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This school is so culturally diverse! My classes are full of students from 50 different countries around the world. I have learned so much about other countries, cultures, and lots of new words in various languages. Not only has this school provided me with an educational experience, it has given me real world applications outside of American culture.


It is warm and welcoming and full of hawaiian culture. There are students from all over the world . Everyone is friendly and getts to know each other quickly because of the small campus size and small number of students attending school. Don't forget there is a veiw if the crystal clear ocean that is perfectly warm all year round. I almost forgot about the whole reason I go to the school, there are great professors that have alot of experience in their professions and teach the curriculum well.


At BYU Hawaii it is a cultural adventure. A melting pot, bringing in people from all around the world to a school known for its morals and learning enviroment. The school has a smaller student body and campus making class sizes a lot less than other universities. This creates an easier enviroment to seek help from teachers and also to really get to know your peers. BYU Hawaii is known for its uplifting Aloha Spirit helping ease through the stresses and obstacles that come with college life.


In the search for an affordable college, BYU-Hawaii stands far above the rest. Money was a big reason for my choice in a college. A top-class, internationally-renowned University that doesn't upset your wallet, like BYU-Hawaii, is the way to go. Especially if you would rather avoid student loans. The education, plus beautiful location on the North Shore of Oahu, comes very cheap when you take a look at the tuition costs versus other colleges.


well the most appealing aspect of it is that it was located in Hawaii! It also brings together people from all over the world and teaches us to be tolerant, respectuful and understanding of those around us. Lastly it has very small class sizes which has allowed me to personally get to know each of my professors and even become friends with them.


This school is very divers while keeping the Standards pf the LDS church


My school provided me a completely unique and global setting to gain an education while surrounded by over 70 countries represented through my classmates. It has given me unprecidented access to amazing professors who are practitioners and have real world expertise in my area of study (business management). Small classes, world class education, fraction of the cost, located on the North Shore of Hawaii. The culture of my school is so diverse and the culture of the many countries represented has opened my eyes to a global world, both from a personal perspective and career trajectory.


The cultural diversity that surrounds me is a melting pot of many different countries. I believe there are over 100 countries represented at BYUH which makes this more than just a growth of knowledge from books but also a growth of knowledge of different cultures. Going around campus and hearing different languages being spoken is something I never would've imagined. I now know words in Mandarin, Russian, Afrikaans, and other languages that I would have never learned had I gone to any other university that I considered when I was applying for schools.


This school is a church school. LDS environment so every begining of class, people will pray to Heavenly Father (God). This school also have students from 75 difference countries study here.


The location offers such a great opportunity to enjoy the earth and get to know people from all over the world. Over 70 countries are represented on campus and it is really great to be able to interact with so many cultures.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is unique because of it's level of diversity and it's drive to succeed. The school's motto is "enter to learn, go forth to serve" based on a quote given by a founder of the school which stated that those attending this university would leave to become a great influence for spreading peace throughout the world. It's an institution where all backgrounds are accepted and we're encouraged to step outside of our comfort zone. This pushes us to succeed and encourage each other, because we are all equally learning together.


At Brigham Young University Hawaii, there is one particular unique factor that comes to my mind. There are over 70 different countries that are represented at this school. Different color, different races, different cultures, different languages, and different perspectives all come together at this school and bond as if they were family. Even though diversity is a main distincition within this school, the atmosphere of love and unity it possesses is unique and life changing.


It has a unique culture on it's own that other schools don't seem to have. There's a real spirit of community and friendship on campus and everyone at my school actually wants to be there.


This is my first semester here at BYU Hawaii. I was a transfer student from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, and decided I needed a change in my life. The moment I walked on campus I fell in love with this school. It's so different than any other university. The one thing that I love about the school is the diverse culture we have here. There are people from all over the world who come to get an education. I'm getting to know people from all over the world and where they came from.


I think our school has two big special qualities. First, our school is very safety. It does not allow the students to smork and drink alcohol. Because of this, we can concentrate on our studies. And then, our school has a lot of foreign students. There are people from more than 70 countries in the school. We can easily make friends from other countries, and we can know their cultures. I do not think there are a lot of schools like our school, so our school is very nice one.


