Bradley University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is big on campus. I am an alumna of a sorority on campus. The campus, in general, is big on community service and getting involved with the community around us. The things to do off campus would be to go to the movies, parks, mall or out to eat.


There are many organizations around campus. I am involved in a sorority and theatre.


The most popular groups on campus are definitely the sororities/fraternities and the Christian/religious groups. I'm involved in a social sorority on campus and I love it. It gives you the opportunity to meet a ton of great people that you wouldn't necessarily meet on campus otherwise. Also, it gives you the opportunity to participate in various local, national philanthropies and volunteer-ism. Bradley basketball games are the most popular sporting events and then soccer would come in second in popularity. There are a lot of good guest speakers that come each year on various topics. But every week during the year there is an artist/art related speaker sponsored by the art department. Also, every year there is one big rock concert, which is really popular. Last year we had Jack's Mannequin, which was awesome. There are a lot of theater productions during the year and they really try to get freshman involved, even if you're a first time actor. There really isn't a dating scene because the size of the school is so small. There really isn't an opportunity to meet new people to date unless you go to the bars around campus. My closest friends are my sorority sisters and although it's corny; some of them will probably be my bridesmaids. If you are awake at 2AM on a Tuesday, you are probably at Wal-Mart, which is open 24 hours. We have a week-long Homecoming celebration each year and most of our events revolve around our basketball and soccer teams. People party a lot, especially if you are in a sorority/fraternity. There isn't a lot that happens on the weekdays, but our weekends start on Thursday night and don't end till Sunday morning. Last weekend I went out to the bars with my friends and had a few drinks. If you don't drink, there's always movies on and off campus, bowling, studying, etc. Off campus there's mostly just bars, restaurants and 2 malls.


$1 movies are amazing. Leaving your dorm door open is not odd at all. People walked into the room my freshman year which was uncomforting for the first five minutes but I definitly now can see how much I appreciate it. Nerf Commandos is pretty crazy but none the less awesome. 2am on a tuesday I was up playing video games with the people on my floor. I'm not a drinker. I think drinking limits what you can do on a saturday, because while you're hiding from the cops because you're intoxicated, I'm out enjoying myself. Again $1 movis rock. Going out bowling is always fun. Ghost in the graveyard with about 15 other people when its dark out (provided you have boundaries) is unbeatable. You can play beer pong without alchol. Apples to Apples is great with people you don't really know because its fun. Video games are undisputed fun whether you say you like them or not.


Fraternities and sororities are not necessary to join in order to have a social life, but it definitely helps. it turns the volume up in every way. Parties, whether thrown by greeks or non-greeks, happen almost every weekend. You don't even have to know the right people - mostly you just have to know one person who can hook you up, which isn't hard to find. Another popular social event is going to Bradley basketball games downtown. They're cheap, and transportation is free.


leave doors open, great parties! the dating scene is awesome, I met my boyfriend through a friend and he's in a fraternity, so it's a significant part of life here. not everyone is associated with fraternities/sororities and you can still have a great time without them


About 5 years ago Bradley University had a great social life with something fun to do everynight that ranked among the best party schools in the midwest, but times have drastically changed. Now adays people are scared to party because there is a newly enforced comprehensive alcohol plan that charges $450 for a drinking ticket with the possiblity of suspension and eviction from fraternity houses. The biggest downer of the social life is the "Task Force." The task force is a group of undercover state police that come to our parties to write underage people expensive tickets for consumption of alcohol. I truly believe with these new rules the social aspect of BU will totally be destroyed and enrollment with severly be affected.


If your not greek its harder to get involved. But its still very possible.


Greek life is very popular at bradley, it allows a chance to get involved and do fun things while meeting many new people. Even just going through recruitment you make new friends. Being in a fraternity/sorority you get to participate in social events, dances, intermurals, bonding activities, movie nights, philanthropy events and more. In the dorms everyone leaves their door open and you wander from room to room meeting new people. The R.A's really encourage socialization and plan activities for each floor to do together to get to know each other more.


feels pretty safe in the dorms... doors left open if they are there... some ppl don't lock up, i've only heard of one theft incident... campus is small, and the greek system makes the dating scene pretty small... i am a GDI but i've been w/ frat guys and friends with sorority girls, and they all have dated each other... it's kinda gross... parties are OK... get busted fairly often... the bradley police are usually cool, but the task force is a ridiculous waste of tax money... off campus... downtown has bars, dance clubs... there's a nice park (laura bradley park), and when it snows there is a great hill to sled on behind it.


