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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Luckily these stereotypes are really not true at all. So a lot of us do love nature more than most schools, but the main reason for that is we live in Brevard, NC which is right next door to Pisgah National Forest and Dupont Forest. We are known as the land of the waterfalls because we have over 260 waterfalls right in our backyard (I mean wouldnt you love nature a little more if you could go do your homework beside a 200 ft waterfall). Also we have a program here known as WLEE (Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education) which is for students who really love the nature and wish t pursue careers in that area. Classes include Kayaking, Backpacking, rock climbing, Immersion whcih is a 20 day backpacking trip (think of it as your final project for the major). We are definitly not anti athletics. At Brevard we have a total of about 650 students and over 50% of them are athletes. Our sports include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Track and Field, Cheerleading, Cycling, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, and Softball. Me being a music major I dont really know a lot about the atheltics but i do know that i have made some great friends who are atheltes and even though there is some students who are "anti" athletes that is a very small percentage of the school. Since Brevrd is so small we all really want everyone to succeed in what ever they are pursuing. Granted that music is a very important and popular major at this school, not everyone who goes here studies music. Most peole getus confused with the Brevard Music Center which is a school that takes place during the summer that is all music (hince the name of the school). However we do have a very good music program and we have an incredibly talented faculty and staff. We are definitly not all rich kids. Just because this is a private and it is a litle more expensive than most 87% of the student body has some sort of financial aid. $7 million in aid was coordinated for Brevard College students in 2003-2004 for 578 students (thats alot of money). Nd believe me if BC wasnt so willing to help with Financial Aid then i wouldnt have been able to go there.

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