone attending BU has to be able to keep up.


If you are looking for a close-knit community, a campus with a home/family feel, or a strong school spirit (i.e., sports/team oriented) BU should probably not be your first choice.




A lazy, unmotivated one. Someone who isn't into social activity and meeting new people would not like BU very much.


Someone who is not academically focused and can't take criticism. There is really bad grade deflation and no diversity


There is no person who wouldn't find a niche


Boston University is a difficult school with high expectation for their students, so I would say that a BU student should not be a slacker or shoud not be looking for the easy way out. Otherwise, the more the merrier--according to BU.


someone who needs to be pushed to talk to people- people who go to this school are very outgoing or they wouldn't really make friends. You have to make an effort to get to know people. If you want a small school and a close-knit community, don't go to BU.


BU is really for everyone -- there are no cliques and no one group on campus that is dominant. With over 400 clubs, and the possiblity of starting your own organization, there really is something for everyone.


You shouldn't come here if you do not intend to take advantage of its proactivism and diversity.


Somebody who does not like cities and has trouble in large classes, especially if in the social science/liberal arts majors.


For the particular college (the College of Fine Arts) I went to... someone who doesn't want to work hard and delve deep into what makes them artistic human beings.


someone who is looking for a closed campus should not attend Boston University.


People who don't feeling small on a large campus.


Some one who shouldn't attend this school likes rural, uncrowded areas. This is person would be more in to the arts than sciences.


Anyone because this school is veryu liberal and welcomes all kind of students.


This school welcomes everyone, especially those who are very outgoing. Shy, social timid people may want to find another school.


Someone who does not like a city, and someone who expects to find state-university-like huge frat parties.


Someone who doesn't drink may be a bit lonely on the weekends.


Someone that would be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the school. The community feeling isn't there unless you look for it, so if you don't go out of your way to find people you fit in with, it could be very overwhelming.


The school is very accomodating to all types of people, stressing the importance of diversity. If you are from a small town and do not like the idea of a big university right in the city, this is probably not the right school. However, it's great because it really is a real world experience and offers a great sense of independence to those who attend.


A close-minded person from a small town that can't handle city life or doesn't like to be around a lot of people.


You have to have a good sense of character judgement in order to find friends since the school is so big. If you are overwhelmed by large groups of people and prefer individual attention don't come to BU. The winter's are long, so if you get intense seasonal deppression, don't come here.