Social life is fun as can be. Just do not go to any large parties. The "Task Force" that you will hear much about your first semester is likely to show up and give you a 400-some dollar drinking ticket. I escaped them twice now, which is luckier than most people are.


If you don't drink, there's no place for you. If you aren't in greek life, there's no place for you. You'd be better off investing in a deck of cards for solitaire than trying to find something to do on the Bradley campus. In any case, your liver will thank you.


The social life is definitely thriving. People tend to party mainly on Thursday through Saturday night. I am not much of a partier myself, so it is possible to have a good time and not get sucked into that scene. As I said earlier, the President is cracking down on some of the campus parties due to underage drinking and past incidents that have lead to tragedy. As far as clubs and organizations go, I wasn't much of a joiner. I tried to make up for it towards the end of my junior year, but some of the organizations - business fraternities and such - and a little pricey. As of now, I am sure that those students that did get involved benefited greatly from it, but I view them as a little overrated. I have never been asked by an employer what activities I was involved in. It has never been the determining factor of landing a job...even though that is what advisors and professors seem to believe. There are all kinds of restaurants to get some dinner, movie theaters are all around, the civic center always has some kind of concert or show, there is usually a baseball game you can catch at the minor league ballpark - Chiefs (a Cubs affiliate) bowling, dance clubs, riverfront activities during the spring, summer, and early fall months. There is always something to do that doesn't have to involve alcohol.


I met my best friend through my soroity. I didn't meet her on Bid Day but she recognized me when she was someplace and didn't know anybody. I didn't know anyone there either and wasn't having fun, so we left and made friends that way.


Bradley has lots of good sports programs which I all hate and despise because sports is lame. Frisbee is also popular, and I hate that too. The only group I'm actually involved with is the Linux Users Group, which meets every other week to discuss the Linux Operating System. It's a great place for anybody who runs Linux or is interested in switching. Most students close their doors, but I always leave mine open. Athletic events seem to be fairly popular as there are always ... people ... cheering outside my window blahblahblah Bradley blahblahblah whatever. Like I said on multiple occasions, I hate sports. I don't know anything about the dating scene, somehow. If this were more anonymous, I could tell you some bizarre stories, but I won't. It's weird, I've been at Bradley for an entire year and I don't feel like I've made ANY friends. This is because everybody usually falls into one of these categories: 1. Different interests 2. Getting wasted 3. Doing drugs 4. Furthering their relationship all over my couch while we're supposed to be hanging out and they're not even dating anymore. If it's 2 am, I'm in my room, by myself. Actually I spend almost all of my time either in class, in the shower, or in my room, by myself. On weekends I can either do homework with my sober friends, avoid my sober friends, or be in my room by myself. People party every weekend, without fail, and often on Thursdays too. What can I do on a Saturday that doesn't involve drinking? I can sit in my room, by myself, or with two sober people trying to make out. Guess what I usually do. I do nothing off campus, least of all at night, because according to my parents, Peoria is a vile city full of gangs, rapists, muggers, and rape gangs, and I have not the self-motivation to question them. I do spend absurd amounts of time in the CS lab doing nothing in particular though. Interestingly, it seems you're not allowed in there past 11 pm [I have key-code access, so I can get in past hours with no supervision], so I'm not allowed to sleep in there.


My freshman year, my floor was not chummy at all. The doors were always closed and I never really got to know anybody on my floor. I always hung out on the floor below mine and got to know all the guys on that floor pretty well. We are very proud of our basketball team and the games have great attendance...they are so fun to go to! Every semester, ACBU brings a big name to campus; this semester we had Jack's Mannequin. In the past, actgs have included Motion City Soundtrack, Black Eyed Peas, and others. Fraternities and Sororities make up about 30% of the student body....and while I am not Greek, every single one of my friends and my boyfriend are and they love it.


Men's basketball is huge. I'm more involved with music ensembles, such as symphonic winds, jazz band, and choir. Bradley's music ensembles are all wonderful. Theater is also awesome, and I know a lot of students enjoy the shows the theater students put on. Dorm floors usually have friendly atmospheres. Of course there are problems between a couple of people here and there, but overall everyone gets along. There are plenty of parties. Not much of a partier here...actually I don't party at all. But I always here about them. I haven't brought my car to campus, so I'm not sure about all there is to do in Peoria. There's the Rave movie theater, bowling, and there's a theater in the Student Center. Movies there only cost a dollar. Dingledine always has music concerts going on and the theater is always putting on shows.


