Bradley University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are looking for a school with a sense of community due it its tinyness--which can definitely be a good thing--Bradley University is the place to go.


Someone who is interested in meeting new people from all around the world should definitely consider attending Bradley. Any one who is looking forward to a new experience should attend.


Someone who is looking for a smaller school feel, while still obtaining many of the resources a larger school offers. We have a brand new exercise facility, and are constantly building new things, or updating things. Althugh Bradley may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other universities, the indoor facilities more than make up for the outdoor facade. Bradley really makes sure that it's students are successful. Professors are almost always able to meet, and you recieve two free hours of tutoring a week, which can take a B to an A, believe me.


I think this school is perfect for almost anyone, especially people that like close relationships with his/her professors. Someone that likes a small community feeling would like it as well. People that like to party should not attend though because this school does not have many parties or activities going on.


I believe that Bradley University is for students who want a small college with a big college feel. Even though Bradley's campus i small it offers many of the same things a larger university would. Stuentas who attend Bradley are typically more carreer diven and don't have much emphasis towards sports.


Any kind of person could fit into this school. As long as they are willing to work hard the school will benifit any person.


If you are interested in majoring in nursing or engineering, this school is for you. Also if you are Catholic this school has many groups on campus and religious services.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the person who wants a healthy mix of fun and schoolwork. There's always something going on on or off campus on every weekend, whether it is alcohol related or not, and during the week we have many extra-curriculars to attend. We also have a challenging program for students, so it is good in that aspect as well.


A person who likes to have a good time while alchol is not the most important thing in your life.


Bradley is for students who are willing to learn yet want to find a happy balance between academics, social life, and campus involvement. Most of the students who attend Bradley are focused yet willing to put the books aside for a game of frisbee, volunteer oppurtunity or fraternity or sorority event.


Academically oriented, intelligent students, as well as creative artists.


a white, upper-middle class person from a Chicago suburb who wants to join a fraternity or sorority. mostly.


Someone majoring in engineering, nursing, or education.


There is no particular type of person who attends Bradley. We all enjoy the smaller campus with only 6,000 students attending on average per year. We have great professors who are always available to us. Someone who attends this school needs to want to do well, and enjoy working with others, someone who is willing to voice their opinion because we all want to hear it.


Someone who grew up in Peoria who don't want to live far from home. People from India looking for a Master's Degree. People looking for a small college with few opportunities.


The person that should attend this school is someone that is open to new ideas and knows how to have fun but still be serious with school work at the same time. Bradley university is a school where if you want to get involved you can get involved but if you dont do anything you will be bored.

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