Boston University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are so many opportunities to do the things that you want to do. There are a lot of people that help you be prepared for life after college.


There are too many great things about Boston University that top my list. However, one that greatly stands out, and in my opinion is the most important one, is the resources available to you as a student. BU greatly tries to emphasize student growth, not only personally, but also professionally by holding career events, industry leader guest speaker series, classes strictly for the preparation and perfection of student resumes, and much more. Coming from an area where professional sources are limited, Boston University really does thrive to provide the world at your grasp.


The study abroad program. This is one of the biggest and most global programs in the world. They have a study abroad location for everyone, no matter what your major or area of interest. Most students study abroad more than once. One of the major reasons I chose BU was because they were the first college I've ever seen to have a study abroad program for psychology majors. In Dublin, no less! This is an opportunity that many college students don't recievce, and I believe it's what makes BU special.


There are many opportunities at this school. There are a variety of languages one can learn, extracurricular clubs one can join, classes one can take, etc. If anyone is bored at this school, it is their fault alone-- but that barely describes anyone.


The best thing about BU is its ability to present itself as a top institution. Bu takes pride in afew highlights of the university that separates it from others. Such things primarily include its infrastructure. BU undertakes new building projects to expand buildings and to add additional square units of glamour to university. Simply said, BU is best at being pretty. This is helpful is a student is into aethestics, especially during finals or other stressful seasons during the acadmic year since a beautiful spot to study may help settle your mind.


The best thing about Boston University is that it is broken into small colleges that really focus on getting to know the students and helping them to assimilate into their programs and the school as a whole. I already have personal experience dealing with the professors who will be in charge of my career while in school, and who will have the ability to form my career in the future.


The campus offers a very urban feel with being located right in the city, however the campus is surrounded only by BU buildings and a few stores so it is easy to miss the hustle bustle of the big city.


The urban campus of Boston University allows students to have easy access to the beautiful, cultural and historical city of Boston. Other than the unbeatable location, BU offers a wide variety of majors and clubs giving everyone a chance to find their perfect fit.


The best thing about Boston University is all the resources available to students. Conveniently located in the heart of Boston, students can easily walk over to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game, spend the afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts (which is free for students in the area), or go to a concert at one of the many venues around campus. Academically, BU always has interesting lectures going on regarding its reserach in a variety of fields. There is always something going on so it is very hard to get bored.


Our campus is unique in the fact that we're such a residential campus. With a four-year housing guarantee, it's rare that you can find a city school that still has a strong residential community. We're also unique in that we're ranked in the top 10 American colleges for international students, so we have students from all over the country and the world.


Many college campuses have buildings in a circle, however, at BU the campus is about 2 miles long consuming a large part of Commonwealth Ave. You will do a lot of walking, however, you have the mbta (trains and buses that go up and down campus) and you have the BU shuttle that goes from one end of campus to the other and even to the medical campus which is deeper into Boston.


BU offers every class you could possibly want, any club you could want to join, any sport you could want to play. With a school as big and as diverse as BU, you will find your niche.


The best this about the school is its cultural diversity and its location. It is a very comfortably sized city, surrounded by some of the best schools in the world. I have made some great connections for life in Boston.


The quality of professors and the vast array of course options are incredible. You can take a writing class about Dante's Inferno or different look at fairy tales, or you can take a class on Cosmology or Comparative politics. The opportunities are spread over many different colleges and majors and this is probably the best thing about Boston University.


The tolerance of the student body. Regardless of whether one plays a sport, is part of a fraternity or sorority, or involved in another extracurricular activity (such as acapella), students are accepting and friendly.


The best thing about Boston University is its diversity. BU has a diverse community with people from all backgrounds, religious, cultural, and academic alike. Boston University has so many extracurricular opportunities for people with every interest in mind from athletic like football, academic like Pre-law or Pre-med society, entertaining such as the people watching club and quiddich or broom ball, humanitarian like ONE, Amnesty International, and UNICEF; and so many more. BU also has a diverse range of academic majors with over 10 schools to choose from the Fine Arts to Engineering, there are interests for all!


The best think about BU is the fantastic location. The entire city of Boston is at my fingertips. Not only are there tons of internship opportunities related to my political science major, but there are also plenty of cultural and entertainment experiences to keep me busy. There is always something to do, if you are willing to go out and do it. As far as my classes are concerned, my professors are all easy to contact, and it really has the feel of a small school.


the teachers and how much they inspire and care about their students and their progress. My school is focused on the process of growth versus the product and that gives me a positive attitude towards trying new things and taking those leaps of faith, without the fear of falling.


Boston University is located outside of the city so there is the possibility to go and have fun in the city, but if city life is not your thing then the campus has so much to offer that you are not forced to go to the city to have fun. The amount of clubs, intramural sports, and activities that the school offers is fantastic. A student can definitely find their niche in such a large school, creating their own small community.


The fitness and recreation center is definately the best. It has five floors of work out equipment from dance studios, pools, and raquet ball courts, to a climbing wall with a bouldering structure, plenty of weight lifting equipment, and an indoor track. They also offer a wide variety of recreational classes including martial arts, dace, yoga, and climging classes. FitRec is an fantastic place to go to when you need to unwind from all of your school work.