Bradley has a million different groups/clubs/organizations, I really think there is something for everyone. Bradley is a Basketball school. Mens Basketball is what draws alot of attention to the school in the first place. Also Mens soccer in the fall is popular. Sadly, we do not have a football team. Living in the dorms at Bradley was a great time. Dorms alternate guy/girl by floor, and it's the best. Generally people prop their doors open with bricks when they're home and not busy, it's just a fun atmosphere. Greek life is a HUGE part of the university. Bradley has a total of 7 sororities and 15 fraternities. Joining my sorority is how i met some of my closest friends at school. I would say that the majority of the partying does happen, but is not limited to, the fraternities. You can usually walk in to one and find something going on. Although the dorms are dry, there have been quiet a few parties in select rooms. Also like I mentioned earlier, downtown is a great place to go to the bars, or farmington road as well. People party all days of the week. It just depends on what their schedule allows. And of course thrusday, fridays and saturdays are the big days for drinking. Recently there are things that Bradley has come up with as an alternative for drinking of the weekends. They offer new movies for a dollar in the theatre and I believe they are starting a late night club, alcohol free of course.


There is pretty much a group on campus for anything you could imagine. If what you're looking for isn't there, it's not unheard of for students to create new groups. I met my closest friends in the dorms and in groups that I'm involved in. People drink a lot on Bradley's campus because there's not a whole lot else to do.


I am in APO or Alpha Phi Omega, which is a co-ed service fraternity. We participate in and hold many service events every semester, but we also hold leadership events and several friendship events every semester. One example of this is an IDP, or Instant Date Party. Everyone in APO is invited to go somewhere after chapter for free and they can bring a date. You don't know it's going to happen until chapter is over and it is announced. If I'm up at 2 am on a weeknight, I'm usually studying. Or talking to my friends who are also up "studying".


Getting killed by the Illinois police.


There are some active fraternities and sororities at Bradley that all contribute to society in one way or another. Many of my friends are fraternity members and there seems to be no grudges between them. I spend much of my time at home being a commuting student, but I will occasionally spend time with my friends from Bradley outside of class. We have gone to bars, out to eat, played paintball, hit the driving range and more.


Bradley's social scene mostly revolves around the Greek system. 1 in 3 students on campus is part of it, but that doesn't mean you need to go Greek to make friends. I chose not to join a house, and ended up having plenty of fun on campus. I was never into drinking, which meant I had to find other things to do. Just recently, Bradley's president presented a new Alcohol plan, which will provide things for students to do other than drinking. On the weekends, you can see a movie for a $1, those are fun. During the winter months, Bradley men's Basketball is king. If you like basketball, Bradley's the place to be. 2 years ago they went to the NCAA sweet sixteen. Last year they played in the NIT and this year in the CBI, making it to the championship series. If you like soccer, these games are awesome. Our soccer team made it to the Elite Eight this year. If you love sports, Bradley will help you out!


Greek life, Residential life staff and athletes are what you hear the most about. Greeks make up about 30% of the campus, res life are very involved with one another and so are the athletes. Even though they may be involved in these organizations most students are involved in a variety of organizations on campus and become involved with students that are not in those organizations. Depending on the personalities of people on a floor, most people leave their doors open. The campus really tries to get students involved on campus and with each other. At the beginning of the year there is even a competition for who leaves their doors open the most with a chance to win gift cards and other things. I met my closest friends on my floor on move in day and from my sorority. Rushing a Greek house is a very good opportunity to meet people in a house or those rushing with you. Basketball games, soccer game are very popular and every so often there will be a concert on campus or a play in the theater. Parties happen usually on the weekends and sometimes random weeknights. Usually major ones are off campus ,at a fraternity house and sometimes the dorms. In the dorms most people have get togethers and major ones are sponsored by the dorm itself like the all hall ball. At two in the morning depending on what time of the year it is people could be out, or just coming in, walking around campus, in the library or off campus. Off campus you can go dancing, go down town, shopping at the two malls, eat explore peoria, ride the ferry and much more. Last weekend a few of my friends and I ate at a restaurant by the river front, took random pictures and walked around downtown. There are lots of things you can do that don't involve drinking both on and off campus all you need to do is look. On campus we have late night BU and sometimes there will be movies playing in the theater or other events going on.


