Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The classes are very small and personal. My largest class has 50 people in it. The teachers know you by name and will help you one on one. You do not get lost in the crowd of students; you are more than a number here.


The location of my school grants its students the most bragging rights. I spend every evening on my balcony watching the sunset over the ocean. I'm a two minute walk to the beach, a 10 minute drive to some of the most world-renowned surf spots and can get to dozens of some of the most beautiful hikes and lookouts Hawaii has to offer within an hour. Being one of the most international schools in the world also makes it possible for me to be aquainted with a myriad of cultures and peoples in an environment that oozes aloha.


Its a small campus so you get a lot more attention from the teachers and they have a greater concern for wanting to help students with their studies.


I brag to my friends that my school has small classes consisting of no more than 30 students to have one-on-one time with our teachers, instead of large lecture halls. I also say that we have one of the most diverse schools in the nation because there were students at Brigham Young University-Hawaii from 73 different countries. Making friends and meeting people from around the world in a tropical paradise like Hawaii couldn't be any better because it shows how students from around the world can come together to share the same beliefs and values.


The diversity of students. There are over 70 different countries represented. It gives you a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I am married to someone from a different country and we never would have met except if we had come to this school.


I love how this school is laided out and organized; it's easy to get to classes on time and everything is within walking distance. I also love that you have the opportunity to finish a bachelor's degree in 9semesters with a special track; you can graduate but also finish school in less time! :)


Brigham Young University has a great family atmosphere and a multi-cultural background. They welcome many cultures and accept students from all over the world. It's standards and honor code are strictly enforced and followed. Everything is convieniently located.


Diversity is the number one thing that BYU Hawaii is awesome for. There are students from over 70 countries. It is so great how students from all different ethnicities can get along so well. Anywhere you go, you are always hearing a different language. For me, learning about other cultures is so exciting. This is why I think that BYUH is so awesome!


This school is the most diverse school in the world. We have students from more than seventy-six different countries. I get to experience completely different cultures every single day at this school. I have friends, literally, from all over the world. Not to mention, we are located in Hawaii. It is only a five minute walk to the beach. This place is absolutely beautiful. There is so much to do and so much to experience about this island. I am so blessed to live in such an amazing place.


The people are by far the best thing about this school. There are students from over 70 countries and all 50 states. Because of this, I have the privelege of meeting hundreds of people from all kinds of different backgrounds. In 20 years, when other schools have reunions making business deals within the United States, I will connect with friends from Zambia and Korea and make international deals that will help to transform the world.


I love my college, since the first time I came here I have seen how much I have progressed. I am a better person, I communicate with people easily, I have learned how to administrate my money in order to pay my college expenses, I have learned how to use my time wisely because I work and study full time. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have of studying in BYUH where I know I can do my best in every area of my life.


I would brag to my friends about the fact that my school is a very diverse school. A school where i am able to have the ability of getting to understand and know other cultures and make friends with people all over the world. It is a beautiful campus and a very peaceful and safe environment.


I am constantly bragging to my friends about BYU Hawaii. I'm always telling all my friends from back home that they need to come out here and experience life here. It is such a wonderful place. I'm always telling them about the amazing people that I have met from all over the world and here in Laie we have the Polynesian Culture Center where you learn more about the different cultures. I tell them that the classrooms are smaller and so were able to get more of a one on one. BYU Hawaii is the best school!


When i talk about my school i usually brag about how low the stress level is. Everyone at the school is really easy going, and teachers are really understanding. The best part about it all is that the beach is literally a 10 minutes walk from campus so that really helps to decrease students stress. People at the school are so friendly anyone can easily find friends within a day or so.


Mostly the location of beautiful Hawaii and all of the activities included with such a wonderful place. I tell them how I get to wake up to palm trees and the smell of the ocean and all of the wonderful adventures I get to embark on each day.


I go to the most amazing school on the planet. I tell my friends how beautiful my school is and how absolutely stunning the campus is. My school is also the most ethnically diverse school in the country, and possibly the world, with more than seventy countries represented. The teachers care so deeply about the students as well. The students really work together to provide a wholesome atmosphere. And my favorite thing about my school is the small student body. We are all like one big ohana here at BYU-Hawaii. I would not change one thing about my school.


When I tell my friends about this school, they are amazed whereby there are still universities whereby they have honor code and as a student of this university we must obey the rules. They felt this sounds more like a secondary school because my secondary school was a disipline school where all students must follow the rules however, i am used to it with all the rules in my school and i try to minimize my mistakes in the school because all humans make mistakes. Thus rules in university is a must in order to achieve good performance.


The schol is very small, there are a lot of opportunities to grow emotionally and socially. The beach is really close, which is a nice perk. The classes are small.


I brag about the environment that enriches me and my fellow students to enjoy the best education possible. I brag about a university that brings forth a student body that is internationally cultured and focused around serving its fellow man. I brag about a university where I am encouraged to be my best self. I brag about the amazing opportunity where I'm able to spend a brief moment of my life in one of the most wonderful places possible.


When I tell my friends about my school I tell them that it is a beautfiul environment to be in, we are in small classes and we get to know our classmates and teachers well, we also get to go to grow spiritually, and we have many awesome opportunities to work at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and we are surrounded by people of other countries and we get to learn about so many other cultures and languages on such a small campus!


While thinking of BYUH, the memories of the kind-hearted community, amazing friends, students, teammates, and teachers always warms my heart. That is what I brag about! BYUH is a college founded by the Church of Jeus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which makes the atmosphere on campus remarkable and rare to find. I get to come home and tell everyone about how I got to spend so much time there with people that had the same standards as me, but I got to share those experiences with people from ALL over the world! Not many people can say that.