The most unique thing about this school is the religious factor. Religion is a huge part of this schools curriculum and the students are constantly invited and reminded to live by the standards of the latter day saint church. As a student there, you agree to an "Honor Code" that says you promise to abide by these standards. The location also makes it very unique because you are on the beautiful island of Oahu. Many think this would make it difficult to study but the students definitely make time for studying as well as playing.


Byu Hawaii is a very unique campus because it intigrates so many cultures. The campus has 2,500 students and the relationships between student and professor become more personnel. You are't just sitting in a classroom of hundreds of students that only talk to the TA and never the professor. Also, I believe that this is not just a school you go to, but there is a reason why people go here. Thousand of students apply, but only a few get in. I was 2 months late on my application and got in. There is a reason for that.


BYUH is the most culturally-diverse school in the United States, and, I believe, in the world. There are kids from over 70 different countries attending school here.


BYU-Hawaii is truly an amazing school. It has a unique multicutlrual environemnt. BYU-H has a student body of 2700 students and has over 74 different nations represented. I have class mates from literally all over the world. During my time at BYU-H i have been exposed to many different cultures and languages, which has allowed me to open my mind and look at ordinary things from a different perspective. I have three room mates. One is from mexico, one from China, and another from America. This is truly a unique experience and a great school.


We have over 70 countries represented in our school, we are very diverse in terms of race/ethnicity.


At BYUH, the college experience is enhanced by the fact that it lies near the middle of the Pacific, and is open to many foreign countries as well. This adds a diversity of student ethnicities, and it allows the student body to study and socialize with many different races. Besides that, it is a very beautiful institution, it is located in Laie, Hawaii; and it is well kept. The class sizes are small enough to be considered intimate, and still large enough to be called a class. The instructors are very pleasant. When you are on campus you feel spirited.


The uniqueness about my achool would have to be the more one on one attention you can get. At larger colleges they do not have a lot of one on one teaching, so some students struggle at those larger colleges. But not at SAU. Teachers take pride in trying to get you through the courses.


Growing up in Honolulu, it was a big change to moving into small town Laie. This school is not for party goers, it has a strict Honor Code enforced in the school. I also work for the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii's largest tourist attraction as a Japanese Sales Representative. Brigham Young University Hawaii is designed to serve international student, so the student population is very diverse. Because Laie is a small town, the student board holds events during the weekends for students. There are also students that like to surf at the nearby beaches.


The agreement of the honor code, based on standards established by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , includes abiding by the standards of Christian living taught by the Church, being honest in all behavior, respecting personal and property rights, obeying the law, avoiding drug abuse, complying with all university regulations, observing the church's Word of Wisdom, abstaining from sexual relations outside of marriage, observing high standards of taste and decency, observing university standards of dress and grooming, and helping others fulfill their responsibilities under this code.


Brigham Young University - Hawaii offers a much more intimate setting than other, larger four year universities. It provides a much more intimate setting which gives students the opportunity to work closely with professors of vast, often international, experience regardless of what field in which they are currently involved. The cultural diversity of the student body, and the wide range of career opportunities at this campus are quite possibly what make this school so unique.


There are students from all over the world here. You will learn how to say hello in every language you could ever want.


We have a very international student population. Half or more of the students on campus are from other countries. International students have the option of using the I-Work program to pay for school where they work at the Polynesian Culture Center and recieve a three year scholarship to help pay for school.


To be unique is to be something extraordinary. BYU-Hawaii is unique to other educational institutions because of its spiritually based and culturally diverse atmosphere. BYU-Hawaii is an LDS university that was built upon the doctrines and standards of the LDS Church. The lifestyle standard we choose to live here is high and not easily reached. However, the blessings that we recieve through our dedication reflect well within our education. The culturally diverse atmosphere here is unique to the world. Here people and their differences are celebrated and respected; we learn to mold ourselves to one other.


