Bradley University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I understood the principles of time management and had known of the great ways to focus as I do now to get the work I need to do done and have more time during the busy weeks to relax and hang out with folks. It would've made the first semester a bit more enjoyable had I known all of that.


I wish I would have know to not be scared to move in and live on my own. College may seem frightening at first, but once you get the hang of it there are no worries in the world, well other than studying hard and getting good grades. I also wish I woud have know all the opportunities that I was going to get with starting college. One of these opportunities is making some new life long friends, starting a future in my career, and learning to be on my own. My best advice is to stay positive.


I wish I would have know that teachers at Bradley want to know what you learned out of their class and how do you plan on using that knowledge in the future instead of you acing every test and not memorizing everything. I wish I would have known about the limited scholarships here. Also how to join a club or even a sport and just get involved it makes the whole college experience much more exciting. I wish I would have known how to save my mealplan before I came to this school.


I can honestly say that I didn't need to know anything before attending Bradley. I visited the school before enrolling & I even spoke with student that were attending the school. I liked what I saw and what I heard so I also chose to attend the university. Bradley is a really good school and as long as I work hard and stay on top of my work and classes, I won't have any problems.


I am use to metropolitan areas, and as such, I was shocked when I went to Bradley. Everything is rather spread out like a suburb, so sometimes it feels more like a commuter school. Since I live several states away, I don't have the option to leave every weekend, so sometimes it gets difficult. I was not expecting it to be as open, and seperated from the city as it is, so that was the biggest surprise I faced when going to college.


What I wish I had known isn't a reflection on my university, but my own interests and future goals. I wish I had realized my wish to pursue a French minor from the very beginning. However, I guess that's one of the great things about being "forced" to take a variety of classes - you have the opportunity to grow and discover yourself.


You cannot really get prepared until you experience it yourself firsthand. You hear all kinds of advice but you can use it to help adapt to certain situations.


Probably exactly how the tutoring system worked. I definitely could have used it my freshman year when I started with chemistry. Although we had heard about tutoring, it wasn't until I became a tutor myself that I really learned how they worked. The tutoring system has come to my aid more than one time when I was not struggling with a class necessarily, but trying to raise a grade from a B to an A.


I wish that I had known that this school didn't offer research opportunities. I really want to do research but without any research experience that may be difficult.


What I wish I would have known before coming to Bradley University is that I wish I knew how to set up my schedule better for the first semester. I also I wish I would have known how to get around campus more and known the area of Peoria a little bit better. I also wish I would have known what professors were good professors and what professors were not that great.


i wish that i had known i would have to work harder than i did in high school. I also wish that i had known how important it is to get involved on campus.


I knew everything that I needed to know about the school.


As a high school senior I wish I would have applied for more scholarships. I never realized the costs of an education. It was very important to me to continue my studies and so going to college was not a question. Bradley is a private university and an expensive one at that! Although money had no factor in my decision to attend Bradley, I am now struggling with payments that keep me in school. Although I wish I had done more research about financial aid, I am aiming for the future in hopes of graduating with a much lighter burden.


i wish i had known how hard it was going to be to pay for everything without having to stree about it.


I don't think theres much you would need to know before you came here. Oh besides look for jobs early, they go fast. Its nice to have one on campus for a little extra spending money on the weekends and to help out the parents with the bills.


I didn't realize that the school offered certain scholarships, until my daughter applied for the school and some of the scholarships. I guess my high school's counceling office was not as aware of the scholarships available as my daughter's high school guidance councelor was aware.


Honestly nothing, because I knew all I needed to know about Bradley before I enrolled.


That the inital financial package would be substantually reduced after my first year. Which put my mother and I in a financial bind for my sophomore year and casued us to move back in with my grandmother.


Watch your money. This school is not cheap. If you can get a job off campus you will be very happy. Book are very very expensive, if you can order them online or find them somewhere else cheaper, you will save lots of money. I would also suggest taking general education classes somewhere else to save money.


I wish i had know the exact cost of this school before I came.


I wish I had more money because now I have two pretty big private student loans under my name that I would have to pay when schools over (not including my next two years). I was not completely ready for all the free time and to know how to study for the class that I was in.


I wish that I had done a little more research on the career path I was planning on at the time. Bradley is small, but they have an amazing amount of different Majors to study.


I wish my high school had emphasized lecture notetaking. I had a variety of professors, some wrote their notes on the board, some had printed outlines, and some you had to pick and choose throughout the lecture what was important.


I wish I had more of an idea of what I wanted to study because I changed my major three times since first enrolling. this caused me to take on so many credit hours per semester in order to catch up so I could graduate on time. But the professors and students I encountered are some the best I have ever known and I would not change meeting them.


I wish I would have know that Bradley University provided a wonderful education, and that I should have taken advantage of every class I had.


I wish I had known how boring that Peoria was, to be perfectly honest.


The high school I attended was more interested in students discovering their personal interests than this college, and had more opportunities.


How large Greek life actually was. And true class sizes.


not too diverse.


I wish I knew the fast pace of the classes and also the work load at Bradley University. My freshman year I struggled trying to balance my social life with school. After my third year I finally feel I understand the hardwork expectations. Today I work over 20 hours a week at Walgreens and up to 5 hours working for Bradley University, I also am involved in a fraterity and CEO club. I understand the work load and have been able to stablize my time management most effectively.


That there isnt a lot of variety of restaurants in the town.


I wish I had known that 80% of the students here were involved in a Sorority/Fraternity. I sometimes feel out of place because I did not join a Sorority and it is looked so highly upon.

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