The best thing about Boston University is the culture. I know it's cliche, but coming from a primarily white high school, going to a college rich with diversity was important to me. I can't walk to class without hearing at least 3 different languages; to me, this is exciting! College is the beginning of the rest of your life. For me, I wanted the rest of my life to start with people from all walks of life, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Because of my education here, both academic and personal, I will be prepared for the world.


I think the best thing about Boston University is the Boston University Collaberative Degree Program. This program allows students to attain two bachelor degrees in as little as four years, each from a different school within Boston University. I think that with the economy changing as it is, it is important for students to have as many job opportunities as possible after graduation, and I find that this program allows for students to have the most options.


The range of diversity here is quite wide, but in many different respects. Yes, there are many different races, but when I talk of diversity, I'm speaking more on the subject of personal background. Back at home, everyone had somewhat of a similar story. We all lived in the typical suburb, with a typical public high school the strove for greatness by sending every student to an esteemed university. When I got to college, my bubble of my hometown popped and I was introduced to a slew of peers who had a world of difference in his/her background.


what i like best is the courses and the freedom to choose many classes within a specific category. i also like the location of the school in the heart of boston and the activities made available to students.


The best thing about Boston University is that they offer a college which allows you work full time and take classes. This school allows people to obtain their Bachelor's Degree, a second degree, or a graduate degree which would have normally been impossible through traditional methods. Education is the most important tool in society and how a person learns should not be an obstacle.


Boston University offers diversity on a scale that is changing the world. Not only does the University offer a diversity of students from all over the United States, it also has a high percentage of students from around the world. This diversity is what make Boston University unique. It influences how students socialize as well as advances interaction of different cultures and backgrounds in the classroom. My University also offers a diversity of majors, clubs, and opportunities that reflect on the diverse student body bringing everyone together. This is the best thing about Boston University.


The aspect of Boston University that makes it such an amazing school is its location. The city of Boston has phenomenal opportunities and Boston University, unlike surrounding colleges, does a spectacular job connecting students with those opportunities. BU has many connections with other colleges, too, thus making it the perfect place for anyone looking for anything.


The surrounding area provides a lot of flexibility socially, achademically, and professionally.


The greatest thing about BU is its diversity. Virtually anyone can fit in here, regardless of ethnicty, religion, economic background, or general interests. There is great diversity among not only students but academic programs and extracurricular and social activities availble throughout the campus and the entire city. You never feel like you're 'stuck' on campus; there are several colleges in the area, all contributing to the overwhelmingly positive environment of the city.


The people


The comraderie within the school of theatre is something that I was totally awestruck by when I began my course of study. This comraderie can be attributed to the AMAZING faculty members who fostered a sense of family from the very beginning. My teachers, to me, are more than just teachers. They are an extension, and a vital part of the familial aspect within the School of Theatre.


There are many academic programs to choose from. The opportunities are numerous


There is so much to offer at Boston University. And if there isn't something that fits you, you can create a club!


The job opportunities provided by BU connections and location in the city.


Well, I think that it will be english program that i'm now studying because it make me know more about english.


People are so friendly and there is so much to do beyond school. Its a great active campus, and just about everyone i know loves being here.


Like I mentioned in the last answer, the attentive staff is probably the best thing about BU. I thought it would be easy to get lost at such a big school, but I'm getting more personal attention and support than I did at my previous, tiny liberal arts college. The staff is worth every penny.


The city of Boston is very accessible.


The best thing about BU is the variety of students. BU students have friends from all over the country and the world. This makes it easy to learn about other cultures without even trying.


The best thing about BU is definitely the opportunity. I am sure that, whatever major or specific program you might want to pursue, there will be at least one professor who has written a book on it (and who is at least fairly well-regarded) and a handful of other students who want the exact same thing. And in the more popular majors, you can carve out your own niche based on all of your interests and find the same thing. BU might make you be more independent, but it has everything under the sun!


The people are the best part. The students, the professors and the adminstrators are all friendly, helpful people who have made my college experience so amazing!


I love the huge variety of academic majors, activities, clubs and social events that BU has to offer. Being a large school in a student-oriented city (Boston), BU provides everyone, no matter what race or ethnic background, with something to do. It was always comforting knowing that I will never be bored.


GOOD teachers who care.


BU is directly in the city. You are exposed to so much culturally and socially compared to the 18 or so years of your life beforehand. As a community, BU always seems to be offering a new challenge to their student's intelect and creativit.


Reputation of professors


The proximity to the city allows for a lot of interation with kids from other schools and other backgounds, which really separates the BU experience from many other experiences students have at small local college towns.


The best part about Boston University is the diverse groups of students as well as faculty. It provides students with broad cultural understanding of the world as well as open new doors to prospective careers.


The best think about Boston University is that it's in the city. On any given day or night you can do whatever you like, get whatever food you crave or see any type of person you want. Social life is limitless.


The people we have lecturing usually have a lot of real-world experience (ambassadors, advisors, etc). That gives real insight into the field you'd like to go into.


The theatre program is what I know. It's wonderful.