Greek life is very active on campus. The actual percentage of Greek students is 30%, but it seems like more. However, it is not such a large percentage of students that non-Greek students feel left out. The Greek community socializes with other people and do not generally discriminate. Of course, they hold parties on the weekends that are popular, but by no means does everyone on campus drink. You can always find a group of people who have the same interests as yourself to hang out with. Bradley also has over 240 other student organizations. There are a wide variety of organizations, so there is always something for everyone. Also, it is very easy for a group of students to start a new club. The basketball team is the pride and glory of Bradley. The student section is called "The Red Sea" and it is full of rowdy students every single game. The soccer team is also pretty good and gets a lot of students excited. There are also lots of intramural sports to get involved in.


Bradley could use more of a social life.


If you live in the dorms, most students do leave their doors open. I can remember many a movie nights that started just because someone walked into someone else's room and said "Hey do you wanna watch a movie?". Athletic events can be popular if they are basketball or soccer. But it all depends on what kind of sports you like. We have all kinds, and if there isn't a team, we have intramurals where you can be on a team that doesn't play nationally. People tend to party Thursday - Saturday so that they can study on Study. But if there is a special at the bar, you can bet that people will be there. Fraternities more than sororities seem to throw the best parties, but sometimes it is better to just start your own party. If you want to get off campus and like to dance, you can go to Stone Country in Bartonville. It is mainly line dancing, but on Friday nights, they have a DJ that spins so it is not only country music that is played - & it's a blast!


Social life can kinda of take over one's life if you are not well disciplined. Living on your own can be very exciting but you have to remember that you are at school for a reason. I always think of it as a job 5 days out of the week and the weekend i can relax a little but still find time for school work. At college, parties happen quit frequently, you have to remember what you are at school for and need to discipline yourself. But going to a party doesn't mean you have to drink. You can go there and drink water if you really want to, people respect others opinions and don't question them.


Its really easy to meet people at bradley. Floors in the dorms get really close and people always leave their doors open and talk to each other. there are alot of different activities to become with. There is a big greek population.


The Greek system is huge at Bradley. About 30% of students are involved in the Greek system, which compared to a larger school would probably be about 10%. The Greeks run a majority of campus events, philanthropies, etc. They also are where most people go for a weekend social life (or weekday?)


Many students are Greek. Many are in their major's organization to help them with their careers. Many athletic events are sold out, so its always a blast to be with your fellow students to cheer on your school. Homecoming Week is a blast with a school-wide event each day. Movies, bowling, shopping, hanging out, playing games are all things that can be done on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking.


Not much to do on campus if you do not go Greek. Greek life seems to have more fun and more privilege. Intramurals are good, organizations are easy to start. Parties have to be careful because we have task force that visits once in a while. Dorm life is loud like always. Lot of events for Greek life. Lots of music on campus, small music artists.


Social Life is good on campus. Dorms Rooms are always open. Bradley provides students with many different options for activities. Many different groups are on campus. The Greek Life is one of the biggest things at Bradley. There are 14 male social fraternities and 7 female social sororities. Greek Life makes up 25-33% of the student body. Parties are typically pretty easy. There are some things to do in the area such as professional hockey and baseball games, as well as ice skating, bowling, mini golfing, and many other things.


Join a fraternity. Once you do that, plan on playing intermurals, going to movies, playing games, attending campus events and yes attending some parties.


GREEK! Go greek its really fun. Im also in an organization called Fellows where you get a scholarship for four years to volunteer and attend weekly meetings. Thats really fun too. There's a million things and groups to join on campus. You can pretty much find a party any night of the week except when task force is out. They're this annoying group of cops who come and bust parties but everyone knows when they're coming so its no big deal. There's not a lot off campus if you dont have a car and it gets expensive driving around but on campus theres a lot. They have a movie theater and different events. Next year they'll have more stuff since they are trying to curb drinking.


Get involved on campus many groups are fun, the ones ive heard of are: ACBU- they are in charge of what entertainment comes to campus, if you want to get a particular type of band or comedian, get involved and get some good acts at campus, this year Jack's mannequin and several funny comedians came to campus. Habitat for Humanity- they build houses as charity, many construction/engineers join this. C.E.O- a business group which is FREE, they have small business on campus to make a profit, and work with you to enter business plan competitions in which you can win a lot of money, they also take you to Chicago McCormick place for the annual CEO conference where you stay in a 5star hotel for two nights and talk to successful CEO's and its all paid for by the school! Phi Chi Theta/ your majors' honers fraternity. They are helpful for finding a job Greek life- its award winning and I highly suggest it. Most events are off campus so be careful as Peoria is a bad area, parties will either be at a fraternity house or an off campus house. Parties are fun but usually they are not huge like in some movies (bradley student size is small) For people over 21 (bars do card hard) their are many bars students go to that are loads of drunken fun. If going to bars get a DD or cab, Bradley doesn't offer a ride system. Many people get tired of the dorm life and move off campus, their are nice university owned apartments and many off campus student housing available your junior year, unless you go Greek and move out of dorms sooner.


