Bowdoin College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How little economic diversity there was.


I wish I had known how to manage my time better.


I wish that I had looked more into the courses and majors available at the school. There is a large variety, but since it is a small school, many of the departments are quite small and there is not a lot of flexibility for course selection in a lot of majors. Also, the distribution requirements are also very strict and get in the way of other classes.


I wish I'd known a bit more about what I wanted to get out of my degree; though it's liberal arts, I find myself wishing I'd taken more focused subjects during the past three years. Generally I felt pretty well-prepared for college, though. Socially I wish I'd known more about how to meet people and be engaging; I was very shy and remain a little shy now, which has kept me from meeting as many people as I otherwise would have at a school this small.


I wish I had known how accepting and friendly the faculty, staff, and students would be. I also wish that I had known it would be pretty small, and not as diverse as it could be.

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