The motto "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve" basically sums up the difference. People worldwid come to BYUH to gain an education with the focus that they will give back to thier communities. International business is one of the more popular majors. We are service oriented and we are very diverse. This makes a great learning enviornment when it comes to dealing with different cultures. Over all BYUH is unique because of its diversity and focus on service.


The biggest difference is the intercultural diversity. We have students from countries all around the world that we can learn from and learn how to live with differences in culture and in people. Everybody gets along very well, despite our differences. Another unique thing about this school is the small class size, with the larger classes having only 40-50 students. You are able to develop a strong relationship with all your professors and get help individually. And the best part? It's sunny year-round. It is Hawaii after all.


I think what's unique about this school is that they have Honor Code or also known as Code of Honor. These are standards we need to keep and follow. And I know it's these standards, the Honor Code that enable this school to have this safe studying environment possible for us.


The mix of people from different cultures makes this school unique. This situation allows one to make friends with people from different places around the world with most continents of the world very well represented.


BYU-Hawai'i is distinctly set apart from other colleges that were considered because of the diversity of its student body. Individuals from all different nooks and crannies of the world attend the school, creating an enticing smorgasbord of ethnic variation. A remarkably rich environment nurtured by the hearts and minds of students from all over the creation can be found nestled right within the bosom of BYU-Hawai'i, unified within the true spirit of aloha.


For one, it is in Hawaii. That alone makes it on a different level than the others considered. The student are from over 70 different countries and there are at least 5 students from each coutry. It is a small campus, no more than 2,500 students. The motto, "Enter to Learn: Go Forth to Serve" really had an impact. The history of how it emerged and the sacrifice of those who attend. Specifically the students from all over the world who don't know English and rarely see their families while attending because of costs.


It's a safe haven for people who want to study without the influences of partying and drinking and drugs. Sure, those influences are still here but they are very controlled. We have a free life to have fun and study but we are also always being watched over incase we need help.


That most of the students here are Mormon so we have very high standards and don't drink, do drugs, or have sex before we are married. That makes for a very different collage experience. A much better experience in my opinion.


The racial diversity is amazing; I love that in a class of 30 people, easily 10 different countries can be represented. It?s a fantastic place to learn about other cultures and people from around the world. It is also an amazingly friendly place to live. This is one of the few places I have been to in my life where when you walk down the sidewalk everyone you pass smiles and waves. Brigham Young Uniersity- Hawaii is such an astounding environment to get an education in.


The amount of cultural diversity is mind blowing. Being white, I am the minority. There are so many people from different countries that most of your roommates won't speak the same language.


There are many students who have the same standards and belief as i.


The unique thing about BYU-Hawaii is the spirit of Aloha that is present everywhere you go. There are students at this school from all walks of life, but they are all here for the same purpose. The unity that holds this campus together is one that overlooks cultural, ethical, and personality differences that could otherwise really divide a student body. This type of environment helps during studies because one does not have to worry about the stresses of trying to fit in or standing alone. The students are unified to "enter to learn and go forth to serve".


My school is unique because of its cultural diversity and low classroom sizes. The students at BYU Hawaii come from over seventy different countries. In the class room, the average size is twenty students for every professor. This allows us to receive target instruction from our teachers on a personal basis. This kind of environment helps me learn quicker.


The unique thing about our university is the SPIRIT that surrounds our campus and it shared by the faculty, staff, and students. We are a church college and the spirit here is strong. The love for school, each other, and the mission to attend this university in hopes to go out and serve everyone. I also believe another unique thing about our school is that it is located in the middle of such a tight knit, loving, and supporting community of Laie. The northshore is just the place to be when attending school and BYUH has truly blessed my life


The unique thing about BYU hawaii is the push on educating people from many different countries.


This school is a block away from some of the nicest beaches in the world. The surf is awesome. People are relaxed, laid back and friendly people. The campus is beautiful and it is a smaller community that is active in outdoor activities.


The cultural diversity. 70% of the school's poplation are international students from various locations, but mainly from Asia and polynesia.