Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Brigham Young University Idaho is an excellent school for any student looking for an education that involves religious perspective/ insight. There are so many activities that the school provides for all interests that follow the universities honor code. The academic level is set at a high standard so be prepared to work for your degree. There are many tutors and study helps that are provided for students and they come at little to no price. If you are looking for a university that does everything in their power to help you succeed, then this is the school for you.


BYU-I is the start of a new beginning, it is a chance to rebuild a better me, it is full opportunities to grow and improve in many different ways.


Brigham Young Univerity Idaho is not only about being educated but having character and making ourselves better, so over all it is a very fullfilling and well rounded school for me.


I attended one of the fastest growing private school in the nation.


BYU-Idaho has a positive, uplifiting learning environment combined with small class sizes that allow students to get the most out of their education.


Brigham Young University-Idaho is a college that creates the future leaders of the world through quality education, high standards, great internships and multiple ways for students to get involved in the community, school and education.


BYU-Idaho is a beautiful campus in a beautiful location that is easy to find your way around, and the people there are friendly and willing to help you out.


A training center for those who are disciples of Christ.


Brigham Young University - Idaho is a place where people can freely exercise their faith in God while they gain an education.


BYU-Idaho is an education-oriented school with a beautiful campus and caring staff.


My school was a wonderful, friendly place to be where nobody every felt out of place.


pretty fun, lots of activities there and sports


My school is a school that puts the learning of students above all.


It is a very conservative school. There are a lot more detailed rules in BYU-I than in BYU. For example, men must be clean shaven and keep their hair short, women cannot wear skirts above the knees, no can wear shorts or flip-flops at any time. The rules can get annoying but don't keep them from letting you enjoy BYU-I. Its a great school with a positive spiritual atmosphere. Almost everyone on campus is very friendly, even to freshman. Its definately the best school I've ever gone to.


Our school encourages students to do their best and study not only things that will be helpful in thier careers, but things that will be help them in the students' future lives and prepare them for lives of work, family, and church.


BYU-Idaho is religous and academicly diven. We enjoy a deverse student bady accompanied by a deverse selection of majors.


A place where one can learn all they need for this life and the next.


small and personal.


Brigham Young University - Idaho is dedicated to building people's spirits and making our spirits do the rest of the building.


BYU-I is a friendly and career driven university.


Brigham Young University Idaho is a wonderful school that offers a great educational experience for students who are willing to live in accordance with the honor code while participating in many diverse activities both on the campus and around the campus.


BYU-Idaho is a school that promotes growth and personal awareness through the curriculum, staffing, and student activities provided here.


Filled with the spirit of God.


Brigham Young University- Idaho is a friendly school where a student will get an excellent education, as well as life experience, and the oppportunity to make lifetime friends.


BYU Idaho is a place for spiritual growth, academic lerning and social interaction.


My school is a great place to grow, both mentally and spiritually.


My school is a well-organized school where the professors know what they are talking about and they have total control over their classes and the school environment is a comfortable place for me to attend where the standards are set high and everyone is a good example.


BYU-Idaho prepares you for a future as a leader in whichever capacity you choose.


Installing and keeping up with high standards of values, morals, peer to peer interaction and supreme educational experiences.


BYU Idaho is a Church-owned school that demands high standards of morality, ethics, and personal conduct to create a powerful atmosphere for learning.


BYU-I is a great school with a great enviroment to learn.


My school provides a good atmosphere for a higher education and developing into the person that you will be for the rest of your life, a person that will make people around you better.


It's a place where people can feel secure in their lives, be spiritual uplifted and obtain a could education.


It's a smaller 4 year school that is well on it's way to being one of the best undergraduate schools since before becoming a 4 year university it was known for being one of the best junior colleges in the country.


BYU-Idaho is a small, private, Mormon school located in the small Idaho town of Rexburg, whose primary function is to serve as a DPC, or "Disciple Preparation Center", for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as well as providing excellent academics to its students.


It is full of learning opportunities and faith building experiences to better help the youth of this generation to be firmly established in what they believe and to help others along the way.


The University of Washington is incredibly diverse, often wet (the rain!) and a kind of city within the city of Seattle.


My school is an amazing place, there are great classes, and excellent teachers, and the learning environment is very good.


BYU-I has a unique combination of staff and students who strive to excel in education and moral conduct, and it is a wonderful place to pursue lifelong goals and objectives.


BYU Idaho is challenging, fun, friendly, helpful and a place where you feel better than when you first came.


BYU-Idaho is constantly changing and growing, pushing the envelope to develop new ways of maximizing what resources are available to reach their ever-growing student body.


BYU-Idaho helps you develop leadership qualities.


The Idaho campus of Brigham Young University is a school overseen by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and it is located in a small town in Idaho called Rexburg.


BYU-Idaho is a fantasitic university that expects a lot from each of its students, but gives a lot to help those that need it.


BYU-I is a fun , spiritual , atmosphere where you are going to learn well and make life-time friends!


Brigham Young University-Idaho is a fun place to come if you love the mormon religion.


BYU-Idaho is a friendly, engaging school with a strict, yet healthy code of honor for all students and faculty.


A truth-seeking school that actively enables its students to become influences for good in the world.


School of having a really good and safe environment to learn and study


it is a frindly school where everyone is supportive and gets along.