First, I'm in an American University! Which include : a big campus, many classes, several choices of majors, etc. Plus, Bringham Young University of Hawaii has comparative advantage in attracting thousands of foreigners, making itself multicultural. It is really a great opportunity to study here in Hawaii because it is a great place to study : beautiful place, wonderful beaches, sweet weather, nice people, etc.


Our school is prided for being the most culturally diverse school in the United States. More countries are represented here than at any other school. Due to this fact we have a great number of clubs and extra curricular activites that represent those identities. My school has a very high standard of conduct that I appreciate in a school setting. It is a religion based school that reflecets on the principles I truly believe. BYU has a variesty of programs for a wide selection of professional job areas. Who would not want to complete their majors while living in Hawaii?


This school was the best school ever. There was so much acceptance within the student body and everyone was so willing to help out. The seniors are the leaders of the school and they still were so willing to point out the direction to the classes. The professors were also wanting to help each student learn as much as they could teach. They always made the time to spend with each student so they felt like they were worth something. The atmosphere at this school is just amazing and worth attending.


The classes are small enough to get to know your teachers fairly well. They take interest in your well being and are usually willing to help you out personally. The beach is about a mile away, which is a great perk as well.


I tell them how beautiful our campus is. It's very small but I love how close knit everything feels and how you can just walk to get somewhere instead of taking a car. I can literally walk two blocks and be at the beach. Sometimes I take my books to the beach and do my homework there. I also tell them how nice everyone here is on campus. Since our campus is smaller than most universities, you recognize a lot of people. Even if you don't, everyone smiles and says hello when you pass by.


My school have students come from all over the world. I can make friends with people in different backgrounds and learn their cultures and belives. It is interesting that i am able to hear different languages on campus and try to interact with type of people i have never meet before. It is really a wonderful experience to study at my school especially on the bace of friendly Hawaiian culture.


I brag about the community, small and tight knit as well as the beaches within walking distance. I brag about the small class sizes and how you can get to know just about everyone in school if you wanted to. The people that come here are more often open and kind and its easy to make friends. You can be as social as you want or as secluded as you want and still have a great time. You make friends that last longer then just the school years and get good individual learning time with teachers and students.


I brag about how wonderful everything is here. There isn't anything that I don't like. I love that the campus is small and it is so beautiful. I love how culturally diverse this campus is that that everyone person I meet has a new and amazing accent. The land is beautiful and the people are the most kind, amazing individuals. I love the ocean and the people, the land, the culture, the food, I even love all of my classes!


I brag about the cultural diversity here, and the easy access to great hikes, beaches, and other outdoor adventures.


I love to tell other people about the cultural diversity that is at my school. It is really neat to be at one of the most culturally diverse universities in the Unites States. I have made friends with people from all around the world-literally. Also, the 84 degrees Fahrenheit weather every day is certainly a plus as well!


Our school is very culturally diverse. Students from all around the world are coming together and changing the world for the better. I have learned to love and respect all cultures. Our school has a strong honor code that expects a lot out of the students. We sign an honor code to live up to the school standards. This is a drug and alcohol free school. I feel that living an honor code encourages a better education. I feel blessed every day to be a part of Brigham Young University.


Over 70 countries represented. Small, personalized classes. Experienced and dedicated professors. You owe it to yourself to take a look at BYU?Hawaii. Brigham Young University-Hawaii is an accredited four-year undergraduate institution with 2,500 students from more than 70 countries and is a unique multi-cultural campus where spiritual as well as academic learning is encouraged among the most "international" student body in the U.S.


Mostly, I brag that I get to go to a school that doesnt accept just anyone. I worked hard to get there, and I earned a spot. Also, the location is a big factor, I mean Hawaii is a beautiful place with so many natural wonders.


I'd probably brag about being so close to home and the beautiful beaches! I love that this university is so close to home and that I am able to go to the beach when Im finished with school and work. Another thing would be the fact that I attend a school that is religiously affiliated. It is located in a strong Latter-day Saint (LDS) community. I like the fact that many of the student's don't feel the need to party and drink alcohol to have fun.


How interationally diverse the student body is and how good the waves are nearby


It is right next to the beach, near North Shore, Oahu. It is super pretty here.


I brag about that fact that we have students from over 60 different countries attending here. Its amazing to have such a variety of people here and they fact that everyone gets along and helps others reach the same goal even if they were raised a completely different way.


Eveyone, teachers and students, are very friendly! You make friends fast! The teachers are fun and really care! The university has high educational and moral standards!


I am very proud of my school standard. Our school follows the Honor Code, which helps students to maintain a high standard in their dress and grooming, moral living standard, and academic honesty. These standards help me to know my potential as a young adult on what I can achieve in my lives. I want my friends to know that there is a place that is surrounded by students who love studying and love their lives.


The nature of the course, How flexible is the course, the infrastructure of the school, the profiles of the professor and about the library. The other things would be where to hang out (cool places to hang out, restraunts and stuff like that)


I always tell my friends, "yeah, I just walk out my house and I?m at the beach, and the school is a block away from the beach" After school I check out a new beach or do my homework while catching some sun. I also mention that the Polynesians can dance, they have the best dances I have ever been to.


That it is in a very beautiful area and very close to the beach and surrounded by mountains and palm trees.


How diverse the campus is. There are people here from all over the world.