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Everything. It seems corny, I know, but the people at Bowdoin are spectacular. I have never felt more welcomed anywhere than at Bowdoin, a feeling which held true during both my pre-frosh visit there and during my freshman year. My fellow peers were more than willing to welcome me into their lives as well as answer my endless questions. The food is also incredible, and people at Bowdoin LOVE their mealtimes and view them as a chance to commune with one another and reconnect after a busy day.

Bevan Here's a start.


Smaller than some high schools, Bowdoin has small class sizes, ensuring that the students and professors get to know each other.


Very academically challenging, liberal, very diverse


Although it's small, it seemed to be the most economically diverse schools I looked at. There is a great balance between working hard, playing hard, and athletics. Generally students are very happy at Bowdoin and love being at school. It's a very close knit community and the alumni network is strong.


It's small town Maine feel, it's lack of greek life, and the level of academics taught there.


Nothing left to say. This survey was long, but Bowdoin is a great place to be. It can be extremely whack at times and other times I cannot wish to be anywhere else.


Bowdoin rocks, but you need to be more than academically accomplished to get in


Bowdoin can be very bureaucratic and almost stony when its academic programs or policies are criticized. It is not a diverse place, and thus minorities tend to stick together. It can be a wonderful place for a certain type of person, but if you're not that kind of person you're going to have to try really hard to make the place work for you. They also don't tell you just how much the weather affects you - be prepared for it to get dark at 4 pm and be prepared to feel it psychologically.


Bowdoin is slowly getting the recognition is deserves for being an outstanding academic institution with the most amazing community of people.


If you want a big school... don't come here


The food here is amazing!!!


i heart bowdoin.


I love Bowdoin.


The Dating scene leaves a lot to be desired. You are either friends, random hook-ups, or you're married.


I really love Bowdoin!


I think college in general is not what I expected, and that's to say nothing against Bowdoin. I think Bowdoin is great, but there's a trend of relativism spreading around colleges and its a bit sad to see Bowdoin as a victim. I am enjoying my time here and I would recommend this school to any of my friends. My college experience thus far has been full of a growth both academic and personal that I have Bowdoin to thank for.


Bowdon's great!


Bowdoin is great. I love it here and am glad that I chose to go here. Make sure you think twice about the location, if you tend to prefer for urban or even suburban areas. Though I'm often overwhelmed by the amount of drinking that goes on on campus I have met some really close friends here and am proud to say that I go to Bowdoin.


I think that pretty much says it. I could go on about any of a number of things, but these are the attributes that have made Bowdoin not just an awesome place to be, but also my home.




Bowdoin is amazing for the type of person that is ambitious and smart but wants to be in a fairly relaxed environment. You feel very valued as an individual going to this school!!

You can win here, or you can lose here, but that's the same risk you take with attending any college.


I wish I had gone farther, taken more risks.


I like bowdoin.


Bowdoin is an awesome place. The most important thing to me, when I came to school was to find somewhere I would feel comfortable socially. Bowdoin fits that, and so well. The community here is amazing.


college is what you make of it, and anyone that tells you different is full of shit. Bowdoin gives every student here so many opportunities to succeed, so it's really a question of A) figuring out what you want to get out of the place and B) making that happen. sounds cheesy, but it's true.




It's worth coming here just to live in a freshman dorm.


OUR CAMPUS, BRUNSWICK AND MAINE ARE BEAUTIFUL! If you love to ski, be outdoors, bike or go to the beach, the opportunities to do so here are abundant.


Bowdoin is great if you want small close knit community and like to be involved in extracurricular activities and still care about academics.


People need to have more sex here!


Come to Bowdoin. A big university with rich graduate programs is the place for graduate school, not for the student who wants to make an impact on his institution and feel at home on his campus. Bowdoin is an environment well suited for learning from peers and professors, and for having a ridiculously fun ride at the same time.


baxter house is a frat


Nothing really!


Never allow yourself to get dragged in to taking a lame survey, they're really only after your balls.


Bowdoin is a really great school full of intellectually curious people who are more concerned about learning (and having fun while doing it) than competing with each other. It often gets written off as too preppy, too remote, or too nerdy but it's none of those things. The community of students and faculty here at Bowdoin is a pretty incredible experience but you won't know what I'm talking about unless you come visit.


Bowdoin's setting is phenomenal.




I would advise a prospective student to be realistic about what college is going to be like. It's not going to be perfect, anywhere, no matter what admissions officers tell you (they're probably exaggerating). However, college can also be amazing. My feelings about Bowdoin are very mixed - if someone asks me how I feel about it, I tell them I really like it (more so sophomore year than freshman year). But I also have a lot of criticisms and things I would like to see improve. I'm not sure if there was a better college for me out there or not. I do know that I've had some wonderful experiences at Bowdoin so far, and I look forward to many more, especially going abroad to China next spring.


Bowdoin is significantly better than Bates and Colby.


The social student who likes to work hard and play decently hard will thrive here. It can feel like a camp sometimes (usually in a good way), but you can escape that feeling quite easily on weekend adventures.


There is no school spirit. As much as our mascot, the Polar Bear, is plastered all over campus, no one really seems to care.


Bowdoin is great!


If I had to do it again, I'd choose Bowdoin in a heartbeat. I've loved my experience here more than words can describe and part of me even wishes I could stay here longer than my four years.


Bowdoin's awesome!!!!!!!!!! Go Bears!!!!!!!


You have to remember, college is what you make of it. I would say that Bowdoin is an environment where you can find the crowd you want to find, do what you're passionate about, and face very little ridicule or judgement by the student body. It's a friendly, down-to-earth, energetic, and overall comfortable school.


If you are interested in making a difference, and you want to learn and explore and make tons of friends from all walks of life, apply to Bowdoin. If the academics and people don't convince you, just remember that we have the second best food in the country. Is Bowdoin perfect? Of course not. If we were, that'd be pretty creepy. And it's not the place for everyone. But at least come check us out. You'll be surprised by how many people come up to you and ask you if you need any directions, as you hold and rotate your map. In the winter we may be cold, but we're cold together. And I haven't gotten to my first Spring yet, but I've heard it's fantastic. To be honest, Bowdoin was not my first choice, and I was pretty nervous about coming here. In fact, I was terrified of going to college at all. I can't tell you how shocked I was at how quickly I adjusted and felt totally comfortable here. Basically, it's good to be a polar bear.


I <3 Cameron dining plan annoying - should be able to save up meals for guests, etc. only 5 minutes between class...boooo


Not much.

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