I'm in the student radio as a broadcaster. Not too many students listen to the radio, but its fun. My floor doesn't leave our doors open, but alot of floors do. There are events to go to outside of classes which are really fun, but you need to search for them. Sometimes they're hard to find.


I was involved with the student newspaper, so I made most of my friends through that and through my freshman dorm. I think a lot of the people stay friends with the people they live on the same floor as as freshman. Parties go on almost every night from Thursday through Saturday, but the school cracked down the last two years on parties hosted by fraternities. It seems like if you're not in a frat or sorority, you have to know somebody who is to get into a good party. But there are still lots of good off-campus parties to go to. Organizations bring in a lot of guest speakers, but not many are well attended, except for the Robison Lectures hosted by the Communications Department. Basketball games are by far the biggest events on campus. The biggest games of the year will have close to 1,500 students in attendance. I'd say about 1,000 go on average.


By far, the most popular organizations on campus are greek. Our school is very greek, from the parties to philanthropies on campus. However, just because you're not greek doesn't mean you can't have fun. I wasn't greek my entire freshman year, and did just fine. One thing that is nice about bradley: I wasn't a drinker until I turned 21, and got next to no pressure to do so. People in general are very accepting of one another, and supportive.


If you want to participate, you can! There are lots of opportunities to get involved on campus. You can even start your own organization if none of the ones already on campus fit who you are. Just sign up in the Student Activities Office.


Their is not just one popular group on campus, everything is popular because everyone has different interests. Most all students leave their dorm room open unless they aren't there (of course!) but mostly everyone is friendly. The athletic events are CRAZY! Free tickets are given out at times even for the city's baseball team at the beginning of the school year and if something important is going on at the time. Every year there is a Block Party,Taste of Bradley,Activities Fair and numerous other events the beginning of the week to get acquainted with everyone and everything taking place on campus.


If you don't go greek, especially if you're a guy, finding a social life can be kind of hard. The majority of the parties on the weekends are hosted by fraternities, so if you're a girl you can still find things to do but if you're a guy you're pretty much s.o.l. I'm in a sorority and I love it, and I was always friends with the guys before this, so they're definitely not like most people think they are. Any of our sororities are really great. The dating scene is good, but Bradley is small so it can seem like finding new people is hard after a semester. There's a party or somewhere to party any night of the week, but like any campus thursdays-saturdays are the best nights. Bradley has a great orientation program, that's where I met my closest friends. It's a few days long and really gives you the chance to meet kids. I met alot of people through rush and greek life, but you meet alot of people just hanging out in the dorms. The social life and activities are definitely my favorite part about bradley.


I don't live on campus so I'm pretty oblivious to what happens there, really.


The social life here at Bradley, could be a little better, but it isn't. The school just came out with a new drinking rule and the school wants to try and be a "dry" school. Greek life is extremely small compared to bigger schools, but we still have a big impact on the school.


Frats and Sororities are very comoon. 15frats, and 7 sororities. if you live in Heitz--everyone's door is always open...but Uhall on the other hand, their doors are always closed. Uhall is also known as the party dorm.


Greek life is very big. Bad thing is getting less fun because police are becoming more active...if you have that sort of social life. Not much to do on weekends unless you have a car for non-partying activities


I don't know, probably the Greek life; I'm not involved in any groups; probably about a third do. Mine is always open; I know quite a few people who go to all the athletic events, I've never heard of anyone listening to a guest speaker, and a lot of people go see the plays; I am not one to talk about the dating scene; One was my roommate for a few months, one was my neighbor freshman year, and one was in my West Civ and Comp class; watching TV, hanging out with one of my close friends, or outside smoking by myself; I've only been here one year, so I don't really know; well I have a few friends who party probably every day of the week, I have a few friends who only party on the weekends, and I have a few friends (including myself) who never or rarely party; a lot of people are involved in the Greek life, but my friends and myself are not into that; I got this over summer break, so I doubt its relevant; I usually hang out with my other friends that don't drink; I tend to stay on campus, cities scare me.


There are a lot of organizations and programs that students can get involved in. There are sports and clubs, a variety of things to join in for Freshmen coming in to join and any other student to join. These organizations are good ways to keep busy and to meet a lot of knew people.

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