Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at BGSU are awesome to say the least. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Whether you are walking to class or grabbing a bite to eat at the union, you'll always come across a smiling face. I am so happy to have chosen such an amazing school with great individuals.


The students on BGSUs campus are really friendly andvare energetic in fun events.


They are diverse, unique, and some of the friendliest and coolest people you'll ever meet.


My classmates at BGSU are energetic, focused, and goal-oriented.


My classmates are inventive, hard working, and dedicated in every project they encounter.


My classmates at Bowling Green are nice and helpful, offering assistence for completing homework assignments or even studying for final exams.


My classmates often vary from hardworking to laxidasical when it comes to work ethic, but overall they are very friendly and considerate to one another.


Unique and quirky people with good heads on their shoulders.


In my two and a half years at the school, I found that there is more emphasis placed on the social aspects of college rather than the academic aspects. It is not uncommon to encounter students who deliberately delay graduation in an effort to extend the college lifestyle. However, in upper-level classes students do tend to be more academicaly focused.


My current classmates are very helpful and friendly.


My classmmates that I meet we're all very friendly.


At a school of 19,000+ there is going to be at least 1 weird person or jerk. I haven't been able to meet that person at BGSU yet. Everyone at BG is very friendly and accepting no matter what your race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Everyone has a place here at BGSU. Another important thing is the Undergraduate Student Government. If a misrepresented student is facing issues or discrimination, USG is there to provide assistance. Students may walk into their office on the 4th floor of the Student Union whenever they need help or would like to change or petition something on campus.


My classmates are usually ready to help others in classes, open to learning new ideas, and welcoming to new students.


My classmates are friendly and fun, they made me feel at home and welcome from the minute I got on campus.


Some class mates can be very helpful and others keep to them self depends on the class and the teacher.


My classmates were a fairly tight-nit group that enjoyed engaging each other both in and out of the classroom.


There friendly, have a lot of respect for their surroundings, they help everyone out in the classroom. They dont like to be the main focus in class, they have a lot of goal orientaited aspects in life, and moslty thats just helping out fellow students.


My classmates are kept to themesleves; however, open up and be a true friend.


My classmates are a good mixture of liberal and conservative. The student body is diverse all the way around. There are students of nearly every race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. For the most part, every student I have met is friendly, hard-working, and willing to work. They all have their social lives outside of class, but they are concerned with their classwork as well.


The description of my classmates varies with each class but as a whole my classmates are energetic and willing to help if i dont understand something but can also be distracting when the information being taught becomes boring or confusing.


My classmates are the type of people who are just now realizing that they have more freedom than they've ever had before.


The students here are diverse, but predominantly white, I recommend you find a study partner they help your stress levels come finals time.


In my major, my classmates and I are very close and it is almost like a family, even with our professors.


Kind of closed minded


They tend to lose focus based on the size of the class or the length of the lecture.


My classmates are very helping when I need help with something in class.


My classmates are mostly aviation students like myself, and are very knowledgeable (depending on class level), and mostly a fun group to hang out with in and outside of class.


My classmates are friendly in some classes and distant in others.


My classmates are eager to learn from professionals in the field.


Stuck up, preppy, annoying, stupid, drunks.






The students at this school are very active and nice to one another, most students are willing to do their share of work as well as help fellow classmates.


Frat boys and sorority girls who like to do their hair and drink.




my classmates are creative, smart and fun.


Engaged in the learning process, and willing to help others out if asked for help


My classmates, for the most part, live for the weekend and care more about drinking at the bars than they do about education or helping other people.


My classmates are eager to learn when they show up to class.


My classmates are seem goal-oriented, and interested to learn and engage in discussions in order to learn what they need to succeed in their field of study.


They are very knowledgable and outgoing while being very accepting of new people that could be getting used to things.