Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bowling Green State University is a great experience where I have made friends that I plan to have for a lifetime and I have begun learning for my career.


A not very difficult academic environment that offers lots of extracurricular activities but that also has some racial intolerance issues.


Bowling Green State University is wonderful school that offers a variety of programs to students of many backgrounds.


Bowling Green State University is a school that may not be in a big city, but is still division one and offers big city opportunities while making you feel at home on a smaller scaled campus that makes you feel at home.


A friendly, accepting environment, where opportunities are provided to the students so they can achieve greatness.


BGSU's campus is beautiful to say the least. I come from a small high-school that graduated 32 students so at first BGSU was huge to me. However after a few weeks BGSU's size was nothing to be afraid of. While the campus is large, it's not too large to the point where transportation is needed to move from building to building. If you need transportation however there is an on-campus bus system that stops by all the important areas on campus as well as an off campus routs that hits a few important spots around town both of which are free to BGSU students to ride. There are lots of statues and green spaces around campus to check out and the architecture of a lot of the buildings is visually pleasing.


I love it here!


A small living community that has gorgeous scenery and friendly people.


Bowling Green is the best college I visited and I knew right away that this was the school for me because it is nice, not too big and all the people you pass say hi.


A great place for students to well prepare themseleves for the future.


My school is helping me grow into the person that I have always dreamed of becoming and it has taught me about life and all that surrounds it.


BGSU is accomodating, friendly, comfortable, and worthwhile.


A well diversed social community, focused on education and helping people grow as individuals.


Bowling Green is a fun and involved school!


My school is not only the home of many successful individuals who are proud to admit Bowling Green State University is their alma matter, but is also filled with individuals who are proud to be at Bowling Green State University and reflect this statement in their work ethics and other such efforts.


BGSU is a 4 year university that stresses the importance of being "green" and liberal minded.


A great place to learn and engage in community.


BGSU is the place where I learned to think on my own, defend my opinions, become an adult, and to truly enjoy each moment that I live.


Makes you work hard, typically have a steady amount of work, yet can be very fun with the right friends.


Bowling Green State University is unstable in it's education with their lack of ability to cope with change, poor communication skills with their students, and hiring process for teachers; trying too hard to be a research and teaching school.


BGSU is a school of a larger size with a small-town college atmosphere that offers a large variety of majors and extracurriculars that fit the interests of many different types of people; anyone who will give the effort to fit in could assimilate to this school and its environment.




I learned a lot and I loved a lot. I met a lot of people. You can choose any of these sentences, they're all pretty good. Except the last 2.


BGSU is a fun place to live, learn, and have fun.


At BGSU, you get the many options of a large school combined with the personal attention and care of a smaller institution; liberal arts oriented yet with a strong tradition of academics.


BGSU is a small to medium university in a small town, and is just the right size that students don't feel lost or overwhelmed at the size, and they are not left wishing there was something to do closeby.


Bowling Green State University provides a great learning experience and environment that helps prepare students for the real world and their futures.


My school is small but fulfilling big dreams


I would describe Bowling Green as a place for those who are classy,fun, and ambitious.


It's a great place to learn and grow.


BGSU is a school where all students can dream big and achieve their goals because of different aspects, such as diverse classes and professors, a great career center, and many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, or with the community.


Bowling Green State University is a well rounded school.


A whole lot of fun.


The friendliest college you will ever attend.


my school is very academically and socially focused.


small and fun, theres lots to do and its easy to get to it.


BGSU is a small, friendly university with a strong social and night life.


Bowling Green State University is a school that works hard to help students succeed both academically and in the workplace.


Subpar for the price.


perfect size but still a large division 1 school