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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


At the age of 17, I had such a bright future ahead. I was headed off to college but I didn't have a plan for success. I took my free time, my youth, my lack of responsibilities and my access to an education for granted. If I could go back, I'd whisper words of perserverance in that young girl's ear. I'd explain how a degree could open doors and break the glass ceiling. I'd tell her to treasure those afternoons of leisure and show her a glimpse of what life with a full-time job, children, bills and responsibilities looks like. Maybe then, she would see how lucky she was to have had all of the tools to succeed so easily within her reach. I would encourage her to seek out resources and prepare for greatness by surrounding herself with a support system. Last night, i sat through freshman orientation and I was literally twice the age of some of the dual-credit students. I am so grateful for the knowledge I now have that will ensure success at the end of this journey.


I would pay way more attention to what my math teacher was saying and I would learn to develope study habits instead of not studying at all. I would also get involved in more extra curricular activities and do more volunteer work in order to be more invloved with the comunity but still balance my school work and social life.


Knowing qhat i know now i would say "life after your liver transplant isnt going to be hard ! I know you feel like you're not going to live to get one ; however, you are ,so please make plans to take the SATS and talk with your adviser to get applications for good colleges. Dont settle for community college , you wont have enough money to finish.Start looking for scholarships now ,you have a reason to strive now ,so please dont waste this time use it to help us in the future."


If I could go back in time I would enchorage myself to take more PAP and AP classes and to work harder on getting my ACT/SAT scores up. Even though I was as well prepared for college as I could be these things would of helped me earn scholarships a lot easier.


First things first, if i could go back in time and tell myself what I know now; I would start off by saying that no matter struggles life throws at you, things do get better. When i was younger I never had any encouragement at home or in school. I was surrounded by negative poeple who only discouraged my hopes and dreams. In high school I never pushed myself to full potential. This messing up my GPA. If i could do it all over again I would tell myself that what other poeple have to say and think doesnt matter. If im gonna do something then i should do it 100 percent and do it for myself not for anyone else. Another thing i would tell myself is that guys are only there to bring and slow you down. I wouldnt focus on guys like i did. I dated a guy for almost 4 years and all he did was physically and emotionally abuse me. I know i am better than that and thats why i chose the medical profession to help young people who dont have the support and help like myself.